multi columns

  1. D

    match text combinations across multiple columns

    Hello! I am trying to find matches between multiple columns of text and having a terrible time getting the formula correct. I had 2 individuals rate items using 2 letter codes. They could give each item between 1 and 4 different two-letter codes (with 9 unique two-letter code options...

    Macro to print nominated worksheets with range part defined

    If anyone can help that would be excellent. My issue is i have a workbok with 12 sheets and 7 of the sheets are results of existing macros. I want to print the results of the 7 returned sheets but only up to column O on each sheet. Each worksheet runs from A-AD but i only want to print A-O...
  3. Z

    How should I tackle this problem?

    Hey so I just wanted to see what the opinions are on how I should tackle the probelm I am trying to solve. Below is what my table looks like and I need to paste in a number to its corripsonding cell. The program should find out what the crop is (found on another worksheet) and then find out...
  4. R

    Search and return value from range?

    Hi Guys, I need your help to find a clue how to build this formula to list Case numbers from returned surveys based on customer mobile number. Please see short example down below. I was trying few combinations of VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, but without success. Any clue? Thanks. Rich. <tbody> We...
  5. J

    Populate Multi Column List Box

    Good morning to all, I am trying to populate a multi column listbox but keep running into an error that must be caused by my code. I don't understand how the properties are for a multi column listbox and I am looking for a resource to learn how. So far I know how to use a single column list...
  6. A

    combo box with multiple columns

    I am working on a user form that populates a combo box with data for a user to select. To make it user friendly I wanted to populate one column with data a user can understand such as a date. The date a user selects should correspond to a worksheet name which I would like to put in the other...
  7. E

    HELP!! Searching Excel with Macro's

    Hi all, this is my first post so I apologise for my lack of forum lingo and knowledge! I have a situation where I have a rather large spreasheet, that we populate each week with 35 columns and 20,000 rows worth of data. At the moment we have to manually go through this data and look at certain...
  8. likexl

    listbox multi column problem

    Hi, I am trying to code 7 multi column in listbox, but trapped. code : Do Until NumCounta = 1 NumCounta = NumCounta - 1 a = Range("a" & x).Value b = Range("d" & x).Value c = Range("e" & x).Value d = Range("f" & x).Value e = Range("h" & x).Value f = Range("i" & x).Value g = Range("j" &...
  9. N

    vlookup for more than 2 lookup values

    I am trying to do a vlookup based on 4 values. I have 4 drop down data validations in a row. The first one has the type of material, the second has the height, the third has the width, and the forth a depth. My data is set up in this manner because it's a lot of data and trying to select with...
  10. C

    Multi Column Stacked Bar Chart

    Our office recently was upgraded to MS Office 2007, and I am having a pickle of a time trying to create a multi columned stacked bar chart.... its been a while but i am pretty sure this was easily done in the last version.... with the chart wizard gone from this version.. i am lost. Any help...
  11. A

    multi columns to one

    i have this three columns: <table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 162pt;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="216"><col style="width: 54pt;" span="3" width="72"> <tbody><tr style="height: 11.25pt;" height="15"> <td class="xl64" style="height: 11.25pt; width: 54pt;"...

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