1. A

    Find total due according to date

    Dear All, I want a formula which will sum monthly amount in due column in accordance with the current month. What I want is, if the amount is 120 and it should display 120*2="240" in the total due column after 28th february, and when it comes to March 31st it should display 120*3=360 and so...
  2. J

    Auto-Create a monthly Sign in sheet for preschool students

    The image below is what each page looks like. Above is space for the "Child Name" "Month" "Class" School days are obviously Monday-Friday but they start on different days depending on what month it is. For example: Next month, November 2020's first school day will be Monday the 2nd (11/2/20)...
  3. E

    Monthly increase

    I need a formula in my excel sheet that increases in value by 2.16 every month. e.g. if cell A2 is "5" in January it must automaticly be "7.16" the first of February and "9.32" the first of March and so on. Is there any formula to make this happen? If a parameter to get yesterdays month existed...
  4. T

    Monthly payment calculator

    I'm looking to break down a total charge into monthly payments. B2 contains the total charge B3 contains the number of monthly payments B5 contains the first instalment B6 contains the remainder This would be simple if the amounts were spread evenly, but I want to make sure that any pence are...
  5. M

    Another Sum If By Color Question

    Hello! I’ve checked similar threads for the answer to the following, however I’m either not clearly seeing the answer in one of them, or it just doesn’t exist yet. First off, I know next to nothing when it comes to VBA and UDF. If I did, I likely wouldn’t be here. ;) I have what can...
  6. S

    Run-time error '1004'

    I have a monthly report which has a macro that combines data from two sources automatically and updates several pivot tables. This report used to work flawless on ex coworkers computer. He sent me the report and now I cannot make it work. I receive below error: Run-time error '1004' : We...
  7. W

    Multiple Products by Month over multiple years

    Good day, I have a need to consolidate monthly sales data from multiple years for many products. The sales data is in a spreadsheet for each year. The products sold have had some added and some discontinued over the years, and currently an overall master list does not exist that covers this...
  8. M

    Macro/VBA to find and replace over a range of cells in multiple identical files

    Hello, wondering if someone can help me write a macro to find and replace all instances of "$C$214" with "$C$216". A few more details... - I need to replace these values in the range E50:WG51 on worksheet "Monthly CF" - The "Monthly CF" file is not the only worksheet in the file - There are...
  9. I

    Required to make monthly revenue sheet based on the months days

    Required to make monthly revenue sheet based on the months days
  10. S

    Percentages not showing correctly

    Hi, First post so apologies if this has been answered before, I have a margin calculator at take into account a yearly or monthly cost, a possible install and then a sell cost, this then works out a yearly percentage of margin, for 3 years. However the percentages are incorrect and I cant find...
  11. K

    Offset and Lookup Function

    I need assistance in writing a formula to complete a monthly analysis report. Let me try to explain what I want to do. I have a workbook where I analyse variance monthly and YTD. Each month I would manually update the Current month column in my formula. But I need a formula for that will pull...
  12. W

    Sumproduct with a lookup nested inside

    Hello, I've spent quite a while trying to work out how to use sum product with a look up nested inside it. I'm trying to calculate the annual sum of payments received by a group. People in the group receive payments either weekly or monthly. I receive a regular report which contains: how...
  13. D

    Working day of each month

    Hello guys, Can you help me with this one, I need to pupulate the 'calendar' with the same task that is due on 'each specified working of the month' ie, every 4th working day is x and every 15th working day is y... At the bottom of the table I have left the 'numbers' in as they show the NEXT...
  14. R

    Simulation Computation

    Hi guys, hope you can help me out. I am trying to build an emergency fund simulation. Total monthly expenses value is equal to the value of P28 on "Cash Flow" tab, Cash on Bank is equivalent to F8 on "SALN" tab. Recommended funding multiplies the value of the monthly expenses by 3 and 6...
  15. Y

    Convert weekly data into monthly data in VBA

    Hello, I need some help I have a worksheet called data weekly. C4 to C108 are the date. (C4 = 2017/06/23) D3 to AA3 are the assets. D4:AA108 are the index of those assets. I want to convert those data into monthly data in another worksheet called data monthly VBA. (start from D4) C4=...
  16. B

    Help with a repetitive task

    Hi All, I am not sure if you can help but I have a spreadsheet with a lot of sheets (countries) and within each sheet there is a table showing a rate card Year by year. <tbody> Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6 Daily Monthly Daily Monthly Daily Monthly Daily Monthly...
  17. T

    Copy formats

    Hi, I have a workbook where the first sheet is a template set up as I want it to look. I then have separate monthly sheets where I want all the details from the template and then subsequently figures will be entered. I have entered the following formula into cell A1 of the monthly sheet ='Taps...
  18. leopardhawk

    IF statement with either/or

    Need help to get the IF statement in F89 working the way I need it to but I keep running into errors as I try to modify it. Here is the data in question: Excel 2016 (Windows) 32 bitEF81Pension without bridge$ 1,255.1482CPP$ 1,638.7983OAS$ 817.9784Average Gross Payroll (if applicable)$...
  19. R

    A lookup with a SUM function?

    Hi all. A col has Dates in them this sheet is called "Log" Col A Col B Col C Wed, 19 Jun 19 5:30 6:40 Fri, 21 Jun 19 1:49 1:23 Fri, 21 Jun 19 1:11 Fri, 21 Jun 19 1:33 3:12 I have another sheet that has dates for JUNE sheet name...
  20. G

    Array formula to compare values between two dates

    Hi, I have monthly sales data for two products arranged as follows: Column A: Consecutive month-end dates (e.g. 31/12/2018, 31/01/2019, 28/02/2019 etc) Column B: Monthly sales values for Product A Column C: Monthly sales values for Product B I would like to create a formula that will...

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