1. ibmy

    Find Number Pattern in Data - need 1 Column solution

    Hi Mr Excel, How do find Number Pattern in data which is : 1. Starting a Negative value ( - ) 2. Follow by at least a Zero ( 0 / 00 / 000 / 000..... ) 3. Follow by a Positive value ( + ) 4. End with a Negative value ( - ) Number Pattern : - 0 + - When Number Pattern found, assign "1" at...
  2. Jyggalag

    Make VBA code that posts a cells formula as a value

    Hi all, I currently have the following setup: I have some numbers in column C and D, and I use a simple sum() formula in column B. However, I also want to be able to click on the cells in column B and see the value in the formula bar. But I want to keep the formulas in the meantime. What I...
  3. D

    + and - (plus and minus) in Excel list

    Hello everybody, I am currently currently managing a stock overview in Excel (manually), where I have a set quantity. I want to create two columns next to my quantity column where I can enter numbers that should be substracted and added to the quantity, so it looks like this: Now obviously I...
  4. D

    Adding a Minus Sign with a macros

    I need to add a minus sign in front of a number in cell G8 and one in H8. Thank you for your time
  5. willow1985

    Current Month minus 2 months

    Hello, I know the formula to find the previous month name: =TEXT(TODAY()-DAY(TODAY()),"mmmm") But how could you modify this to give you minus 2 months or 3 months? I am looking to reference another column to maybe minus number sequences from 0 - 6 subtracting a month at a time but I need it...
  6. P

    Build formula based off value in another Cell

    I am trying to get a formula to build based off a row reference i put into another I have tried to put a simplified example of what i mean below E2 is calculated using the formula shown in F2 as an example So i have 4 columns of data, A - D, and i want to, for the example, minus the fig in D2...
  7. E

    One Minus The Next Highest Number

    Hello, I am looking for advice on a formula to basically minus one from the next highest number. If A1 to A8 have the numbers: 3 5 1 8 4 6 2 7 if the number 2 is removed from the above then i want a formula to correct the order in cells B1 to B8 so they would read: 2 4 1 7 3 5 6 Any...
  8. M

    Percentage multiplication and subtraction

    Excel 2007 Col B and Col C contain numbers in numericals. I am calculating C24*75%, minus B7, minus B11, minus B15. For example C24=10000, B7=246, B11=543 and B15=688, then C24*75%= 7500-246-543-688 = Answer 6023. Kindly advise me formula. Thanks,
  9. S

    Minus two values but enter text if one cell is blank

    Been wracking my brains with this one and I suspect there is an easy solution but I cannot figure it out. I'm trying to work out the number of days since a particular item has sold but in some instances, it has never sold and so Excel churns out a reference of 43726. <tbody> REF LAST SOLD...
  10. J

    User Input Control

    I have moved past the issue of time to decimal, as that was handled quite efficiently here. I am now on to a new "I need help" thing. I would like to have a yes or no question box pop up upon opening the worksheet (or workbook or speadsheet, not quite sure of that terminology yet) which changes...
  11. A

    formula to find sum or 2 numbers that could be plus or minus

    I need to find the sum of 2 numbers and those numbers could either be plus or minus. How would a formula be written for that? Not sure if I'm asking the question well, so I'm after this: Example: A1 = .0695 A2 = -.0010 Answer = .0685 A1= -.0695 A2 = -.0010 Answer = -.0750 So, A1 and A2 can...
  12. A

    VBA Advanced Filter Problem for Range criteria

    Hey Gents, I have the following issue Worksheets("Raw Data for PR Dist").Range("A6:AL1048550").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterInPlace, CriteriaRange _ :=Sheets("Advanced Filter sheet").Range("B10:D174"), Unique:=False i want the criteria " Range("B10:D174) " to read up to the last...
  13. K

    Calculate using a cell address that increases

    Hi - I am trying to calculate 200000 minus a number in a cell address that changes when I insert an additional row. For example, 200,000 minus D3. (D3 is the sum of the range D1:D2) but then I insert a row and the calculation has to become 200000 minus D4 (where D4 is the sum of the range...
  14. A

    Formulas with staff rota

    Good evening all, I am trying to create a simple weekly rota for my team that will add up the amount of hours worked each day minus their breaks and also to add up their total hours for the week. Can anyone help me with the formulas please? <tbody> SUN MON HOURS MINUS BREAK TUES HOURS MINUS...
  15. N

    COUNTIFS that tests if one cell minus another cell (in a different column) is <0

    Hopefully Im explaining this clear enough, I apologize if not. Im trying to count the number of times "Patrick Corbin" appears in a column (on sheet 'Games') AND the result of cells BK minus BR are less than 0 (BK-BR<0). Heres the formula I tried but getting a value error result...
  16. S

    Delete 2 hour from out time

    Hi Friends, Everytime when I face any problem in excel this forum help me a lot. here my management take decision to minus 2 hour OT (Over Time) from every worker. When I minus their OT the out time will be decrease also e.i. 9:00:00 PM will be 7:00:00 PM. Here I give a list for your kind...
  17. I

    Conditional Formatting

    Morning, I have a cell which is formatted so when it goes into - (minus) figures it turns the cell red, i also have a drop down menu which if "X" is selected from the drop down menu it makes the cell display an "E" with a Green fill, my problem is that when the number is showing minus and i...
  18. JTL9161


    I am doing a sum formula and need some help on rounding. One of my examples: 77.8 (shows as 78) minus 82.5 = -4.7 How do I get it to show a total of 4.5? Because in reality 78 - 82.5 = -4.5 Another one: 109.1 (shows as 109) minus 95.5 = 13.6 but I really need it to say 13.5 Any help...
  19. redspanna

    remove cells with minus value and adjacent cells

    Can someone help with code that will look down range B1:B50 and when a minus sum is found, delete that cell and the adjacent value in column A, then remove those blank cells. Not remove entire row - just blank cells in columns A:B example Test 1 200 Test 2 -300 Test 3 1345...
  20. M

    NBA totals

    Hello, can someone please help with this... I'm trying to get excel to IF function to return to words to W and L without having to manually type it in. Here is an example below. The forecast means, +16 play the over to win and -11 means play the under to win. basically any plus symbol play over...

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