multiple column index

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    Return latest date for multiple, concatenated values

    Hi, I have data pulled from various sources that ends up in a table in the following format (but with 260 rows) on a the sheet titled "Targetdatemerge" <tbody> A B C 1 Reference Milestone Date 2 ref1 M1.1 1/6/14 3 ref2 M1.1; M1.2 2/6/14 </tbody> I need to be able to find the latest...
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    Index Match (with multiple matches across multiple columns)

    Below is the formula that I'm currently using. When entered it returns error message: "Did not find value '1300' in MATCH evaluation". What am I doing wrong? The 'Bedrooms' column (S2) should equal "3 BD From". Please advise. Thank you...
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    Index match formula to VBA Macro

    Hello Board, I am not very up to speed on using VBA Macro's and was wondering if I could get some help. I have an Index match formula that I would like to be able to use in VBA. I would like for this macro to work on the entire workbook of selected active sheets and populate a column with the...
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    Quick VLOOKUP Question

    Is there a way to use an IF statement within a VLOOKUP that will return a different column depending on user's request? Example: User selects Fund name, and Checklist Type. The VLOOKUP needs to select either 1,2,3,4 for the column index number depending on which type of Checklist is selected...

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