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    Date axis on Graph automatically chooses 00-Jan-00 as minimum value

    Greetings good people, I am using Microsoft Excel 2010. I plot an array of numbers versus dates. The minimum of the x-axis range is automatically chosen by Excel as "00-Jan-00" instead of the minimum date value in the array that I specify. I imagine this is not an issue but the date values...
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    Find Date sum for record from two sheets reaches a number

    I'm fairly good with Excel, but this one has me stumped. I have two spreadsheets with data for records which are found in in column A. There is not necessarily a record in sheet2 for every record in sheet1. The columns of the two sheets represent dates and those columns and dates are the...
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    Minimum Date problems

    Hi I am having trouble with finding an earliest date in a series. Let me explain how I have the sheet set up. basically its a rental cost calculator, I have a series of rows in which the user can select whats to be rented, date in and date out. I have 2 columns which check to see that the...

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