multiple formulas

  1. J

    Using IF,AND + LEN

    So i have a cell with product codes inside of that. for example cell a1 contains data - 1x ddjed8cx7ee cell a2 contains data - 4x ddjeudaadi3 cell a3 contains data - 1x nddnadjnfke 1x ajo37danunau 4x aud73ndnnak and so on I am trying to find a formula that can A. return the value of 30...
  2. W

    Run formula on a specific date range

    I have a workbook with multiple sheets. Each sheet has the dates listed in column A (1/1/17, 1/2/17, 1/3/17 etc). In columns B:K are yes or no answers for each date. I am trying to create a summary sheet that lists the total number of Yes answers for each month and the total number of no answers...
  3. D

    Complex Daily Docket Excel Workbook

    Large project traffic control register. It is quite a frustrating issue due to so many lines per person. Workbook with 2 worksheets. WS1 contains list of items we use to allow input on WS2 which is the daily docket register. The numbers equal lines they correlate to in list as an example 1. is...
  4. D

    Multiple Formulas in one cell

    Im an English teacher and i want to select a lesson by the unit number(cell C3) and the lesson number(cell D3) when i select the unit and lesson it must pull up the lesson info from cells A23-A46 and display it on my note cell(cell G3) here is my formula and it works just the way i want it to...
  5. F

    Need to get Median out of this list.

    Hey everyone, I need to find a way to break a report that shows the number of orders for a customer and the number of days it took to process the orders, then find a way to get the mean for each individual order. For example. if a customer has 3 orders and it took 3 days, and it to find the...
  6. R

    Multiple Functions

    I have 2 columns and I need the formula to read column "A" first and if it meets a certain criteria to look at column "B" and count if there's any text in the cells. See the example to show what I'm looking for. I would want the formula to look at column a for pet type (e.g. dog) and then look...
  7. C

    Writing formulas for time sheets

    I am currently trying to adjust a formula for our time sheets. The current formula takes into account when a person works over 8 hours to consider that "banked" time (comp time). I now have an employee that will be working 8 hours one day a week and 6 hours the other 4 days. The current formula...
  8. M

    Macro to run formulas for multiple ranges of data in a spreadsheet to summarize data in the first blank row after the data summaries

    I have data history information and two blank lines after each sample there could be anywhere from one sample with 9 rows of data, or there could be 50 samples with 12 rows of data each. When I receive the data, the first row after Data Samples BLANK, in this case row 12. But in the first...
  9. D

    Multiple Function same formula

    I wonder if anyone can help with this. I now know that + is actually equates to OR. I am trying to write an argument that states... Cell A1 AND B1:B4>=3,"Advance"...
  10. H

    Making a Grade Book in Excel 2007

    I'm trying to make a grade book in Excel 2007. So far, I have what I need, but I'm trying to make one step a little easier. I need a formula that can find the value in one column, look up a specific number based off that, and tally the totals between three columns while dropping the lowest...
  11. T

    table w/ drop down lists and multiple formulas

    I have a table with 5 columns and each row is a option A, option B, option C and so on. Each column is a different category with a drop down list of options to choose from. column 6 I want to auto populate an entry based on what is selected in each drop down list in the first 5 columns. I am not...
  12. D

    Vlookup with Conditions

    Hi, I'm hoping for some help writing a formula. I have a pivot table which is an extract of accounting data. I need to move the data from the pivot table to a template used in a monthly report. Essentially, my pivot table is Cost centre numbers as the Column labels, and General Ledger numbers...
  13. C

    Problems Creating a Chinese Corpus (Can I SEARCH() a Range?)

    Hello all. I dig a lot of these problem/solution things, but did not see one that matched my search criteria, and so am turning to experts for some advice. To start, I'm only moderately skilled with Excel, and I work primarily with the logical, not mathematical functions. That being said, I'd...
  14. M

    IF with multiple formula/variable

    I'm trying to use IF with other variable but is not working. What I have: Colum G12 - NET Sallary Colum I12 - 3 possibilities (MRM, ME, AB) Colum J12 where I will have my formula. I have another table with 3 datas: MRM = 1,709 (P3) ME = 1,544 (P4) AB = 1,630 (P5) What I need to do is...

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