1. WaqasTariq

    Convert minutes data into proper date

    I have a column of data that contains minute values. I am trying to; Convert the minutes into real/proper dates Starting from a Month that I will add to P1, date I add in P2, and year I add to P3. Example data: Minutes_Data.xlsx This is an idea of what I am trying to achieve. Raw Data What...
  2. L

    Rounding time up to the nearest quarter hour

    I am tracking time for short projects and having trouble with rounding to the nearest quarter hour. I am not sure why, but sometimes projects that are exactly 15 minutes round up to the next quarter hour and sometimes it remains at 15. I would like projects of 15 minutes or less to bill at 15...
  3. S

    Format and convert hours to Minutes

    Hello I have a column A1 (Time) which has the following data and since it does not have similar formatting I am finding it difficult to convert it into minutes. Any help would be appreciated. <tbody> Time Minutes 1d 3h 42m 1662 18h 38m 1118 34m 34 7h 5m 425 </tbody> Regards...
  4. M

    How to get the averages for Minutes

    Hello All, So I have the following data, which is mostly in minutes: 00:01 Mins 00:05 Mins 00:04 Mins 00:03 Mins 00:07 Mins 00:04 Mins 02:32 2 Hours 32 Mins (152 Mins) How do I calculate the average of minutes? (based on the data provided) Currently from Format Cells, Number tab, the data...
  5. 6

    Swimming times in hours, minutes and seconds

    Hi I need assistance with Swimming times in hours, minutes and seconds. I have a small swim squad and I would like Excel to add the times in minutes and seconds for every 50 metres. Eg for 400 m swim. Example: Tom 47.04 49.03 51.12 54.89 It would also be advantageous to know how to...
  6. D

    Any way to pull in data from already-open web pages (without reloading them?)

    Goal: scrape data from ~300 web pages (of identical format), each with stock market data for a different symbol. I currently use VBA that uses Excel's built-in Web Query tool to loop through all 300 URLs, pulling the data from each as it goes. Problem is that it takes ~5 minutes, which I want...
  7. O

    Time Management

    Hi all, I need some help, please. I am a truck driver and need to record my working hours, rest hours, weekly hours, fortnightly hours plus "long Hours" which are any hours worked after midnight. Not being a wiz with excel even though I use it every day to record just about everything, this...
  8. M

    Difference Between Two Dates/Times

    I am trying to figure out a way of determining how many hours and minutes have transpired between two Date/Times Cell C3 has the "Start Date/Time" and Cell D3 has the "End Date/Time" I have both of these cells formatted to display the as follows: 9/16/2019 7:30:00 AM In E3 (formatted as "Time"...
  9. M

    Cannot Sum Days, Hours and Minutes

    Hi, What is the best way to sum the below values up to get a total? D2: 21 days 17 hours 44 minutes D3: 13 days 01 hours 43 minutes D4: 22 days 02 hours 30 minutes The format of these cells are d "days" hh "hours" mm "minutes" Thanks.
  10. A

    Significantly slow response for vba codes in office 365

    Hi I have written a vba code in excel 2010. After optimising , it is taking 1min 20 seconds to run in excel 2010. But when I am running the same code in office 365, it is takign more than 3 minutes to run(although a much faster machine). Is there any resolution to this problem?
  11. N

    Convert duration in text to HH:MM:SS format in excel

    I have an extract of data where the duration for an activity is listed as ## hour ## Minutes ## Seconds ex. 1 hour 22 minutes 29 seconds. Is there a way to convert this a time format so I can perform date math between two activities? Not all entries have hour, minutes and seconds. There are...
  12. M

    Time Duration Between Two Dates and Times

    Hi, What formula would i use in D2 to get the correct days, hours and minutes duration between cells A2 and A3? A2 01/09/2019 19:07:30 PM D2 Formula to state 1 Day 11 Hours and 18 Minutes A3 02/09/2019 16:10:50 PM Thanks.
  13. R

    Calculate Elapsed Time in Minutes (results may be negative, or past midnight)

    Hello, I need to calculate how many minutes early/late a train arrived. I am comparing the scheduled train arrival, versus the actual train arrival. I have tried many formulas, but can't find a formula that works for all five scenarios I've encountered in my data below. Please note I must use...
  14. R

    Need formula for Elapsed Time (negative values, times after midnight)

    Hello, I need to calculate how minutes late/early a train arrived (elapsed time) by comparing the scheduled arrival time with the actual arrival time. I have tried many different ways of doing this, but none of the ways seem to work for all four scenarios I've encountered with the data. Please...
  15. T

    Copy Range D6:P6 in every 2 minutes And PASTE Values to Down Cells Continuesly in every 2 minutes

    Dear Sir, Iam a small NSE Option Trader. For Open Interest Tracker, i have designed a excell sheet Name OI Tracker. In this sheet i get the updated Open Interest Values From D6:P6 (These Values get updated when the Open Interest data Updates in www.nse.com. So i need to get it copied the below...
  16. M

    Please Help With Sorting by text: 7 days 6 hours 42 minutes 57 seconds

    Hello, I'm creating a pivot table and would like to sort by the below text under Column Time In Queue. What I've been able to do so far is convert the days, hours, minutes, seconds into a "d.h:mm:ss" format but it looks messy and I'm not sure it's correct. <tbody> Time In Queue Invoice...
  17. L

    Counter count down

    how i create counter that count down to 9/5/19. I not sure how do that? i want day hours minutes and sec Thanks you Thomas
  18. H

    Subtracting time to produce time in previous day.

    Hi I would like to be able to subtract a combination of hours, minutes and seconds from a date and time. The resultant time may be in the previous day and that is where the problem is. For example : 10/08/2019 01:08:00 I would like to be able to subtract 1 hour and 15 minutes from this...
  19. B

    Excel prompting save

    When I use MS project it prompts me to save every ~20 minutes. Is there a way to set this up on excel? Thanks in advance!
  20. Q

    Numeric value as a target for [mm]:ss

    Hi I'm trying to validate a result where the target is a numeric value but the result from calculation is minutes and seconds example: A1= 240 (target minutes) A2= 195:23 (calculated value between two dates and times) A3 = if(a2<=a1,"Met","Miss") I understand the calculated value is really...

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