multi dimensional arrays

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    VBA match 4 conditional values at once with Select Case.

    I am building a VBA search function across 3 product sheets (one at a time) for determining the next available size of packaging for a part (my attached example is available here VBA match 4 conditional values at once with Select Case. ). The search is based on 4 input criteria (length...
  2. M

    Confused on how arrays work, please help

    Hello, So, I know this is prob really simple to a lot of you, and I wish I had your mindset, but I am just not grasping this concept :( Everytime I try to work with these I hit type mismatch or subscript mismatch errors... then on the few random occasions I change something and avoid all of...
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    Manipulating 3 columns to for an array in VBA

    Hello, I've been trying all sorts of combinations for the past 4 hours and just can't get this right. Lets say my ultimate goal is to have 3 VBA listboxes. The first is Band, the second is Album, and the third is Song. The user selects one of the ten bands from listbox one, and then listbox 2...
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    commiting rows into a 2D array based on unique values

    Hey all, Pretty n00bish at vba but I'm pretty well acquianted with vb. Basically my goal is to do one of two things, both of which I think will work. 1) Commit my entier dataset into the array. Then loop through it and pull out the SETS of row that I want (I'll get to that in a second) 2)...
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    Complicated lookup if statement needed?

    Hi all, I'm excited about being a part of this board. I am an intermediate user with a problem I don't know for sure that can be solved. I think it can though. I have come close. Problem I have a list of data that looks like this. A............... B........ Start..... End <TABLE style="WIDTH...
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    Excel Array construction

    Hi everyone, I have a difficulty in working with excel arrays. I wish to create a sheet from 2 seperate ranges. Below are the details. i am trying to create a report every week. Range 1 is in Sheet1: Columns("A:C"). the data in these columns may increase or decrease every week. Range 2...
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    Varying number of records in multi dimentional array

    First post so please bear with me ;) My question is related to multi dimentional arrays. I have a dataset which contains a number of projects. For each project I have a number of data including an account which the project belongs to. I need to display a list of the projects grouped by...
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    Structures or an arrays of different data types.

    I an newbie at VBA but I took some short programing classes back at my college days. I am trying to declare an array with different data types and since that seems to be imposible for what I gather then my other option is to declare what I remember as a structure. Can someone help with this. An...

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