multiple categories

  1. D

    Employee Hours Report with multiple rates and categories

    Hey there, I am trying to create a a file that will serve as time log and dashboard report for consultants who work a maximum of two hours a day, with a strict(fixed) calendar schedule with multiple sessions. Some consultants may work one hour of a particular schedule on category A(Lead) and...
  2. A

    Spacing vertical gridlines in a multilevel X axys (categories)

    Hello everyone, I am Office 2010 user, I va learned a lot of previous answers, but I didn´t find an answer to my problem. Thanks you in advance for your patience and help. ;) I have a meteorogical chart, with two different values in Y axis (values of Temperature and Relative Humidity), ordered...
  3. V

    Calculating average time for an event based on multiple conditions

    Hi, I am manually calculating the undermentioned data and am tearing my hair out. I am sure there must be a better way of doing it. Please help.... I have to calculate the time taken for two parts of a task which has three/four steps. The steps are differentiated by specific words i.e...
  4. B

    If cell contains (multiple text criteria) then return (corresponding text criteria)

    Hello All, I am trying to have a formula that will check whatever is in a cell, if it is one multiple criteria, then I want it to return something else each time it appears. So if I have 5 cells: Dog Barks Cat Purrs Mouse Squeaks Cat Purrs Dog Barks The left column contains one of several...
  5. B

    Meeting multiple numerical and text conditions to return text

    I have 2 worksheets, first, I have a worksheet describing my network. Effectively dividing it into smaller parts. Only the combination of County, Highway and Municipality are unique, while 2 value combination in any of these 3 columns can repeat numerous times. Column E and F give the physical...
  6. L

    Filtering a column that has multiple values in cells

    Basically, I am trying to use Excel as a contact data base. I have all the typical columns (ie. Name, Address, Phone, etc), but I also have a "Category" Column. I would like to be able to filter this column and my problem is, sometimes the cells in this column have more than one value. For...
  7. andrewb90

    Assigning points to multiple people in one row

    I have a employee picnic and sports contest coming up and I am trying to figure out a scoring system to not only track a winner, but keep track of who was partnered with whom in which event. I have a list of events/descriptions in column B. in each row there is a new event activity, juggling, 3...
  8. F

    spreadsheet that searches for the best person to fit a role - VBA help needed!

    I really hope someone can come to my aid with this! I have a userform with the following on: I have a text box that the user enters a role name into. (txtRole) a text box where data is displayed (txtWinner) and a text box for the percentage (txtScore) a command button that says GO! (cmdGo) and...
  9. S

    Pivot Table Item that fits in multiple categories

    I have data categorized into three groups, call them A, B, and C. My problem is that some items appear in two groups (which I want them to), but I am having trouble getting both to show up in the pivot table. The pivot table is sorted like this: A... data in A <list of="" names=""> B... data...
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