1. T

    AutoFilter Unknown Data in Loop with VBA code

    Hi, I've found a thread in below and I would like someone help me to modify autofilter at cell CL13 Regards, tt3
  2. E

    modify MATCH code

    I have used this code before and it functions fine. I want to modify it for another use. original code {=IFERROR(INDEX(Entry,MATCH(1,(B56=Div)*(B57=Model)*(MAX(IF(Div=B56,IF(Model=B57,Pts)))=Pts),0)),"x")} I no longer need "model", so I thought I could just removed it, but it's not...
  3. A

    Excel 2003 Count cells that contain numbers, with decimal numbers

    Hello all, I have been looking for a formula that would give me a total number of numeric data entries. i.e: E5 8 E6 7.2 E7 5.5 E8 6 E9 16.4 =count(e5:e8) My result is 2, how can I modify or use a different formula to total 5, including decimal numbers that may have been entered. Thanks in...
  4. A

    Macro to get specific cell data from multiple workbooks

    Hi to everyone, i have searched around to find the specific macro that i can use to solve my issue but nothing works, so i need a modified macro to help me get cell values from multiple files in one folder C:\workbooks (.xclx) the concrete cells i need to get data from are A1 E59 E60 etc. (i...
  5. M

    strange stuff in a cell

    I have some cells in a spreadsheet with a small red triangel in the upper right-hand corner; don't know how they got there. If I hover ove the cell I get a message box with the name of the ONLY other person (besides myself) that is allowed to modify data. How do I ger rid of this red thing...
  6. V

    count number of times cell value changes by formula

    Hi people, I come across some similar posts but not able to modify it to my purpose. In column C & F has if function, D&E has sum function. The formula in C:C is =IF(AND(M4>=3,N4>=2,O4="wait"),"wait",IF(AND(M4<=-3,N4<=-2,O4="close"),"close","-")). These values in D,E and F keeps changing for...
  7. M

    2nd name tab to show next month from first tab name

    Hi, I have this macro that works fine; it copies the date from a cell in that sheet to the tab name. Sub myTabName() ActiveSheet.Name = ActiveSheet.Range("A1") End Sub How can I modify it so it can change the other 11 tabs so I have a full year of monthly tabs in sequence? Thanks
  8. T

    Modify Aggregate Function

    Hi I am using the following formula to find the earliest date in a column of cells for a particular year, in this example, 1994. =AGGREGATE(15,6,Records!$F:$F/(YEAR(Records!$F:$F)=1994),1) I now wish to modify this such that it will only consider cells where a corresponding cell has a value...
  9. J

    Writing formulas with VBA better methods?

    Hi, I have a report which is generated with VBA referencing data from another sheet with formulas then turned into values Example Range("D2:D1000").FormulaR1C1 = "=R[-1]C[-1]*10" Range("D2:D1000").value = Range("D2:D1000").value Which works fine but the problem is if I ever need to modify...
  10. V

    Modify where existing VBA pastes

    Good morning. I need some help altering existing VBA. Right now, the code will paste under the last used row. I would like to modify this so that the copied data is pasted starting at B5 of the master, with each file pasting underneath. What I currently have is this: 'set to the current...
  11. S

    Yet another Regexp qustion

    I've seen the post to find (6 consecutive numbers adjacent to each other in the string) with the solution being: =LOOKUP(10^6,MID(A1,ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(A1)-5)),6)+0) I am trying to find the first 3 digits in a string like this: text 777 moretext 555. When I apply the solution above and...
  12. muhammad susanto

    If, Vlookup & And Join Together

    hi all... how to use if, vlookup & and together like this : i want to adding AND function, e.g. in cell AF79 with criteria in cell "AF79>0" how to add that function? maybe modify : =IF(And(VLOOKUP($AL$8;KKI!$A$2:$P$137;11;0)=U71;"V";"";>0" but not work for me... would you help me? susanto...
  13. L

    Add conditional to INDEX-MATCH

    I am using the following for a student roster to provide a short list of absent students. I want it to return all students that have a "Y" in the "Absent" column. How do I modify this? Thanks...
  14. V

    Code modification - VBA connection with Access DB

    Hi All, The below connection code line using to send data in access DB. cs = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0; Data Source=\\inmum-i-fs4\group$\WNA Skyline\H&B\Timesheet_Data.accdb" I want to modify this code for older version of access DB. Can anyone please provide me code..
  15. T

    LARGE value if more then one cell have value

    I have this formula that I need help to modify =LARGE(CHOOSE({1,2,3,4,5},Z3,AC3,AF3,AI3,AL3),1) I want modify the formula to only function with a result if there more than one value to calculate. If there is only one value the result would be 0 or blank
  16. A

    Linking Worksheets

    Is there a way to link worksheets together, to where I modify one and the other updates? Thank you,
  17. C

    How copy module to another module (Both in the personal.xls)?

    Anyone know how to copy a module that is in the personal.xls into another module also in the personal.xls? I have some code i want to take and modify it and make a new version hence the desire to copy code module A (in personal.xls) into a module B in the personal.xls.
  18. T

    Get & Transform - I want the old SQL query wizard

    I have office 365, and despise the power query... i use macros to modify existing SQL queries and update data in many spreadsheets. Unfortunately power query uses a more advanced SQL format which is completely different than I'm use to. And i'm struggling to find how to modify an existing...
  19. gheyman

    Delete Cells If....

    I need to modify this code but I am a bit lost because I want to delete Cells (Z:AA) if the Value in Column AA = "NEW" I have values down column Z starting in Z1. I have a formula in Column AA that tells me if the value in Z is something new or not. I want to reduce the list in column Z down...
  20. J

    Modify specific things a txt file

    Hello I have now searched all over the net but can't find any good solutions. Is it possible to modify something specific in a txt file? I have the following file, where I would like to multiply the red numbers by -1. I have many of these files and they all have the same "build up". My...

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