1. B

    Find more recurring text in same column but skip specific cells?

    Hi there! I made a spreadsheet and I'm trying to have it autocalculate data, but I'm looking to find the most often recurring text values. This spreadsheet is broken down by month and I'm trying to have one box give a "running total" for the year as the user fills in the data, but obviously we...
  2. J

    Formula to Return Most Common Instance of a Value?

    Hello All, I've been trying to figure out a clean way to determine and show how frequently a cell value occurred based on another cell. Here is my example below: For automotive spark plugs, I want to know where spark plug AC_104017 was stocked the majority of the time. The answer is warehouse...
  3. J

    Find medians from a frequency distribution table?

    Hi all, new to this site. I'm hoping to find an answer to this. I have been looking to figure this out for some time, and have tried a couple of methods that don't work quite right. I want to find the median in a frequency distribution table in excel. I only have one sample group to work from. I...
  4. L

    Finding the first week when a whole value can be taken i.e. a credit is lower than the total invoice value by customer- MAX, MODE, INDEX

    Afternoon, In the below example I am trying to work out in what week the credit can be taken, based on the total invoice value (by customer) exceeding the credit value. I have tried variations of MODE, MAX and INDEX but no success. any suggestions would be greatly received. :)
  5. J

    Alternative method fo simple function?

    Hi all, i have the below piece of code that i run every 200 milliseconds. It works fine however i am looking for a better, more efficient way of producing the same result. I use AutoHotKey to get information from Excel and quite often i will get a Callee error, i assume this is because Excel is...
  6. J

    Finding most common words in excel

    Hi there, I have several survey question responses. Many of them are paragraphs in single cells. I am wondering if there is a way for excel to look at every word (not just the cell as a whole) and return the most common words. The problem I am running into is that I want to look at each...
  7. T

    Autosave Macro when doc is not read only

    Hi there, I am somewhat new to macros but getting better each day, much thanks to this forum. I have been fighting a macro for a while so I thought I should ask. I would like a macro that autosaves the current workbook every 5 minutes without opening a dialog box or whatnot. Just as if they...
  8. Z


    Trying to use mode on data with negatives times. <colgroup><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> -0:11 #value ! -0:06 #value ! -0:03 #value ! -0:05 #value ! 0.01 0:08 0.00 0:00 0.00 0:01 The #value is removing the seconds if present formula INT(CJ15*1440)/1440 I'm removing seconds...
  9. L

    design mode

    Hi I want to understand Developer-->Design mode and what is used for. I read this post and Parry said: ""If you select the Control Toolbox to draw a control etc, you will notice that design mode automatically comes on.""...
  10. Z

    Restrict Print Until Some Conditions are made

    Good Afternoon Mates! I want to make an excel sheet which will not allow the user to take print until the the latest changes are saved. Actually I have created a file which requires "password to modify". Without entering the password, one can access the file with "Read Only" mode. But, in read...
  11. Y

    How to get into that edit mode?

    In edit mode, when one letter is highlighted and left or right arrow key is pressed, usually, no letter is highlighted anymore. However, recently, I highlighted a letter, pressed an arrow key, and the next letter was highlighted. This is quite handy if I need to replace several letters in a...
  12. H

    Macro works in Debug mode but not in Runtime

    Sub Create() Dim i As Long Dim xNumber As Integer Dim xName As String Dim xActiveSheet As Worksheet On Error Resume Next Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set xActiveSheet = ActiveSheet xNumber = InputBox("ENTER NUMBER OF TIMES TO COPY THE CURRENT SHEET") For...
  13. Y

    exiting array formula evaluation mode

    To see the evaluation of an array formula, one can highlight the array formula and hit F9. Hitting ESC should exit the evaluation mode and go back to display the array formula. It has happened to me a few times that ESC doesn't show the array formula. I was stuck in the evaluation mode. Any way out?
  14. D

    Most common number that follows a specified value in a list

    I want to enter a formula in cell B1 This formula will show the MODE of the values in a range that follows a specified number in C1 E.g. If C1=10 Then B1 will show the mode of numbers that follow 10 in a range B2:B10. Which would be 5. If C1=5 then B1 would equal 4 eg B2=10 B3=5 B4=4...
  15. D

    Most common number that proceeds a specified value in a list

    I want to enter a formula in cell B1 This formula will show the MODE of the proceeding values that I specify in cell AI E.g. If A1=10 Then B1 will show the mode each number in a range B2:B100 that proceed a 10
  16. G

    Stop Excel from Opening in Full Screen Mode (Office 365)

    I have Office 365. Whenever I start Excel or open a new file with Excel, it opens (or goes to) full screen mode. I can find no way to stop this from happening. Any ideas?
  17. D

    Saving in Developer mode vs saving in spreadsheet

    Hi All, Just curious is there a difference in saving in Developer mode to saving in Workbook mode? The reason I ask is I was working on a (for me) complex VBA script and would meticulously click the "Save" button in Developer EVERY single time I made a change. I had to run an OS update (on my...
  18. D

    Excel VBA Macro works on Step Into Mode but not in Run Sub Mode

    When running a macro in "Step Into" mode it performs correctly. When running the same macro in "Run Sub" mode it fails every time. In the "Run Sub" mode I receive an "Exception occurred." error message followed by "Run-time error '1004': Method 'Range' of object'_Global' failed" message. I am...
  19. J

    If Cell Is Blank, Fill With Other Cell’s Text Data

    This is probably simple for you experts out there. I've tried so many ways, and in so many locations w/in the code, but none are working for me. Please help! All I’m trying to do is get data from CELL RANGE B4:B4000 to copy automatically to CELL RANGE J4:J4000 should CELL RANGE J4:J4000 be...
  20. A

    File corupt

    Hi. I need your help. I have spend a lot of time on my daily report excel project, and as it was getting to over, in my final file, it got corrupt and excel can not open it anymore, and massage me like excel has stop working. I try to recover it with excel auto recovery tools but it didnt work...

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