1. D

    Convert to minute elapsed from specific field

    Hello, i got a list of tickets with the dedicated time for each, i want to convert it in excel so i can sum the time consumed per week, but the time comsumption needs to be converted i wanted to make with if functions but maybe there is a more easier way, i identified 3 variants: -1h -1h 30m...
  2. F

    Concatenate(?) + Vlookup

    I have cell (K7) to enter a value for hours I have cell (K11) to enter a value for minutes In cell K15, I want the outcome to be HH:MM in decimalised form - 7h:30m = 7.5h Sheet 2 is where I've linked the Vlookup to for the minute conversion, how can I join together the hour figure from K7 and...
  3. D

    Increment value of cell if another cell changes value

    Hello, Is there a way in Macros or VBA to increment the value of a cell by 1 if another cell changes value? Ill give the example: In cells A1 to A56 I have links to another workbook that update every few seconds. I would like to count in Column B -- B1 to B56 -- The changes from each cell...
  4. S

    Yuck. Time in increments problem

    I have thousands or rows of data that include a start time and a duration. Something like this: A2 = Bob B2 = 8/15/2019 6:25:19 AM C2 = 12:38:13 AM (This appears on the screen as 0:38:13, the actual duration, and has a format of h:mm:ss) To that raw data, a formula in Column D takes the time...
  5. NewOrderFac33

    VBA If And Or query on strings containing times

    Good afternoon, I have a range containing a series of values in hh:mm:ss format. If any of these durations exceed 10 minutes (the "10" being contained in a worksheet range ThresholdMinutes), I need to extract the minute section of the string and add it to a string variable MyString - this is...
  6. T

    Change from Hour to hour and minute

    Hello Im new to excel and wondering would it be possible to change the hour formula to hour and minute? example first column which has hour {0;7;22} can it be changed to {0:30;7:30:22:30} as in the energy market it always starts at 7:30 not 7 for example, LOOKUP(HOUR(B2),{0;7;22},{"Off...
  7. Y

    Formula Help (times)

    Is there a formula that can be ran on these values to then return something similar to the sample table provided below. The objective of this formula wold be to break down minute by minute is there are 0,1,2, or more times overlapping. <colgroup><col width="80"...
  8. C

    time calculations

    I have a database that we input repair times. I used the formula =SUM(FINISHTIME-STARTTIME)*1440. It registers the time difference in minutes. It has worked well until now we had a 9.5 hr downtime that ran from one day to the next. Instead of coming up with the 570 minute repair time, it comes...
  9. A

    Pivot Table - time row

    Good morning, We recently upgraded from Win7 to Win10 and i'm trying to prepare my monthly metrics report. Typcially, I extract a file from our data system, clean up the noise, and then insert a pivot table to get summary information that I need for reporting. The data has a column for date...
  10. S

    Filtering: need one sample per minute, but have irregular time intervals

    Afternoon.... I am doing several oven temp analysis over the next couple weeks. My data is coming from two instruments, and I need to merge results to compare. One unit I can control the time interval, and have it set for once a minute, ez pee-zee The other one...well I get what I get, and...
  11. M

    Breakout total time into 15 minute intervals

    I need a formula to take total time (from time in to time out) and extrapolate how many 15 minute intervals are in that total time. This is for determining how many units (15 minute intervals) an individual should get paid for. Any help is appreciated.:mad:
  12. B

    Filter by Timer or countdown

    How can you make a filter automatically toggle every few minutes. I have a sheet with sales information for all salespeople. I would like it to filter by salesperson and change to the next salesperson every minute or two. Thanks
  13. C

    Convert 15 minute data to 30 minute data

    Hi, I am looking to convert 15 minute data to 30minute data as below (for 1000s of rows): <colgroup><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> 1/01/2019 8:15 1801.669 1/01/2019 8:30 3602.79 1/01/2019 8:30 1801.121 1/01/2019 9:00 3606.543 1/01/2019 8:45 1803.261 1/01/2019 9:00 1803.282...
  14. J

    How to chart an item's status with cumulative color codes over time with updates added every 3 minutes

    Hi all, I'd like to know what you all think is best way (specific details not required) to show the status of a given item over time as 3 minute snapshots. A color slot (Yellow, White, Green, Red) will be added to each interface every 3 minutes. Interace_1 YWWWWGGGGGGGGGGGGRRGGGGGGGGYWWWW...
  15. R

    Double Spacing

    Hi there, i have a relatively simple question. I would like a set of data to be double-spaced. There are two columns of data. Here is what the data looks like now: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 etc. And here is what i want it to look like: 1 . 2 3 . 4 5 . 6 7 . 8 (I had to put a "." to...
  16. xeven_

    Increase time by one minute intervals

    Is there a way to put an initial time in a cell and then have the subsequent cells increase by one minute interval? I am currently using excel 2010.
  17. A

    DAX - 15 minute interval question

    Hi there, I have a dataset that has a Car ID (Unit ID), the time (and date) the driver logged in and the time (and date) the driver logged out. I am trying to calculate the number to unique units logged on during each 15 minute block of time each day and display it in a table with the date...
  18. R

    Save Delay

    I have the following code. Is it possible to delay the save by a minute? so once the change is made to the cells it will save the workbook a minute later? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Range("K6:k8800"), Target) Is Nothing Then ActiveWorkbook.Save If Not...
  19. D

    Automatic CSV refresh freezes PC - how to fix this?

    Hi, In Sheet1 there's data from CSV file which refreshing every 1 minute. Since there're 2000 rows and 20 columns the amount of data is pretty big and the Refresh freezes the PC for about 10 seconds. It is crucial to use the refresh every 1 minute but have to fix the freezing part. Can...
  20. D

    Convert Seconds into hhh:mm:ss?

    Is it possible to convert 323584 seconds into Hours, Minute, Seconds?

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