multiple macros

  1. C

    Running Data Refresh Macro, then Table Update Macro, Back-to-Back?

    I have two separate macros in my book: one that refreshes 12 tabs containing CSV data that points to a source outside the book (and which itself receives updated numbers each day); and one that updates data tables in other tabs in my book that rely on these 12 CSV-data tabs to be refreshed. The...
  2. tlc53

    Multiple Macros on one Command Button

    Hi, Is it possible to run more than one macro on a Command Button and if so, how do I go about doing it? My Code below works for one macro (PDFRentalStmtNo1) but returns an error once I add the other two (Asset_Hide_Pro_1 and Asset_Hide_Chat_1). Thank you! Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()...
  3. P

    Combine multiple macros having similar procedure

    Dear All, I have repeat data macro. Based on my requirement i have created multiple macro for selecting various ranges and output. I need expert help to combine all macros in to single macro. My data start from columns A to CV. for eg. First macro range A1 to A10 having text and b1 to b10...
  4. G

    Multiple "Date Stamp" Macros

    Hello All! I am working on some macros, one i have is triggered when a capital "X" is entered into any cell in a particular column, it then adds the current date right next to it. I had help writing this code, however, I want to alter the macro so that when something populates column "A:A" that...
  5. V

    Two Macros In One Sheet

    I have two separate macros in one worksheet, but I can't get them to both work. Below are the two macros. The red font is not part of the coding, just my notation to separate the two macros for this post. How can I code these to both work? MACRO 1: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target...
  6. M

    Combining multiple Worksheet Change Events

    Hi all, I have two worksheet changes that I am having trouble to combine so that the changes work at the same time. The two changes do affect the same cells, but one hides the whole row and one stops specific cells from being deleted. Here are the two codes: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal...
  7. A

    Run Different Marcos based on Day of the Week

    Hello All, So I am trying to run 3 different macros based on the day of the week. The code I found worked when I just used one day but when I entered the same code in for all 5 days, I keep getting the error: Block If without End If. Here is the code I have so far: Sub Datetest() Dim sDate...
  8. J

    Open multiple macros with one macro even when one gives error

    Dear all, I am having difficulties with an, what i think, easy macro. I made multiple macro's to change the filter(date) of a pivot. All these pivots are based on different databases. Sometimes when i fill in a date that the pivots need to filter on, it gives me an 1004 error. This is due to...
  9. A

    Macro to run a piece of code depending on the active workbook name

    Hi All, I have a 8 macros I use every morning which simply select the last used column and copies the data into the next available column: Sheets("PL").Activate Dim i As Long i = Cells(1, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column Columns(i).Copy Destination:=Cells(1, i + 1) With Cells(1, i +...
  10. N

    Adding another macro to an exsting macro

    Hi there, I want to add a macro to a button that already has a macro assigned to it, is it possible to add a second macro after it has completed the first macro? In other words the button would run two macros, is this possible? Background Info: My spreadsheet has a button 'execute' which...
  11. S

    Multiple macros specific to a worksheet in one workbook

    Hello, I am a complete newbie to vba and learning it on my own. I am trying to automate a very tedious process of monthly reporting using excel. The code below is what I have got using the Record Macro function and tweaking it quite a bit to suit my needs. I need to run a similar macro on...
  12. R

    Using multiple macros in one module

    Hi I'm new to VBA so apologies if this is a silly question. I found a useful bit of code that, upon opening the workbook, hides rows on a sheet when they contain no info: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim myRng As Range Dim myCell As Range With Worksheets("League Table") Set myRng =...
  13. A

    Macro For Multiple Delete Functions

    I have worked this below macro and was succesful in one out come but the others are not working 1 Delete 2861 from store 2 Delete DXJ8934\MXA8484\RCF959 from Processor 3 Delete + values(amt) in PLUS (cardtype) The below code works for Delete 2861 from store.The other two need to be in the same...
  14. M

    Multiple Macros Not Working

    I have several macros that I want to run with one macro. I have tried all of the following: Sub Main() Call Macro1 Call Macro2 Call Macro3 End Sub Sub Main2() Macro1 Macro2 Macro3 End Sub Sub Main3() Application.Run "'WorkbookName'!Macro1" Application.Run "'WorkbookName'!Macro2"...
  15. T

    Macros run fine separately, but not all together?

    Hey all! I have 3 separate macros that, if run separately they run great! The problem is, however, that if I run them as part of a master macro (i.e. - 1 macro that sequentially calls them all), excel seems to freeze after the first one! What's up with that?! Any suggestions?

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