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    MS Word Bar Codes

    Hello, Anytime a save a file that has bar codes in MS Word. The file converts bar codes in to human readable text. Any idea why is it doing this and how to stop this behavior? Regards, Rajesh
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    Hiding content in MS Word

    Hi guys, I have a little experience in Excel and Visio. It is very easy for me to hide content. In Excel, I can hide or even delete rows and columns that contain personal notes. I can either hide columns/rows and extract a pdf or Save As and then delete rows/columns. In Visio I can play with...
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    Excel macro to copy file names in desired section of ms word

    Hi, I am having a requirement to transfer some files from one location to another location,let the location be named as 'B'. Inside 'B', four folders are there , and based on some requirments,the files get placed in anyone of the folder. For example,let these are the 4 folders in the location...
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    Why the Hanging Indent always sticks with the first tab in the Main Line?

    Why the Hanging Indent always sticks with the first tab in the Main Line? You know... When you press ctrl+T the above tab (mostly ":" character) moves with the hanging indent. Why the word has been built in this way? Example: Residence Address : No...
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    VBA in MS Word

    Hi, I have a need for integrating VBA with MS Word. Before I get started, I need to structure my thoughts for this forum. If you know VBA and how to automate it with Word (and then with Excel and Access and possible SQL/SQL-lite) it would be appreciated to contact me 1st though Mr. excel private...
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    VBA on MS Word - Save Append Log file

    Hi There I created a MS Word Macro enable document to update the users Outlook Email Signature and copy it to the Email location. All this is working Now I Want to save values to a Text file (log file) but it must append the text entry into one main "Report.txt" I got the code to save...
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    Taking an existing MS Word macro and running it from MS Excel

    Hello. Let me begin by saying that my VBA skills in MS Word are very limited. I took the macro from this website to import a series of completed templates into a dashboard in Excel. microsoft office - copy data from multiple word files to excel with vba - Super User This is working fine...
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    Changes in Word lead to changes in Excel

    Is there a way to link an MS Word document with an MS Excel workbook so that changes to part of a table in the MS Word document will alter the value in a cell in the MS Excel workbook? I'll explain the problem (with some details withheld to avoid violating security rules). I'm creating a...
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    Insert data into specific cells of a word table from excel

    I need to insert data into specific cells in a word table that already exists from an excel spreadsheet. The columns will always stay the same just the rows referenced can change. I will always insert values from column A such as A3 into my first word table in the first row,second cell. Does...
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    Exporting Data to a table in MS word

    Really having trouble with this concept here. I have a range of data with varying rows and a fixed number of columns. I want to export this range to a table in MS word. This document has not been made yet. Anyone have an example I can look over?
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    MS Word - find and automatically underline certain words

    Hope there is an answer for this from someone. These forums have been great. I need a way to have a set of key words underlined automatically in a word document. HELP!!!!! :eeek:
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    Custom number formatting doesn't work when pasted in Word

    I've been pasting linked Excel ranges into a Word document for presentation. In Excel, I've created a custom number format so that negative numbers have brackets but remain aligned with positive ones i.e. "#,##0.00_);(#,##0.00)". However, no matter what type of link or styling option I use, this...
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    From MS Word, using Mail Merge, it doesnt present entire set of rows to select

    From MS Word, using Mail Merge, it doesnt present entire set of rows to select. MS Word Mail Merge Edit recipient list When it pulls up the list from the Excel file, the rows it presents stop after a certain row. I don't see a visible problem with that row. If I delete the following row in...
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    Word Field Codes Give Me Different Results When Printing

    I have a word document with field codes to create a series of consecutive dates thanks to Macropod’s document I found online. When I select CTRL + A then F9, the codes work perfectly and the document acts as it’s supposed to. The issue I get however, is when I try to print. Any time I hit...
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    Export of data from Word to Excel (Billing Format)

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and forums in general so please bear with my n00bness and lack of knowledge about some discussion items. \ For work, I run a company and my employees send me their time-sheet in MS Word and then I export it line by line into MS Excel. Each employee works on...
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    Excel to Word, using mail merge drops the leading 0 in zip codes. How to preserve 0's in 5 digit zip codes, when leading zero?

    I have 5 digit and 5+4 = 9 digit zip codes in Excel. Some start with 0 such as 01122. Using the mail merge wizard, the zip codes that begin with zero are getting dropped, which is not what I want. I dont want it to convert a zip from 01122 to 1122, because a zip code should include the...
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    vba forum for ms word?

    can anyone recomend a forum like this which covers vba for ms word? is there such a thing,
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    Unable to Set Presentation Object

    I am trying to create a word report & a powerpoint presentation at the same time using access. I have simplified my vb access code below so that it is just contains the part where I am having difficulty. The code below will open a 'Doc1.doc' and 'Presentation1.ppt'. You will have to create...
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    Excel Database merging to Word letter

    I have a templated letter in MS Word and information stored in an Excel file. I am wondering if there is a way to automatically merge certain fields in the Excel database to replace certain portions of the Word document. I also need to print an envelope for each modified letter. Does anyone...
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    Array from Excel to Word

    Hello All, So I'm trying to send some information from Excel to Word. The steps for this seem to be easy enough and I've gotten everything to run pretty smoothly. Now, I would like to try and fill a table in word with an ARRAY from Excel. Is this even possible? Or would it be more advised...

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