multiple lookups

  1. R

    Index Match or SUMPRODUCT Help

    I have tried variations of index matches with if statements and SUMPRODUCT with multiple arrays all ending in errors. Can someone please help? I need to SUM the Value Column in the Source Table by matching the COMPANY NAME, PURCH TYPE, AND CATEGORY. In the example below the correct results...
  2. V

    Lookup column A, return column C value where non-blank

    So this is only some test data to prove the concept. Essentially I have a data set that will contain duplicated values in one column which I need to do a look up on with either blank cells or a unique identifier in another column. If the desire look up value is present in the first column, I...
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    time recording multiple options

    Please help I have a spreadsheet that manages queries on a daily basis, each entry is time managed by a userform (ie timer starts when form opened and stops when closed) the start, stop and elapsed time get input on the log. This log is used by several people daily. the formula i have at the...
  4. T

    Return text value based on looking up multiple text values in split ranges

    Hello Ladies and Gents, I am trying to create an automatically filled text box based on the text value of two other cells. Please see the example below. I have on another sheet two drop down lists, one to select the customer, the second recognises which customer has been selected and then...
  5. J

    LOOKUP / SUBTOTAL formula based on set criterior

    <tbody> Formation Scored Conceeded Home / Away Result Points 4-4-2 4 2 H W 3 3-5-2 2 2 H D 1 4-3-3 0 1 A L 0 4-4-2 1 1 A D 1 </tbody> <tbody> Formation Total Conceeded Total Scored #W #D #L Total Points 4-4-2 ? ? ? ? ? ? </tbody> Based on the table above does anybody...
  6. E

    Dates, Lookups, Networkdays, and the Sum Function - Please Help!

    Hey everyone! I am having some trouble with my last column. I have in my worksheet 6 columns (a-f). Column A is simple a list of names. Column B is a start date. Column C is an end date. Column D is the # of hours between column b and c, excluding weekends and holidays. Column E is the date...
  7. C

    Looking up the Latest Date (in time) Given 2 Other Criteria Match

    Hello All, This may have a fairly easy solution but I am an intermediate Excel user so I am not fully versed in some of the more detailed formulas. I hate two table side by side on the same worksheet. Table 1 has columns: Item Sales order # Quantity Expected Delivery Date Table 2 has...
  8. N

    list of similar email adress based on first name and last name

    hi all, i would really appreciate your help/advice with the following chalenge: i have a rather large list (over 600 items). the problem is as follow: based on the first name and last name i would need to search in a data base what are the matching email adress: so for example if I have Peter...

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