1. T

    Generate Unique Serial Number

    i want to be able to click "Generate ClientID" it generates a unique serial number that range from 1000 to 99999 and doesn't repeat
  2. P

    Complex VLOOKUP that would return certain Percentage as a result

    Good day MrExcel First off, thank you for taking this time to open and read up until this line... now my problem st I previously posted a question similar to this here in MrExcel and it was resolved by user <strike>AliGW. </strike>Now, I have encountered a project which has a different...
  3. vds1

    Where is Andrew Poulsom - MrExcel MVP ?

    Hello Folks, Andrew Poulsom - MrExcel MVP last activity shows May 21st, 2017. He was my guru in Excel with Total post of 73,092. I was wondering if anyone knows about his well being. Thanks, VDS
  4. H

    Past hack of this website user data. Why not informed?

    Would an Admin or the site owner like to answer this question please? Regarding: Hack of MrExcel Why was there no notification sent from this site, at least I was never sent an email about this? Why wasn't a PM sent within the site which I...
  5. cnestg8r

    Broken link to MrExcel LX companion files

    Link from mobi version doesn't work.
  6. C

    MrExcel HTMLMaker installed but not showing on Ribbon

    I've installed (to XL2007 on PC laptop with Win10) and activated the MrExcel HTMLMaker Add-In as described on the Forum Rules page, and added the folder location as a Trusted Location, but still do NOT see it appear in the Add-Ins menu. :confused: :mad: I can see the XLAM project in the VBE...
  7. V

    VB.Net tutorial

    Hi All, Very Happy New Year. As my experience to learn VBA with MrExcel is outstanding. And hence MrExcel Experts are Programmers and hence you can guide me on tutorial. Could any one have idea the simple and best link or document to learn, please.. Many Thanks..
  8. N

    Post does not appear

    Hi,Today morning I create a new thread and post my problem with the VBA code.But unfortunately it does not appear in MrExcel forum and also when I checked my latest post option it displays me an old post.And I tried to post it a several times.How do I solve this?
  9. B

    Where to find instructions for MrExcel HTML Maker

    Where do I find instructions for using MrExcel HTML Maker? I've searched and can only find download details. I've installed it and it appears on the menu. I highlight the range but the "Generate HTML (Specify Option)" is always grayed out. TIA Bob
  10. K

    Auto hide & show rows in excel 2013 password protected sheet

    Greetings Mrexcel, I am new in this forum and i asked a question about above title but I can't receive the answer being sent to me Mrexcel and the reason am getting is that my inbox is full ,i surely don't know what to as all my inboxes are empty. Please help me receive that answer to my...
  11. D

    New to MrExcel and How to post code

    I'm trying to learn how to post code etc before I use this site and not having any luck. I tried to download MREXCEL HTML Maker but do not have Addin folder? (that's a question i don't know how to answer). Testing post of code below seems ok but would like to show output from excel table. Any...
  12. JenniferMurphy

    Can't get MrExcel HTML Maker to work on my Excel 2007

    I am trying to get the MrExcel HTML Maker add-in to work on my Excel 2007 system. I've downloaded the install ZIP file, unzipped it, copied it to the add-in folder, and added it to the add-in list. If I click File | Excel Options | Add-Ins, I see it listed at the top under "Active Application...
  13. P


    Dear Mrexcelians. When I look back at where I was before I discovered Mrexcel, IT WAS TOTAL DARKNESS .....LITERALLY!! Am ready to market this site FOR ITS SUPER-EXCEL EXPERTISE, ITS AWESOME READING OTHER USERS' QUIZZES & ASNWERS. God Bless Mrexce Regards Patrick Nyaga
  14. A

    MrR or equivalent of MrExel but for R

    Is there a forum that is as awesome as MrExcel but for R?
  15. P

    MrExcel MVP

    Hi MVPs What does it take to become a MrExcel MVP?? Any self-study resources?? I admire you, MrExcel MVPs Regards Patrick
  16. S


    Can I use Access data base Data in using Excel formula?? If Can Please assist me how to do it??:mad::mad:
  17. C

    MrExcel podcast 1505

    Hi, I have created a stock inventory sheet for ten product in MrExcel podcast 1505 auto next invoice.I want to reduce stock automatically when generate invoice. Just like auto postregister podcast 1808. Thanks in advance
  18. MrKowz

    MrExcel HTML Maker Update

    Forum Members, After the recent forum update, the MrExcel HTML Maker ceased to function as intended due to HTML colors being defined as hex (i.e. #DAEF5 ), which was triggering the hashtag functionality of the boards. I've updated the code to utilize RGB instead (i.e. rgb(218,231,245)) which...
  19. H

    SUM formula but with some cells that contain N/A

    Hi all, In a MASSIVE predicament and any help I can glean would be amaaaaaaazing! I am trying to do a simple SUM formula but with some cells that contain N/A and I REALLY need to find a way of the formula ignoring the N/A values / adding this as 0. I am not doing a simple '=SUM(A1:A10)' I am...
  20. H

    Help help help please please please

    Hi all :smile: In need of help! I have a spreadsheet containing dates in columns (12/09/16 in cell A1, 19/09/16 in cell B1 etc). Underneath each date (which is effectively the column header) I have ten rows of numbers. I need to be able to type a date into a cell on another sheet and have a...

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