multiple parameters

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    Array Help!!

    Need to filter a list of ID's (with multiple entries per ID) which includes end dates for events and a "day count." Ultimately, I need to get the number of ID's (not which IDs, just a count of them) that have exceeded a "day count" (say 220 in a year or 400 in a two year window). Each row is an...
  2. C

    Help with Google Sheets Formula

    I'm working on a tax sheet for personal use in Google Sheets. The hard thing is that the tax rate has been different for the last three years, making it hard for me to make the correct formula. I have two tabs in the sheet - Main sheet (showing taxes and tax rate - Tax calculation sheet The...
  3. R

    Help summing based on two columns

    Hi all. Thanks in advance for any help. I need to sum information in a new table based on the values in TWO columns in another table that may have duplicates of those two columns. Looking at the tables below, I need a formula in the “Paid to Date” column in Table 2 that will give me the totals...
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    INDEX and MATCH formula help - can't get range to expand, and trouble with multiple criteria

    At my new job, I inherited a spreadsheet that displays features on our product orders. The order specs are uploaded into a tab name DATA in the file, and the spreadsheet on the main tab looks up items on the DATA tab and then marks X in the field on the main tab when it finds a match for that...
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    Parameters from a column for Excel query

    I am trying to run a query in excel where I can use a column from a different sheet to pull the data I need. In excel I run a query and pull the follow fields (plus some): <tbody> Account Number Effective Date System Next Pmt Date Payment Amt 123456 2/17/2017 IVR 3/13/2017 $200.43 254684...
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    Passing Multiple Parameters to 2 tabs in excel workbook for querying data using ODBC connection

    Hello Guys, Apologies in advance if this is a repeated question, i think i did a quick search and was not able to find perfect answer for what i am looking for. I am pulling the data to excel using ODBC connection (procedures) . I was able to successfully get the data by passing the necessary...
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    excel query table with SQL IN() multiple value parameter

    Hi, I am looking for a way to insert a single column range as a parameter to an excel query table parameter. I know, the ? mark is a parameter and it prompts u to select a cell where the parameter value is. --- Tried to set a formated string into a cell, like 'param1', 'param2' , "'param'...
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    Vba for deleting bill of material data for purchased parts

    Mr. Excel, I am attempting to find/write some VBA code for looking at a manufacturing Bill fo Material for a finished product, and deleting any Bill of Material Lines below purchased parts. Assuming the "Line#" heading below is in cell A1, can you help me with some VBA code for this? The...
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    SUMIF with multiple parameters

    I am working on a project where I need to track the totals, but some of my parameters are not numerical, giving me the #VALUE! error... how can I get around this? For example, this is the information I am working with... LINE 11 | LINE 12 COLOR | MOLD | CASES | MOLD | CASES Antique | 1101 |...

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