multi workbooks

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    return specific data without spaces

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet like the below, that has a long list of clients from sales agents and their current status. ie confirmed pending lost. This spreadsheet is updated constantly with status new deals and amounts. I want a spreadsheet for each Sales Rep that references this master sheet...
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    Copy active worksheets

    Hi I have a workbook that I use for inventory tracking. I make a copy of the last worksheet almost every day and name it todays date. After some time the workbook becomes very large and slow to work with. I am therefore trying to create a macro that will move all previous months sheets to a new...
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    Multitabbed list and v lookup

    I have about 14 different tabs, all named after their specific group. In each of those tabs, there is a list of people and about 14 different columns with data regarding each of them. I am trying to have a main cover page with a dropdown to chose a specific person and then have the neighboring...
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    Checkboxs linked

    I have two workbooks (1 and 2) used as a Data gathering report builder and datadase on both sides. On each there is a Checkbox (A and B) (Active X) that is used for the same purpose (to back-date the schedule after midnight [12.00am] and then update the schedule each day after the production has...

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