1. M

    database manager

    Hello, I explain my problem, I create a database manager, to use it is very simple, in the sheet BDD Chat you will find a button that opens the manager, once open you will find a combobox that lists the name of the lists, a listbox which lists the items within a list, 1 button add a list, 1...
  2. B

    Problem with getfolder

    Hi, I am trying to store the files by using getfolder but even there are 6 different types of files my object only store four of them. The only thing I can notice as difference is that the files that are ignored have very long file name. As you may see in the link below, count is indicates...
  3. J

    Pop up message

    Hi, have these codes to remind me bill payments (this workbook has two sheets) the problem having if I am working the other sheet when times for the pop up get error message is there any way the message pop up even I am the other sheet. codes: Sub popup()Dim lstRow As Long Dim i As Long Dim...
  4. H

    opening all .msg files from a folder and saving them as pdf

    Hi, i have saved almost 500 mail copies in a folder. the task is to open all the mail copies and save them as pdf. the below code loops through the folder. however, i need help so that i can save each mail item as pdf. help would be highly appreciated Sub bla_OK() Dim objOL As Object Dim Msg...
  5. A

    Sorting an Array "Subscript out of Range"

    Can anyone help me with what I am not understanding regarding this bubble sort. This is just the start of my learning curve and I'm falling at the first hurdle. This is a one dimensional array with 762 rows in a single column. Am I getting mixed up with the operation of rows and columns here...
  6. RavosJ

    Action Not in Line with Coding - Sent E-mail Goes to Previous E-mail Instead of Amended/Updated Code - Code Cleaner Needed? *FINAL STAGES*

    I don´t really understand what is going wrong. I have changed the coding a bit recently and updated the e-mail address, however itkeeps sending the form to my old email that was in the original code.... Is itbecause I have stored the code under the actual macro sheet and another oneunder the...
  7. I

    Code for character allowance in cell

    Morning, I am looking for a code which will show a msgbox to advise me the character count in the active cell is anything but 17 Some info for you. Worksheet is called MC LIST The code will only need to work for column B The range would be B6 & down the page Example, So i type in cell B9 15...
  8. J

    Creating mailmerge from excel using VBA

    Hi there, Please can someone help me? I have created (found on google) a code to create amailmerge from excel using a Macro. I am an absolute novice with VBA so pleasego slow! The code is: Dim Outlook As Object Dim Email As Object Dim ws As Worksheet Dim ws1 As Worksheet Dim address As...
  9. J

    Popup timer

    Hi, how can i make the codes below popup display reminder every 2 hour message. Sub popup()Dim lstRow As Long Dim i As Long Dim msg As String msg = "The following items are almost due" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf lstRow = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row For i = 2 To lstRow If Range("A" & i) -...
  10. D

    object required error

    office 365 ms access Form f_Site and subform f_site_variation. Form uses list box to find records of a specific alphabet. Also allows the new Site record. Sub Form adds a variation of the Site name, if any. Getting an "Object required" error when clicking add site variation button. This...
  11. A

    Expiry Date of Excel

    Dear Expert i have some files for which i want excel stop working after specific date excel cannot open after 31-Aug-2019 and show msg "Contact administrator" please send me macro codes for this.
  12. J

    VBA - Msg box if table has duplicate rows

    Hi all, I'm really struggling to find a vba solution here. All I want is a msg box to pop up if my table has duplicate rows. e.g. <tbody> Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 a x ee b s rr d z sg a x ee k l aa a r aa </tbody> Since row 2 & 5 are dups, I would want the msg box. Many thanks James
  13. C

    Displaying a userform message at a future date and time read from values in a sheet

    Theses values are on a sheet named DATA in cols A = date, B = Time C = Message text: 6/17/2019 6:00 PM 1ST MSG 6/17/2019 7:00 PM 2ND MSG 6/17/2019 8:00 PM 3RD MSG The values are saved and the pc is turned off at end of day on 6/16/2019. The computer is turned on at 5 AM on 6/17/2019. I'm...
  14. S

    VBA - creating folders to be automated

    Hi All, I have the following code.. Dim lngCount As Long, Msg As String lngCount = 2 If Len(Dir(Cells(1, 20), vbDirectory)) = 0 Then MkDir Cells(1, 20) Else Do Until Len(Dir(Cells(1, 20) & " - " & lngCount, vbDirectory)) = 0 lngCount = lngCount + 1 Loop MkDir Cells(1...
  15. H

    Macro to show Message box in cells as well

    I have a macro to display a message box I need to show each message in a seperate cell , but all the message displays on one cell it would to show each message on a separate cell on sheet 'Macro" It would be appreciated if someone could amend my code Sub Variance_Message() Dim ws As...
  16. H

    Extract workbook select in Col A after last item

    I have written the following code to select files to be copied once I select a file it appears in the message box I would also like the file name selected to be copied into Col A from row 2 onwards on sheet "Macro" or e.g. if BR1 sales May 2019.csv is selected first, BR2 sales May 2019.csv...
  17. R

    Force Msg Box on sheet selection

    Is there anyway i can force a msg box to appear when a specific sheet is selected? Is it also possible to include to option to run a specific macro from that box that appears too?
  18. C

    Msg Box appears when "Yes" is entered into a cell in a range

    When someone enters "Yes" into any cell in Column C I have it set to conditional format in red to highlight it however I would also like a text box to appear saying "You have identified this as a risk, please enter more details into column X". I have tried a few different macros on different...
  19. P

    Help with vbYes

    Sub isAnyWorkbookOpen() Dim wb As Workbook Dim wbs As Workbooks Dim msg As String Dim answer As String Set wbs = Application.Workbooks msg = "The following worksbooks must be closed before continuing." & Chr(10) & "Do you want to save and close these...
  20. P

    Close all the other workbooks except current workbook based on a vbYes and vbNo answer

    Sub isAnyWorkbookOpen() Dim wb As Workbook Dim wbs As Workbooks Dim msg As String Dim Result msg = "The following workbook(s) must be closed before continuing:" & Chr(10) & "Do you want to close?" & Chr(10) & Chr(10) Set wbs = Application.Workbooks...

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