multi level groups

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    Multi Level Pivot Table Average vs. Sum

    I have a scoring table for work group of work items completed. Based on that they have two set of scores that are combined for a weighted score. The Pivot table Rows are set up with manager first, then associate. The scores for the associate are calculated by Calculated Field based on several...
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    Hierarchy Chart for a 1 x 2 matrix direct sell company possible in Excel?

    I am brand new to the forum and am no expert at excel. I have a MAC Excel 2011 program to work with. I have created a direct selling model that pays commissions based on percentages of sales. I also have partner companies I am working with plus the product distributor. The partner companies (2)...
  3. A

    Multi level grouping in pivot tables

    I've been working with this this for about 4 days so I thought I would share now that I solved it: I got a pivottable (I construct from VBA) Then I want to list data either in rows or groups of groups of groups (metagroups). (in this case row would be a "verification/sale id", a group would be...

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