1. J

    New Window with VBA (Dual Monitor)?

    Hi, Is it possible with VBA to open a new window (specific worksheet) maximized on to the 2nd monitor with no gridlines?
  2. S

    Stepping through code in the VBE for Excel 2016

    Greetings, I would like to be able to step through lines of code in the Visual Basic Editor, but am unable to do so with F8. My 'F' buttons are set to monitor brightness. How do I locate the shortcut key to step through lines of code, and either reset it or just view current shortcut keys...
  3. R

    Personal file not displaying

    My personal file appears in the project window of VBE, and accepts new coding, but the spreadsheet itself does not come onto the monitor. Any suggestions, please?
  4. D

    Excel 2016 minimizes when dragging between dual monitors (I think this occured after an Excel update)

    A recent issue of Excel worksheets are reduced in size when dragging them across to the secondary monitor requiring the worksheet to be enlarged to it's full size after dragging to the second monitor. I believe this occurred after a recent Microsoft Excel update as this now occurs in my and my...
  5. W

    Specify what monitor to openin

    Can I code so the Workbook will always open on the monitor of choice?
  6. C

    Excel opens new files all in same window

    My excel windows all open in the same window. If I open a new file, it opens in that window. I have 2 monitors, I want 1 spreadsheet on 1 monitor and another spreadsheet on the 2nd monitor. If I click View, "New Window" it does not like that excel program, so I cannot drag it to another monitor...
  7. E

    VBA Request

    hi would you please give me a VBA for the following function i want it to watch the column B and when i enter a value in B it multiply it by 20 and add the value to C same raw also monitor D and the same update value to E then F and add to G Thank you
  8. L

    32 inch monitor and excel

    Hi Sorry if this off topics. I am planning to buy 32 inch monitor mainly to open more excel files and see more. I have read that 32 inch monitor might not be good to display text but good for images. Do you have any experience with 32 monitor and excel? Thank you very much.
  9. B

    How to display an excel cell value on a customer display monitor ?

    i created a POS system for my work place using excel. And for the sales and receipt there is no display that shows the customer the total value so the user always has to mention it out.. Now my boss wants us to purchase a customer display monitor like the epson dm-d110 - but im wondering if it...
  10. K

    Force Excel to always open on Primary Monitor

    I have 3 monitors. Excel seems to arbitrarily open on one of the other two monitors other than the primary. If I move Excel to the primary monitor, open a new worksheet (in the same monitor) and then close Excel, it opens in the primary thereafter. I want to find a way to ALWAYS under any and...
  11. J

    Speak Cells Dual Monitor

    i am using microsoft excel 2016, speak cell function. I want to have excel open on one monitor start speak cell, then start work in the other monitor. When I click on the other monitor the speaking stops? Help.
  12. G

    Excel and Multiple Monitor Issue

    Co-Worker of mine has the current problem, wondering if anyone knows a fix. "It opens as it should, but when I move them to another monitor it stretches. It’s stretching so wide I sometimes lose sight of the minimize/maximize buttons too." When she tries to move the report to another monitor...
  13. D

    VBA Editor minimizes

    Hello All, This is one of those annoyances that just pops up from time to time and I can find nothing on it anywhere. i work with a dual monitor setup. Often it is better to drag the vba editor from one monitor to the other. Every time i so, it now resizes the editor to the size of a very...
  14. L

    HELP - Adjusting Worksheet Viewable Size to fit Smaller Monitors

    On my user's screen I want to show the (A1:V37) range of cells in Worksheet1 The Width of (A1:V37) is 977 pixels The Height of (A1:V37) is 642 pixels If the users monitor size => 977X642 then everything works perfect - Scaling is 100% - (A1:V37) is centered on screen and offsets (Top:Left) are...
  15. L

    Looking for the code to center worksheet based on monitor size

    anyone already have the worksheet centering code that works no matter what the monitor size - that would be willing to share? Also want to lock current worksheet size (make current size the full screen size). Thanks in advance
  16. C

    VBA do action if changes in particular range

    Hi How can I monitor a particular range and do an action if something in this range changes? I know how to monitor an entire worksheet, but not how to watch only a particular range or even cell.
  17. P

    Personal Macro Workbook

    I currently have very little experience with Personal Macro Workbook (PMW) . I am working with a Macro that monitors a specific cell and activates when the data changes. The macro is nested under that specific sheet rather than a module and it works perfectly. Only problem is, I would like to...
  18. K

    Help on modifying vba for using Application StatusBar

    Found this example online: Sub StatusBar() 'Code to monitor in StatusBar For i = 1 To 10000 Worksheets("Ark1").Cells(i, 1).Value = i 'StatusBar Application.StatusBar = "Macro is running... Percentage complete is " & Round((i / 10000 * 100), 0) & "%" Next 'StatusBar End...
  19. L

    Position of Userform when appear

    Hi all, I have a userform, and it pop up when triggered and I have two monitors. I want it to appear on the same position where my excel is. If my excel is on primary monitor, then the userform will appear on primary, same if my excel is on secondary monitor. it has to appear on secondary...
  20. D

    Allocate a number to specific text

    Hi there i am trying to create a downtime monitor for work, working on a production line we have to log any stops and the reason why we stopped. So far i have come up with a monitor that logs how many stops in total, total time stopped and who was responsible counting the amount of stops an...

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