multiple criteria

  1. R

    I need to find a row based on multiple criteria, with a catch.

    I have been working on this for a couple days and it is frustrating. I have found many Posts about simple matching of criteria, but I cant figure how to make any of those methods work for my situation. I have 2 worksheets in my book. The first worksheet is a master list of addresses. The...
  2. Z

    CF Rule: Highlight Range using Multiple Criteria

    Hello, I'm currently using the following CF Rule to highlight cells in two columns that meet a single criteria from a list on another sheet. =SUM(COUNTIF(C2,"*"&INDIRECT("t_Whitelist[Author-Series]")&"*")) However, I would like to expand my criteria to only highlight the cells that meet the...
  3. E

    Lookup value from range when name matches AND date falls within date range

    Hello! I have two sheets within a spreadsheet: Report and Rates. Report contains an account listing with a concatenated name in column S and a start date in column H. Within Rates I have triplicate rows containing the same concatenated name for each time frame in column F. Column G of the sheet...
  4. S

    VLOOKUP Formula help?

    Bit of a complex question this time. I want a formula in column E that will return a value from column K, based on whether Column B corresponds with Column J - using cell K2 as a guide. I've been trying to play around with the VLOOKUP formula, but it's clearly not working. Help...
  5. Long Nose

    sheetlist sumifs with multiple criteria - shortened?

    Is there a way I can shorten this formula. Works - This adds "US", "VI", "PR", and excludes "CA"...
  6. Phil Payne

    Two criteria for Two ranges to return value from 3rd range

    Hello all, I thought this would be straightforward but, no I keep getting "Not Found" when I can see a value? Note the two columns of the GPR_Data worksheet B:B and F:F contain multiple instances of what I am looking for but if used together they will provide a unique reference. I've tried...
  7. IIII

    Formula to return a cell value based on criteria

    Hi All, I have this simple assets tracker attached below. What I'm hoping to do here is to auto-populate the name from Column C (Assigned To), into Column I (Reassigned To) when the same device (by serial # in Column B) has been reassigned to a new user. I've tried using the INDEX w/MATCH...
  8. Q

    How to reference IFNA across 3 or more criterias

    Hi All, I need my formula to look across multiple sheets if it does not find value in the current sheet. So my current formula is =IFNA(VLOOKUP(I4,Sheet1!$A$2:$D$10,2,0),VLOOKUP(I4,Sheet3!$A$2:$D$10,2,0)) I want this to search across 3 or more data sheets, but i get an error...
  9. M

    Countifs not working due to range ? maybe an array?

    Hi and good afternoon, I am struggling to get a formula for countifs to work and i beleive this is due to my criteria ranges not being of the same size. Is there any work around to this? i have put my example below but the actual data set is much larger but i have the same problem. the data set...
  10. M

    New problem - FinalRow based on two criteria?

    Hello and thanks for reading this! (I apologize for length, but want to be thorough so you don't have to try and read my mind. Good question = good answer right?) The code below works the first time through, but the code will be ran multiple times. It's a two step copy and paste based on...
  11. A

    Three-way lookup in Excel table

    I have a table with three criteria. Two criteria are stated in columns, and one in a row. The table looks like this: I want to find a value which matches the three criteria. For example: I want the value for 'Cembrit Cetris Basic' , SC1 and Permanent. Then a value of 0.3 (cell C3) should be...
  12. C

    Multiple criteria Index Match with 1 criteria being within 10 digits and still match

    Hi, I have 2 Sheets(workbooks in reality but I made the test sample in 2 sheets). DATA sheet: All text/numbers. No formulas in this sheet. RESULT sheet: CFGMNOP1IDItemBalanceMatch Failed (Accessorials)Invoice Rejected (Accessorials)Approval Failed (Accessorials)Amount Due233283896Stop-off...
  13. C

    Highlighting only 1 cell

    Hi I have written the following formula as a conditional formula =AND(C$20=Sheet1!$D$46,C21>=Sheet1!$D$47) which highlights values based on 2 criteria. This can give me up to 3 results and i only want the closest one to one of the specific criteria values not all possible answers. How do i...
  14. S

    My brain can't comprehend the logic - sumifs, index, match, sumproduct, multiple row, multiple column

    Hello there - I keep forgetting how to think about the logic of these functions. I tried to look across my other workbooks for formulas. I feel like I've done this before so I apologize but I couldn't find the formula hence why I"m posting. I've searched and using these links and posts as...
  15. R

    Excel double condition formula

    Hi, I am looking for an Excel non-VBA function formula based on two parameters. If a cell holds the value 10, then a date starting from 24 December is added, but only if this date is a workday. If this date is not a workday, then it takes the first day before this date that is a workday. If...
  16. J


  17. M

    Counting unique values by date condition and another criteria

    Hello, I have looked all over but I don't seem to find an answer to my particular question. I am trying to count unique client id values by month and by another criteria, in this case gender. Client ID Date Gender 1121 7/1/21 Male 1147 7/5/121 Female 1121 7/16/21 Male 7865 8/2/21...
  18. R

    VBA Graded Color Scale - changes based on value in another cell

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum. So please be gentle :) I'm trying to come up with a solution to have a column of numbers appear in a graded color sequence (similar to what the color scales in conditional formatting do), but have the high and low numbers used for the grading changed based on...
  19. S

    VBA: Moving rows to a new sheet based on multiple criteria and delete from original sheet

    Hi there! I have found similar threads on these forums but none that do exactly what I am trying to do. I have a main sheet "Operators" that has multiple columns that I am try to pull data from into different sheets. If column I="Recertify", then move entire row to "Recertify" sheet, pasting...
  20. J

    Vlookup with multiple criteria is possible?

    Hello!!! I have a problem with excel and I will explain you with 2 pictures. As you can see there is 2 slides "Inventaire" and "data" and i want to take the value from the sheet "data" and put it in the table in the sheet "inventaire" So in the sheet "Inventaire" colum "L" (D) and "M" (E) i...

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