1. A

    VBA equivalent without excel

    Hi Guys and Gals I have a problem that is out of my expertise I have some VBA working fine doing what it needs however the end goal is to copy a file form a network drive to a local drive, however, the local machine i need this on does have excel installed to fire the VBA form task scheduler...
  2. L

    Move Pivot Table to align with last row of other column

    I'm pretty new to using VBA, so please excuse my lack of knowledge or choice of words to describe my question Alright so I have a; -Pivot table 1 @ (A25:B29) -Pivot table 2 @ (A31:B34) -A regular table @ (D1:K50) ~ this table is constantly changing it's height (row count) could be K50 upto...
  3. I


    Hello Everyone, Good day I NEED MACRO TO MOVE PDF INVOICES INTO DIVISION MULTIPLE JOB#'s SUB-FOLDERS Everyone I’m new to EXCEL VBA I want to one VBA EXCEL MACRO that can move my PDF INVOICES (19361-11599-113) Files FROM SOURCE FOLDER (Y:\) into SHARED DESTINATION FOLDER (Z:\Billing...
  4. U

    VBA Copy, Move and Rename based on Cell Value

    Hi Guys, I have below data on a sheet with tab name "Data" Date NUM NAME TYPE DATE Subject Note 1 Note 2 10/1/2000 1 Ben Student - Math - - 10/1/2000 2 Ann Student - Science - - 10/1/2000 2 Cher Student - Math - - 11/1/2000 2 Joy Student - Science - - 11/1/2000 2 Sam Student -...
  5. T

    VBA Loop to find cell, move contents up, then clear old contents

    Hello guru's. I have always struggled with and I need to do more study on this theory. CONCEPT: code that allows me to loop through a worksheet and move Manager Name (find d.value) to 2 rows above Store Number (find c.value). The data sheet has various rows in-between c.value and...
  6. L

    conditional formatting - bar based on value

    Hi I created a conditional formatting based on the value of the cell excel would insert bar as below. The bar can move from left to right or right to left. My question can I create similar bar but move from bottom to top? is that possible? Thank you very much
  7. M

    finding the size of a Data File BEFORE importing to determine how long it will take before import

    I been searching for a while to determine how many records in a data set. This is so I can determine how long it will take to import. I would like to use this information in a progress bar. I have the progress bar going, I just need to plug values in the code to have the bar move. I can make...
  8. L

    Move Data If Sheets Match

    I need a formula to move data when column Matches I want to place a formula in a Sheet1 thats if Column D in Shet1 matches Column D in Sheet2 move the data from from shee2 for headers that match
  9. D

    VBA to bring columns in rows (except first column)

    Dear all, I'm struggling with a code to move columns values into rows, except the first column. Of course, it will be needed to add rows and populate the blanks in the first column. Probably, an example will make my exercise easier to understand: An important point is that the number of...
  10. A

    VBA to sort columns

    Hi All, I have multiple tabs I need to merge. I have been able to write the code to merge the into data into one spreadsheet, but sometimes that columns aren't a match. Is there a way I can sweep some VBA code over my workbook and sort the columns depending on the title, ideally going through...
  11. J

    macro to move list headers to columns

    Hello, If I download a list from exact it looks like below: <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Subtotaal Akro Netherlands Inc. - 1682 19.0263 22-08-2019 19603880 60 - Inkoopboek 85 Plaatje zwart MDF 19.0282 11-09-2019 19604279 60 - Inkoopboek...
  12. K

    How do I take a total value and reduce the value of a cell and move to next until the total is met?

    It's difficult to describe, but could be considered something like a first in first out calculator. There must be an easier way to do this than manual subtraction. For this example the total inventory is 7500, I Would like to find how much was under 25, and if the total isn't met then move to...
  13. S

    VBA to copy sheets & rename to workbookname

    Hello Team, we have requirement, where in i have the excel files in the folder, where i need to move in to one workbook with sheets names as workbooks names in the folder.
  14. M

    VBA move selection to different sheet and insert based on selection

    Hi, I am working on below to move a selection of rows in sheet x given the string "Dead" to a next sheet (sheet y) and subsequently insert the amount of rows selected in that next sheet. Can anyone give an example how to show this in the code? Many thanks! Sub Moverow() Dim i As Long...
  15. A

    number to word

    HI is it possible to see the number/amount in words if we hover mouse cursor on a number in excel as a comment not in any cell, it will show as a comment box and when we move the cursor from the number the comment should vanish thanks dinesh saha 9932022569
  16. J

    Copy and pasting ranges with VBA

    Hello all! I don't have any sample data to upload at the moment but the question is fairly straightforward I believe. I put a table below to help visualize what I'm looking for. I have one worksheet with many ranges of the same size and I need a way to move one range to another range with a...
  17. L

    picture hide the text behind

    Hi I inserted a picture in a sheet. I moved the picture over a table. After that I can not see the contents of some cells. Can I put the picture in the background and move the text in front, like in Word? Thank you very much
  18. S

    Move dataset to new column when descriptor appears

    Hi, I'm trying to move a dataset into a new set of columns every time a descriptor appears. More specifically, if you look at linked images, I would like to move the corresponding dataset to new columns every time the word "particle" appears. Linked image #1 ...
  19. M

    Moving Files from folders less than specific size

    Hi All, I'm after a program that will loop through all folders and files in a directory regardless of what file type they are that are less than a specific size lets say 15GB and move them to a folder that it creates on the desktop called the less than 15gb and the date and then go through the...
  20. TAPS_MikeDion

    VBA 2011 for Mac (ver 14.0) - Screwed up userform scroll bars

    Hello everyone, Is there something I'm doing wrong with trying to add scroll bars to my userform? As per the title, I'm using VBA for Mac 2011 and I can't seem to get the scroll bars to work. I can only double-click them to get them to move. There aren't even arrows to click on. What the ...

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