1. N

    MS Access Compile Error

    Hello All, Quite new to VBA in MS Access, and I've got the following code which checks for open file before executing the remaining code. The issue is, when I run the code without the IsFileOpen portion, everything works as expected. However when I add in the IsFileOpen portion, I get a...
  2. P

    MS Access remove date but keep time

    Hello, I have a date/time field that either contains the date and time "1/1/1900 5:30:00 PM" or just the time "6:30:00 PM". I would like to remove the date if it's there and only keep the time when I run my query. Can someone help? Thanks, Adam
  3. K

    Calculating results by combining two tables in MSaccess

    I want to draw a result based on data available in two different tables in the same database. Basically, I want to calculate the % share from both of these tables My Table 1 looks like this and has data somewhat like this. | Code | Category | |------|----------| | ABC | 123 | | BCD | 145 | | DEF...
  4. K

    Counting text in multiple columns together

    Hi, I want to count a specific text in a column and also want to do this for multiple columns (6 columns in a single table). Need help. I am only able to do it one column at a time. Sample Table: <tbody> Month Text Week Ending Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Dec'18...
  5. A

    Find Week start and End Date from any sepecific date of week required in Excel and MS Access.

    Hi Everyone, I want week start date (Thursday) and week end date (Wednesday) from current selected month, I have tried to find First date of week by this formula "=MIN(C3-WEEKDAY(C3,14)+1,EOMONTH(C3,0))" and Week End Date by Formula "=MIN(C3+(7-WEEKDAY(C3,14)+0), EOMONTH(C3, 0))". Formula...
  6. wind20mph

    MSAccess vba to read a text file any advise?

    Hi pleasant day to everyone. I am new to this forum and I need some advise in MS Access - Excel VBA. Starting with MSAccess, how do I read a text file line by line and put it in a VBA variable? thanks in advance. Data content of a text file hostname = port = 3306 username =...
  7. C

    Ms Excel versus Ms Access

    Hello, I work for a the doctors' HR department in a hospital. This fall, we will have to review our systems and make a lot of changes. I was wondering if we should consider changing our database made in an Ecxel spreadsheet to Ms Access. Ultimately, we would like to be able to keep data on...
  8. R

    Suggest more efficient code for this loop on very large Excel data - Trying to cut down from 20 min

    Thanks for the previous comments. It helped me shape the design. The Excel Report generated from MS Access VBA is completed and working fine. The only problem is that the code shown here for the loop takes about 20 minutes. Any suggestion on more efficient way to accomplish the same thing would...
  9. A

    Create dynamic Connections from MS access for Pivot Table in excel

    This is the first time I am using VBA and MS access. I developing a dynamic chart in excel for my client.This chart is link with pivot table and pivot is linked with MS access. There are couple of issue which I am facing it. when I am trying in different system and getting a pop-up message...
  10. P

    MSACCESS 2010 SumProduct (Expression or VBA)

    I am new to MrExcel, but have gotten ALL my issues resolved simply by searching threads, however this one !@# *This has been migrated from EXCEL to MSO ACCESS 2010 I have a database that uses the days of the week for its field names. Each row has similar data. Row 1 has the same data as Row 2...
  11. R

    calling ExecuteExcel4Macro from Access 2010 VBA module - can't seem to get reference right

    These are my code fragements after many attempetd failures to call the ExecuteExcelMacro from an Access 2010 VBA module. Access referencing Excel (in code window, References, Excel checked) is a preferred way to create reports from MS Access 2010. Just can't seem to get the object reference...
  12. M

    Access front end MySQL backend conxtion troubles

    Hi all, hope someone can help me! I cannot get a connection to this MySql database for the life of me I have tried everything. this is where im at at the moment ip, port and credentials are all good but I keep getting the 'Connection...
  13. D

    MSAccess limitations when linking to ODBC database

    My Office PC has Access 2002 installed (with Office Standard 2003). I'm connecting to a remote Mainframe containing hundreds of DBase2 tables, the structure of which I have no control. Whenever I link to the table I'm interested in, Access pulls through around 256 fields of which I need about...
  14. H

    Search before you add

    Can anyone give me some ideas as to how to force a user to search for an existing client, open a form showing that client's record if found, show an empty form for the addition of a new client if not found. I've tried putting a dummy record as the first record in my client table but my dear...

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