1. K

    Multiple MsgBox on Calculate

    Hello, I am trying to create a code that when values in cells "g10:g13" goes below a specific number, a msg box pops up. I used the below. Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() If Range("g10").Value < 352 Then MsgBox "T2 Low Stop Approaching! " End If If Range("g11").Value < 362 Then MsgBox "T3 Low...
  2. H

    Display VBA msgbox when cell contains text

    Hello, apologies for any errors this is my first post and I am relatively new to VBA. I work in a lab and we use a spreadsheet for recording some tests that need to be sent away. I need a msgbox to appear when a specific test is recorded "HER2" to remind the user to check if another test is...
  3. C

    pop-up message box expired dates

    Hello everyone, I'm currently doing my internship and my assignment is to create a dashboard for a company of all their certified assets. I have 7 sheets that have multiple tables with certificates and their expire dates. Below you will find an example of one of the many tables: Instrument...
  4. H

    Error 1004 no data was selected to parse after FileToOpen

    I have created a macro that asks users to select an excel file to open, and then creates a pivot table with the imported data. The macro works great if the user selects a file, but if they choose "cancel" I get error code "1004 no data was selected to parse. " I added a line of code to have a...
  5. Jaafar Tribak

    Putting an Hyperlink in a MsgBox !!

    Hi all, I have been playing with this little project recently which, as the thread title states, allows for adding an hyperlink to the native vba MsgBox. At the moment, I managed to make this work with only one hyperlink per MsgBox... This little "tool"can come as a handy, a quicker and a more...
  6. P

    Copy data from cell range from previous day

    Hi all, So I am with a small challenge today. I have been working in some file I am not figuring out hot to solve this. So my problem: I have a Monthly Excel file, with some sheets. This sheets names (all days in the month) are the dates, as example: 01.01.2021, 02.01,2021.... etc... What...
  7. G

    print msgbox on new sheet

    I'm looking for VBA that if the person selects yes, the information that was in the message box will be pasted into another sheet that is created. A1 will say "Type" B1 will say "name", A2 and down will have the information from sheet1.Range("b" & VNR). B2 and down will have the information from...
  8. G

    Message box List

    I have been searching with no avail on a vba to display a msgbox with specific data. I have an idea but the specific throw me off (still a beginner). This message box will display a value1 then tab then value2 then tab value3 then new line value1-2, tab value 2-2, tab value 3-2 and so on until...
  9. sycodiz

    VBA MsgBox based on rows - continue if true cancel if false

    I have searched everywhere for this answer. I am sure it is out there but I feel like I am going in circles. So I came here to you awesome people for help and direction! I do apologize that I am not very savvy in VBA but occasionally I do have to create some crude macros and then come to you...
  10. G

    Opening a MSGBox if a word is click in the Comment vba

    I'm not sure this is possible, but I am looking for a VBA to open a Message Box if the word "HERE" is clicked in a comment, this could linked if necessary. The comment is located in cell R4. I'm not sure where to start with this VBA, but I'm sure someone has dealt with this before.
  11. B

    Message box to flag up negative figure

    Hello, Some help with a code please... I have set up the below sheet showing quantities of different items. There is a button (offscreen) that exports this list - I would like to add a message box that, when exporting this list, alerts for any negative figures in the period listed (i.e. in...
  12. M

    msgbox appearing twice

    Hi, I was hoping someone could tell me why my msgbox gets triggered twice? Its in the comboboxchange so my initial guess was because i was making Comboxarea2B.value="" that it was triggering it again but if this is the case then how do I make Comboxarea2B value blank without triggering the code...
  13. J

    Msg Box based on part string

    Hi, I need to search column B for any cell (there will be multiple) that contains 'subtotal' in the string of text (there will be 'Subtotal - Section 1', 'Subtotal - Section 2' etc). Then a message box to pop up asking for the Rev Code1 for that subtotal section and for the Rev Code1 the user...
  14. M

    VBA Vlookup - if part number not found then display Msgbox and Exit Sub

    Hello, I have following macro which on Error will resume to next. Now I want to display a message box if an error is found and after exit SUB Message box( "Part number" & "PN" & "not found. Please define packaging details") By PN should be displayed the part number that is not found. Sub...
  15. C

    "SetWindowsHookEx" Crashing Excel x64

    Hello. For a while I've been using the MsgBoxCB sub from Dan Elgaard ( in order to have message boxes with custom button text. Up until now I have been using Excel 2007-2019 x32 and everything has been working perfectly. Recently I started testing my application on Excel 2016...
  16. S

    VBA: Msgbox to alert that there are no negative values in the final col for validation

    Hi, I am relatively new to VBA so still struggling to fully understand the syntax. I have been working on an automation macro & I am quite close to completion I just have a step that is appearing more difficult than I would've thought. I am trying to provide a pop-up that alerts the user...
  17. B

    Create Custom Msgbox VBA Multiple Criteria

    Hi Everyone, What if I want multiple msgboxs per each sheet? I realize I can have two different outcomes to a specific scenario. Is there a way to use IF, THEN? For instance, if COLUMN L and COLUMN K equaled ONE then I would want a message to say "Burris article, check sourcing", but if COLUMN...
  18. J

    Adding msgbox to code

    Hi, Can anyone help, i am trying to get a msgbox to popup when no id is found. I have a sheet called Info and in column G i have some names and in column H I have some id numbers. I have a userformwith two textboxes when i scan an id into textbox7 that then searches the sheet Info then...
  19. gheyman

    Yes/No Message Box

    I would like to add a pop-up Message box that happens in this code after the DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord. "Do you want to return to the TSL?" If Yes then then DoCmd.OpenForm "frm_NIS_TSL", acNormal, "", "", , acNormal If No then the DoCmd.GoToRecord , "", acNewRec command Any help is...
  20. T

    Checking fields null

    Private Sub Command228_Click() 'Save On Error GoTo Command228_Click_Err On Error Resume Next DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord If (MacroError <> 0) Then Beep MsgBox MacroError.Description, vbOKOnly, "" End If Command228_Click_Exit: Exit Sub...
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