1. M

    Baseball system help W or L

    Hello, Need help with this Baseball System, I need excel to automatically enter the W or L result based on the highest number in columns K or L, for example, Systems says New York (6.67) should beat Philadelphia (3.60) but New York lost and I manually entered L. I have faith someone here can...
  2. J

    Converting text numbers to include a '.' before the right two digits

    Hey guys, I guess I'm just being dense because this doesn't seem like something too difficult, but I'm hitting brick walls at all of my ideas. So I have text numbers pulled from our database and when they pull the data there is not '.' where there should be for normal dollars and to be able to...
  3. L

    How do I make one cell always equal to a specific number while still taking into account of other cells.

    I need a formula which allows the 'Money Leftover' cell K7 to always equal 500. I've probably worded the above really vaguely, however I'll add an image to try and get explain myself. What I need: As I start to add in values under columns C-I, the values in K will either go up or down...
  4. N

    Employee Tip Pool Calculator

    I'm looking for a way to automatically split an employee tip pool. I start with a dollar value which is total tips. That is split between 15 people based on their shift hours versus the total hours of everyone on shift that day. That is all simple. The issue is then that I want each person's...
  5. T

    Calculation including two cells if both have data or one

    I need to create a spreadsheet to calculate the total of two or three cells depending on whether just two or all three contain data. A3 contains an amount of money B3 contains a number from 1-12 C3 contains another amount of money (if input) The total in D3 will either be A3*B3 or A3*B3+C3...
  6. J

    pulling data from one chart to another

    I have a list with similar content to this: <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:2616;width:55pt" width="74"> <col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:3669;width:77pt" width="103"> <col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:1820;width:38pt"...
  7. M

    Linking two values, then to be able to change one to see how the other is affected

    Hi there, I’ve been struggling to figure this out, and I’d appreciate any help. I have a very basic table. One column is the name of products, the second column how many were sold, and the third column how much money was made off those sales. I’d like to set up away to link the two values...
  8. N

    Copying rows into different 2 different spreadsheets based on 2 colums

    Hi First post so hopefully I can give enough information for someone to help me :) Im trying to set up a spreadsheet that will allow a colleague to enter information on the MASTER that will then feed into other sheets. The below a copy from the master sheet...… <tbody> <tbody> Date...
  9. T

    Updating a money total every 2 weeks

    I am working on a spreadsheet (2007) that requires a monetary cell to be updated with a money sum from a separate cell every fortnight. Can someone help please?
  10. R


  11. W

    Formula Needed for a Running Total, Based on 2 Specific Cells Content

    I have 3 columns I want to work with. B3 - is a starting total. C3 – is an addition column (If I put money in) D3 – is a subtraction column (if I take money out) F3 – Is the column I want to hold the running total – I want it to look at C3 and D3, and determine whether to add or subtract from F3...
  12. M

    IF statement

    I am running an end of year report. I want to highlight 2018 figures if it is blank AND 2017 has a value. How do I write this if/ and statement. We are looking at where we lost money.
  13. B

    Predicting an IRR

    I am trying to solve for IRR. If I want to achieve an IRR in any year of 9% and I have my cash flows but need to solve for sale equity, what should I use? So if in year 4 of owning a property, I want to sell it to achieve a 9% IRR and I have my original equity number and my cash flows, how do...
  14. R

    Formula not working

    Hi I am using below formula in a cell, F4 =(IF(AND(B4="MONEY TRANSFER",E4="1"),SUMIFS($R$4:$R$8,$P$4:$P$8,"<="&D4,$Q$4:$Q$8,">="&D4),IF(AND(B4="MONEY TRANSFER",E4="11"),SUMIFS($R$4:$R$8,$P$4:$P$8,"<="&D4,$Q$4:$Q$8,">="&D4)+3.5,IF(AND(B4="MONEY...
  15. J

    SUMIFS for Rows and Columns

    How do I use SUMIFS when one set of criteria is in rows and the second set is in columns? I attached an example. I want to query money spent per month based on the category chosen.
  16. R

    Sum positive and negative numbers seperately (GOOGLE SHEETS)

    Hi all, Here is my sheet: See the tab called top line Looking at my spreadsheet You can see in cells E3 and E4 there are amounts in the negative. This means I am owed money. For cells I2, I3, I4 and I5, the numbers are positive. Which...
  17. A

    Countif is not counting

    Hey community, I have list of car serial numbers in column A Spare part bought for them in column C and Part names on column B i use this formula to count total spent money: =COUNTIF(C2:C292,A2) but i am getting result 0 everytime Can anyone help me?
  18. H

    Formula to find a similar match

    Hello, I have a huge list of I items i need to look for if they're similar, for instance: I have 'Money Spent' in column 'A' and in column 'B' I have 'Cash Spent' or 'Spending'. How can I tell Excel to look for what I have in column 'A' and bring me a match if something similar was found in...
  19. F

    Group rows based on indent level

    I need help with some VBA to loop through a spreadsheet and Group rows with an indent level > 0. Indent level 0 is the highest level summary for the data, detail is broken out at indent level 1, 2 etc.. A data sample follows: Cash & Short Duration Cash and Money Market Money Market 1 Money...
  20. T

    How to calculate prize money when there are ties?

    I am making a golf tournament pool and I am using the prize money for our points. I have listed the prize money for each position but there are always ties. there are 53 golfers from row 2 to 54. i have the positions (1 to 53) listed in column K (K2:K54) Position amounts (1st to 53rd) listed in...

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