1. D

    VBA find next blank, display value from another cell in the same row, input value in blank

    Hello all, I have searched everywhere for this topic, but could not find anything and I am starting to think it is impossible. Basically, I want that the code finds the next blank in column F. Upon that, a msgbox should pop up with the text value of column C of the same row that the code found...
  2. M

    Need Macro to show "Completed" note after calculation are finished

    Hi Team, I need Macro to show "Completed" note after Excel calculations are finished. In my below code, the Pop-up is showing immediately before the excels calculation are completed. Sub Data() Application.Calculation = xlManual Application.ScreenUpdating = False Call Data1 Call Data2...
  3. R

    Letter Log Reminder MsgBox not updating

    Hi! new issue came up, previous issue is resolved. However, the Msgbox only display the current data in the cell. if new data is entered in the worksheet, it will still show the previous msg. like for example as shown below. The msgbox will show that reminds your that the letter number 00001...
  4. R

    Letter Log Reminder with condition in other cells.

    Hello everyone, I will try to explain again. I'm trying to make a reminder for my letter log and I have more than 1 condition before it includes the letter number in the Msg Box. I have multiple sheet so I need to make the Msgbox appears everytime I click the sheets. I here's my code I...
  5. R

    Letters Log Due Date Reminder

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a reminder for my letter log and I have more than 1 condition before it includes the letter number in the Msg Box. I have multiple sheet so I need to make the Msgbox appear everytime I click the sheets. I here's my code I create. The code already works, but...
  6. C

    VBA help combining If value found in column range give Msgbox and End sub or continue sub if not found

    Hello, I brazenly copied the below macro section to check the range for the value "Not Allowed". And that works, except if none are found it still ends the sub. If none are found, I would like it to process the rest of the macro. Currently, it counts the number of occurrences "Not Allowed"...
  7. R

    Help with worksheet_change

    I am trying to display a msgbox if a user selects certain options in a dropdown box. Here's the scenario. This is for a scheduling assistant I am building. Daily schedules have several cells with a dropdown lists that refer to the entire staff. I know the staff's availability, so I have...
  8. Jaafar Tribak

    VBA MsgBox customized to display data in tabular format _ (Data arranged in straight rows and columns)

    Hi all, As you probably know, displaying text data arranged/aligned in straight columns inside the standard vba MsgBox is extremely difficult. I personally have never seen this done before... Calculating the msgbox font size is a nightmare. Here, I am using a few api-based workarounds to...
  9. E

    MsgBox not working and Reopen option

    Hi All, For some reason this code works great but the MsgBox command doesn't work anymore: Option Explicit Public DownTime As Double Sub StartTimer() DownTime = Now + TimeSerial(0, 30, 0) Application.OnTime DownTime, "ShutDown" End Sub Sub StopTimer() On Error Resume Next...
  10. Skyybot

    MsgBox Query

    Novice here. I have a question regarding MsgBox return values. Please keep in mind that the following example will not be used in "Real Life". I only want to satisfy my curiosity. Why does the following code never get to the "Else" line? Sub curious() If MsgBox("Hello", vbOKOnly, "Test") =...
  11. A

    using Form as MsgBox in a code

    Is there a way to use a customized Form1 as Msgbox? like: In my program I have a big Form and a button that calls this customized Form1 in some conditions and I have an If statement after that depending of the choice. What I need is like: If "fist button" then 'code end if (of...
  12. TheWaterDog

    MsgBox - vbNo does not exit sub

    Apologies if this thread exists - I've searched and not found a solution in any of the threads. Can anyone tell me why my vbNo answer runs the same as vbYes - what have I missed? :( No error - just runs the sub the same as vbYes; I've tried six million ways of ending sub and nothing works...
  13. C

    Warning message if it is left "X" cells left

    Hello eveyone! I have this sheet: ABCDEFGHIJK1NI :0806100USADAS2NF :08061503TOTAL AWB514SEQUÊNCIACHECK DIGITSEQ + DIGITAWBColuna1AWBAWB25080610018061 1001047 - 8061 100180610016080610128061 1012047 - 8061 101280610127080610238061 1023047 - 8061 102380610238080610348061 1034047 - 8061...
  14. W

    VBA - Posting Multiple Table Results in MsgBox Using an InputBox to Search [VLookup?]

    Hey everybody! I've been scouring these boards all week and have seen a pretty kind community. I'll be frank, I'm applying for a job and I have an assessment they want me to complete to the best of my abilities. It was expressly stated I could use whatever resources I could get my hands on and I...
  15. L

    Msg Box to appear if If Cell changes to certain value (cell contains formula)

    I have couple of Cells Range A1:A12 that calculate percentage. I would like to set up a rule that if percentage in those cells is between 3% and 5% Msg box appears. I am trying following code: Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() If Range("A1:A12").Value > 3% And Range("A1:A12").Value <= 5% Then...
  16. Jaafar Tribak

    Multi-Color VBA MsgBox Including Buttons ( Easy to use )

    Hi all, Following a question I saw the other day, where it was asked if we could change the color of the Buttons in the standard vba MsgBox, I decided to give it a shot since I have never seen any code anywhere that addresses the issue. I have seen code before that sets the background color but...
  17. K

    Multiple MsgBox on Calculate

    Hello, I am trying to create a code that when values in cells "g10:g13" goes below a specific number, a msg box pops up. I used the below. Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() If Range("g10").Value < 352 Then MsgBox "T2 Low Stop Approaching! " End If If Range("g11").Value < 362 Then MsgBox "T3 Low...
  18. H

    Display VBA msgbox when cell contains text

    Hello, apologies for any errors this is my first post and I am relatively new to VBA. I work in a lab and we use a spreadsheet for recording some tests that need to be sent away. I need a msgbox to appear when a specific test is recorded "HER2" to remind the user to check if another test is...
  19. C

    pop-up message box expired dates

    Hello everyone, I'm currently doing my internship and my assignment is to create a dashboard for a company of all their certified assets. I have 7 sheets that have multiple tables with certificates and their expire dates. Below you will find an example of one of the many tables: Instrument...
  20. H

    Error 1004 no data was selected to parse after FileToOpen

    I have created a macro that asks users to select an excel file to open, and then creates a pivot table with the imported data. The macro works great if the user selects a file, but if they choose "cancel" I get error code "1004 no data was selected to parse. " I added a line of code to have a...

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