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    Trouble with merging Data in one Excell

    Hi, Today I have tried to set up a VBA code in Excel to merge multiple data into one Excel-file. I have a Test folder with multiple Excel files and i want to read multiple cells from each file into one New Excel file. Below an overview of the code. Where I get stuck is reading the multiple...
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    Sorting Data Across Multiple Worksheets

    I have several hundred files, each representing a different date and each containing roughly 500 rows and the same columns. I would like to sort each of these files in the same manner (while adding a few extra columns with calculations) with the ability to then compare and analyze the sorted and...
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    VBA Gather data from multiple files and sheets

    Hello, Every month I get an update of data which is given in different files and sheets (see files "DataFile01 & DataFile02"). What I always do, is that I gather them in 1 table (see file "DataTableResults"). See files: I have...
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    Check multiple values between multiple excel Files

    Hi, I have somes files such as bank.xls, office1.xls,office2.xls each having a particular sheet with the following columns Date Payment mode Payee Amount I need to check if the data from the sheet1of bank.xls has been correctly entered into sheet2 of office1.xls / sheet2 of office2.xls eg...
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    Going from the Excel INDEX command to proper VBA code.

    I need help going from the Excel INDEX command to proper VBA code. I have up to 90 Excel files used for surveying clinic participants. Since each survey will have the questions in a different order, the VBA code needs vertically index to the proper question in the respondents’ files. The...
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    How do I get Excel to match content of cell and perform an action?

    I will have multiple Excel files that have very similar data in the first column (Company Names), how do I get Excel to find out what the information is in the first column and then post it's website in the 2nd column from a pre-populated list? I have hundreds of Company Names per Excel sheet...
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    merge multiple files and all sheets

    Need your help! Do you know what the macro would be if I want to merge different sheets (having the same amount of rows but columns may be different) for all open files? With other words, I will have 5 files open, some with 5 sheets and some with one sheet and would like to have all columns...

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