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    Lookup value in a table with multiple checks

    Hey Forum, i want to try and find a smarter way than i use currently to lookup in a table based on 4 different checks. The table looks like the one below: The first thing want is to check cell B3 - If the cell value is 3200 i want to lookup in column...
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    Search multiple results with 2 conditions

    Hello, im new in this community. I search all around the posts of this forum trying to search my question, but i couldnt. Here is what I need to do: In the image, we can see the first lookup (which content is agencia4), have 2 results. In the right LOOKUP, I want that the formula give me back...
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    Lookup challenge, which of the 6 values is found in a different single column

    Hi everyone, I have 6 columns, side by side, with a product family in each, and this data is listed down a range of rows. I need to see if one of the 6 possible product families alongside each row is found within a different single column on another sheet (there may be more than one TRUE...
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    Extracting Data from a secondary worksheet if the vendor and invoice match

    I have two worksheets. Worksheet 1 is the Detail AP Listing which has the vendor #, Invoice number and the description of what the invoice is for. Worksheet 2 is the GL which has the vendor # and the invoice number but not the description. I need to populate the Description of the invoice in...
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    Autofilter, Index/Match or Lookup? Displaying all results of multiple criteria.

    Hi, I'm trying to create what would effectively be a summary sheet so that different users can see information relevant to them within a date range. All of the data is held on a sheet called "Data" in a separate workbook; it looks like this...(assume reference A1:E11) <tbody> Comment # Date...
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    Multiple Matches and lookups for a defined criteria

    Dear Excel Experts! I really need your help :) I have an excel file with many different orders. In the order two things are important: values in column C ASHEET (ending on A) and values in column D (components of Asheets). Now i need to analyse whether the component of an order is on ONE of...
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    Ordering instances and numbering them of repeat cases

    Hi Everyone, I'm struggling with something that seems rather simple I can't figure it out. I have multiple cases (rows) of data for individuals and want to number them so that every case's first instance in the database has a value of 1, every second occurrence, a 2, etc. So I need...
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    Multiple lookup values

    Hey, guys. I'm new here but I've been lurking for a while. I'm having a problem I hope you can help with. Below is the image of the setup of my sheet. I'm accepting input from the user is cells H2,H3, and H4. I'm looking for an in-cell formula (for H6) that will pull the numbers from the...
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    Multi-lookup formula

    I have a situation where I cannot find a good formula to use when I need to return multiple values from an array. It works fine for single values. I'm having to concatenate values to get the desired results. Let me explain. record A B C D E F G H I J DESIRED RESULT 1 1 A 2 1...

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