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    Issue with Text in Shapes

    Hello, For some reason whenever I open up my workbook, the text in my shapes has automatically moved to the back so that it appears like there is no text in the shapes. So every time I re-open the workbook, the first thing I have to do is click on a shape and send the text to the front. This...
  2. M

    Hierarchy Chart for a 1 x 2 matrix direct sell company possible in Excel?

    I am brand new to the forum and am no expert at excel. I have a MAC Excel 2011 program to work with. I have created a direct selling model that pays commissions based on percentages of sales. I also have partner companies I am working with plus the product distributor. The partner companies (2)...
  3. M

    Utilize Excel to highlight flowchart objects

    I'm trying to utilize Excel (2003) to build a flow chart so that the user will answer some quaestions and the flow chart will change the objects color to display the flow chart path. I can send a copy of the excel file if it will help to clarify my question. I'm hoping I can get some help on this.
  4. J

    Visio Question for Flow charts

    Hello, I am currently working on creating a visual flow of products through various process steps, which I am doing in visio. The problem I have is with overlapping arrows. If two different parts (represented by an arrow) have the same path (ie from process A to process B) then only one...

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