multiple ranges

  1. Phil Payne

    Two criteria for Two ranges to return value from 3rd range

    Hello all, I thought this would be straightforward but, no I keep getting "Not Found" when I can see a value? Note the two columns of the GPR_Data worksheet B:B and F:F contain multiple instances of what I am looking for but if used together they will provide a unique reference. I've tried...
  2. M

    Countifs not working due to range ? maybe an array?

    Hi and good afternoon, I am struggling to get a formula for countifs to work and i beleive this is due to my criteria ranges not being of the same size. Is there any work around to this? i have put my example below but the actual data set is much larger but i have the same problem. the data set...
  3. N

    Returning 1 or (blank) from separate columns

    Hi, looking to get help for this issue I have that I can't figure out. I'm a newbie on Excel formulas So I have columns that need to yield 1 or blank based on separate columns that are in-between texts. The requirements are; IF Column's A, C, E, G, L, N (number columns) has one entry that...
  4. A

    vba hidden columns

    Is there a way to make this easier? Less wordy? Columns("B:C").EntireColumn.Hidden = True Columns("F:G").EntireColumn.Hidden = True Columns("J:O").EntireColumn.Hidden = True
  5. G

    Sum of Multiple Ranges Using Index Match With Multiple Criteria

    Using MS Excel 2013 Unbelievable! After I spent weeks designing a worksheet, I had to redesign it and now I'm stuck. :mad: In Cell JO9, I'm trying to achieve the sum of the added sums in multiple [Ranges W9:W508 and AA9:AA508], using the INDEX/MATCH Method, when: Criteria 1: IY9 [can be a...
  6. E

    Value interpolation trough multiple ranges

    Hi, I'm struggling with a problem here, with processing some data in excel - I'm out of ideas,please help. so, I have a large amount of data that looks like this: So to explain, i have a lot of cycles of measurements, (Cycle 1, Cycle2 in example picture), and each cycle gives a "y" values...
  7. andrewb90

    Multiple before right click options

    Hello all, I have a custom right click for a series of ranges on on of my sheets. But I want to have a different range of cells with different right click options. is that possible? here's a shortened version of my code: Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeRightClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As...
  8. R

    Is it possible to have 42 ranges in an array to loop through them with (for each cell in ...)

    Sub CALC2_() Dim R As Range Dim Rng As Range Set Rng =...
  9. Z

    Need help for coding in excel with VBA macros, multiple dynamic ranges and offsets

    hi, first i want to apologize for my bad english. i Need help for coding a VBA macros with multiple dynamic ranges and offsets. Here is the file link for exemple. thx for help and time.
  10. R

    Group records to output in txt files

    Based on the following data: <tbody> Family Name Address davisfam Richard Davis 1234 Main St. Anytown, USA 01234 davisfam Richard Davis 5555 Pine St. Othertown, USA 12345 davisfam Mike Davis 1234 Main St. Anytown, USA 01234 bellfam Brian Bell 9999 Front St. Mytown, USA 23456 </tbody>...
  11. F

    Extract Digits only if match in 3 Ranges, (extract to next empty cell)

    Hi, i'm looking for a formula or vba code to extract matched digits from 3 ranges?,i been reading and searching (many examples online) but didn't found something close that can help me. All digits ranging between 1 to 100 Range LR4:MM4 have 22 digits Range MV4:NQ4 have 22 digits Range...
  12. P

    Counting cells that are greater than another range of cells

    Using countif, I know how to count how many cells are greater than a specific number, or another specific cell in a set of data. But I dont know how to do that or a range of data. I'll put an example to make myself clear: <tbody> A B C D 1 171 3 0 1 78 3 3 0 132 6 1 0 2 55 65 1 30 45...
  13. B

    copy and paste multiple ranges from multiple tabs in old wkbk to new addresses in multiple tabs in new wkbk

    I have a multi tab template which has been significantly revised. I need to migrate the data from about 500 files of the old template to the new one. This would involve copying and pasting multiple ranges from multiple tabs in old workbook to multiple tabs in the new workbook. (probably about...
  14. B

    Look Up with Multiple Ranges

    Apologies for almost certainly posting a question that has already been answered here, but I have tried a number of the solutions without any luck as I cannot relate the variables to my own, so here goes (note I am running Excel 2010 and I have no idea how to create the table below properly...
  15. S

    sumif for multiple ranges

    Hi First time poster although long term reader! I'm learning Excel still and have learnt loads from these forums! Anyway....I'm struggling with a result I am trying to achieve. Basically I have a worksheet that collects all of my data and then I have separate worksheets displaying individual...
  16. M

    Macro to run formulas for multiple ranges of data in a spreadsheet to summarize data in the first blank row after the data summaries

    I have data history information and two blank lines after each sample there could be anywhere from one sample with 9 rows of data, or there could be 50 samples with 12 rows of data each. When I receive the data, the first row after Data Samples BLANK, in this case row 12. But in the first...
  17. D

    Average of multiple ranges based on specific variables

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to come up with a simple macro that will scan through a list and calculate the average for a range that has a specific variable. So it would go through the following table and give me the average for all the red's and then the average for the blue, and then the green...
  18. Y

    VBA to clear multiple ranges from list of sheets

    Having surched the web and other sites for two days i desperatly need some help. Let me explain. How do i get a macro/vba to look at a list of sheets in one worksheet and depending on the data to the right of the name clear the correct range(s). for example list would look like staff M5...
  19. R

    How to determine maximum sum of multiple ranges?

    Hey all: For a large column of data, I would like to determine the maximum sum of sequential 24-row ranges. To do this, I would essentially need to sum every 24 rows of data, and then determine the maximum value of the resulting sums. The problem is, there are almost 9000 rows of data to...
  20. J

    Pasting Multiple Ranges into Outlook Using Excel VBA

    Hello! I've been searching the internet trying to figure out the answer to what I feel is a fairly simple question for those who are actually skilled in the mystic arts of VBA coding. I'm currently using Ron's BuildToHTML Coding in "Example 1" (as can be seen here...

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