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    Save same sheet to PDF multiple times - is it possible?

    Hello, I'm a new poster to the forum. I have a question and cannot find the answer anywhere so I thought I would ask here. I would like to know if it is possible to save the same sheet to a PDF in a loop (with different data each time) creating a multi-page PDF. As a test, I have been able to...
  2. J

    Print multiple dashboards, similiar to multiple tabs of pivot table data

    I know you can take a pivot table and create multiple tabs that change by the filtered range. For example in a pivot table you can have a monthly report but you want to show a monthly report for multiple people. I have a dashboard (an excel page with multiple pivot charts on it), that has...
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    how to get multiple VLOOKUP results to be a SUM on a different page

    Hello and thank you whomever is taking time to read this post. I really appreciate it. :) I have been tasked with helping my boss get a comprehensive excel doc together that saves a lot of time. In doing this, I have made enormous progress, but i've hit a snag. In a perfect world, I want to...
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    Distinct Print Layout for each page in a Worksheet

    Not sure if this is possible, but figured I'd check here just in case. I have a sheet that has 3 different pages on the same tab, and I'd like to be able to set the print layout/setup of each page in the sheet separately. More specifically, I want to print the first two pages at PageSetup.Zoom...
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    want to download multiple pages in to excel form web

    dear, i want to download historical data for one stock from yahoo i tried but when importing web data its possible with only one page, where the stock has multiple page. how can i import data for multiple pages. the .csv format of the file is available there but how to...
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    Import data from multiple pages of a website into a single Excel sheet

    I am a cricket buff and like to see statistics. But they run to 47 pages running to 9,394 rows in a website. Copy and paste is not a solution. I look forward to your help in either developing an Excel VBA macro or any other way. Please see the first two pages here: Page 1...
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    Create a chart from data on Multiple pages

    I need to create a chart from data on multiple pages of a worksheet. This is for a long-term summary of standardized test results for a school. The workbook is set up with all the results for a particular year on each sheet, with at least 12 sheets for past years. Students will not necessarily...
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    need to stretch a pivot table longer than one page? :O)

    Hi there, it's probably simple, but I and everyone else here can't figure out why I can't grab a point of the chart and stretch it (resize it) longer than one page. There is too much information for one page to be readable. Thanks!! ;)
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    Link Multiple worksheets without open them

    Hello, I have near 20 different worksheets all of them are linked, one of the is a results worksheet where i see the results of several formulas in all of them, to check this resume i need to have all the worksheets open at a time, how can i review the results without open all worksheets at a...

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