Hierarchy Chart for a 1 x 2 matrix direct sell company possible in Excel?


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Jul 19, 2014
I am brand new to the forum and am no expert at excel. I have a MAC Excel 2011 program to work with. I have created a direct selling model that pays commissions based on percentages of sales. I also have partner companies I am working with plus the product distributor. The partner companies (2) take 15% of revenue each. The direct selling employees/contractors percentages vary depending on their selling volume. It is a complex chart I am seeking to build but I believe excel can do it, am I right? and if so, where can I find how to build it ie; tutorials, videos or chat forums such as this? Thank You.
The matrix is a 1 x 2 system that goes 20 levels deep. There are three matrixes; 1.) 25.00 2.) 50.00 3.) 100.00. I hope that helps and please ask any questions for information I may have left out for a clearer answer. thanks

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Jul 19, 2014
Hi there, maybe posting an actual sample of your data and what you would like to achieve would trigger more replies.
You can post sample as follows:
Recommendation being to use the last one (Border Copy-paste) since you are using Excel 2011.

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ok, so I do not have a sample, per say, but i can tell you that i am creating a hierarchy tree. Starting with myself in the number 1 spot, line 1. I have 2 people under me on line 2, those 2 people each have 2 people on line 3 (7 total people...1 on line 1, 2 on line 2, 4 on line 3 etc etc. Each one of those people will spend x amount of dollars per month on product sales. Each one of those people will earn a set commission percentage on product sales of the people below them (line 2 makes their commission from line 3 and line 3 from line 4). There could be a number of variable such as volume of product sales, attrition and faster growing legs vs slower. The only variable I would like to plug in would be sales volume. I call it the trickle effect; example...spot 30 on line 17 makes 7000 in sales, how does that commission change for the person directly above spot 30/line 17? I need it 20 levels deep on a 1 by 2 ,matrix formula.
I am hoping this makes sense to someone. It makes perfect sense to me, but that doesnt help unless i can build it. thanks


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Feb 2, 2012
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If you know the percentages take would be applied from on level to another (not mentioned in your sample)
would the two person in level two get a commission from all members from level 3 or only from their respective subordinates in level 3?
Arranging your data in a table might be easier, level could be identified with a value (1,2,3...) and commission computed by summing the values directly one level below and factored by a specific coefficient related to whatever criteria you may have.
Does this make sense to you?

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