multiple criteria

  1. M

    Counting unique values by date condition and another criteria

    Hello, I have looked all over but I don't seem to find an answer to my particular question. I am trying to count unique client id values by month and by another criteria, in this case gender. Client ID Date Gender 1121 7/1/21 Male 1147 7/5/121 Female 1121 7/16/21 Male 7865 8/2/21...
  2. R

    VBA Graded Color Scale - changes based on value in another cell

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum. So please be gentle :) I'm trying to come up with a solution to have a column of numbers appear in a graded color sequence (similar to what the color scales in conditional formatting do), but have the high and low numbers used for the grading changed based on...
  3. S

    VBA: Moving rows to a new sheet based on multiple criteria and delete from original sheet

    Hi there! I have found similar threads on these forums but none that do exactly what I am trying to do. I have a main sheet "Operators" that has multiple columns that I am try to pull data from into different sheets. If column I="Recertify", then move entire row to "Recertify" sheet, pasting...
  4. J

    Vlookup with multiple criteria is possible?

    Hello!!! I have a problem with excel and I will explain you with 2 pictures. As you can see there is 2 slides "Inventaire" and "data" and i want to take the value from the sheet "data" and put it in the table in the sheet "inventaire" So in the sheet "Inventaire" colum "L" (D) and "M" (E) i...
  5. T

    Sumproduct with multiple row and column criteria

    I have been trying to solve this for about a week and cannot seem to figured this out. I have several sections of a worksheet that is for 10 types of work being performed, the status of the work, and an estimate of the cost of that work. It looks like this, but has a lot of other items in...
  6. L

    Textjoin multiple columns based on unique values in first column and highest value in another column

    My title might be confusing. So, here goes. I'm attempting to create a summary sheet of sorts for a weekly schedule. There are multiple tables throughout the workbook that represent days of the week and tasks for each day. View a portion of one of those tables in my "Thursday" tab below: I...
  7. P

    vba - find multiple criteria

    Hi, The program reads each row of Sheet 1, scans the three criteria we are looking for and it should find the entry in Sheet 2 that matches the criteria. Criteria: 1) invoice number (location in Sheet 2: column D) 2) date of payment (location in Sheet 2: column B) 3) amount paid (location in...
  8. I

    Index and Match with multiple criteria

    Hello. The attached photo is just an example. So I have this workbook that has multiple sheets like this where I would have to run the same type of code. In one sheet I have at least two lookup values. Another sheet I have a file like the one attached. Referenced as Raw data. One lookup value...
  9. K

    VBA to hide rows based on multiple criteria

    I can't download your add-in due to work IT restrictions, sorry. I'm trying to hide rows too and I know I'm doing something wrong. If the values in $i3, $J3, $O3, or $Q3 =0 then hide row, if not then don't hide row. then go to the next row in file. I have this: Sub HideRows() StartRow = 15...
  10. A

    VBA Code Help - Multiple Data Validations with Unique Error Messages

    Hi there, I'm very green to VBA and am trying to write a code to run multiple data validations in tables, each with their own hard stop error message. The spreadsheet is a data entry spreadsheet and here are the rules: 1) data entered in cell must be numeric - Shading cell with light red color...
  11. G

    Sum data based on adjacent cell in another sheet but exclude column

    Hello, I have a few question about sumproduct formula here: On the Data! sheet I use [=IF(COUNTIF(C9,"*+*"),RIGHT(C9,LEN(C9)-FIND("+",SUBSTITUTE(C9,"+","",2))),"")] in D9 to extract overtime period from adjacent cell (C9) and from this point I've use...
  12. G

    Return multiple matches with multiple criteria as text

    Hey, I have read some similar threads here and tried some of them but still no solution for me. I have a large database where I would like to list all destinations of each driver for certain days. The main challenges are 1. any driver can appear in any of 3 columns, 2. there can be more than...
  13. A

    Largest Value based on Multiple criteria

    Hi there, I'm working with a data sheet and am trying to get the Nth largest value in a specific column based on multiple criteria. My single criteria formula works fine, this is it: ={LARGE(IF('Sheet1'!C:C=3,ABS('Sheet1'!W:W),""),1)} However, I run into the #VALUE! error once I add another...
  14. R

    Count Unique Dates With Two Criteria (with Photos)

    Hello All! I'm trying to create a formula that counts the number of unique dates with two criteria. I've actually searched within this forum and found a similar question, however because it was case-specific and the conditions differ to mine, the same cannot be applied to mine. The one with 2...
  15. A

    Excel to return a value in a column, if multiple criteria meets

    I tried to return a value in sheet1, column A (vertical), to sheet 2 (Horizontal format), if the "Process_Step" and "WO" is matched. As the data is huge and there're many columns, I do not know how to specifically to use the index and match or vlookup, to return the column A value (Date) if the...
  16. B

    Sumifs using both date range AND text

    Hello, I'm wanting to sum a specific column if it's within a specific year and meet's a specific criteria. For example (please refer to attached pic). I'd like the sum of all Dues & Subscriptions in 2017. So far I've been able to use the text to come up with an amount using the following...
  17. P

    Combine and Sum Lookups across multiple rows using an array formula

    Hi, I need to convert several currencies across multiple rows into GBP by looking up a conversion table and then provide the sum in GBP. I haven't been able to come up with an elegant formula (an array type formula maybe) to keep it short and simple. for the SUM in GBP, I've got the...
  18. N

    Multiple Criteria Lookup with Date Ranges

    Hi everyone, I need to create a lookup which returns a value based on 1.) an employee ID 2.) a date range. I have included an example image. Basically, I need a formula for column H which returns the correct Union of an employee, based on their ID and the award date (column G). The dataset...
  19. T

    Excel Formula Multiple Criteria with Moving Header Changing to Different Column

    Hi, just wondering if this is a possibility with the Index/Match formula. Or is there a better formula when I don't know the column position of the header? The new report we get now, the header name is not always in the same order so the index/match formula isn't cutting it anymore. Example...
  20. S

    Populate rest of Userform based on two ComoboBox Values

    Hey all, I am trying to quickly get order data from a single sheet of over 3000 entries using a UserForm to make it as simple as possible for staff. So far i've made a userform that i want to use containing a number of text boxes: "Cust ID", "Order #", "Item", "Part No", "Date Ordered"...
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