multiple rows

  1. C

    Mailing Merge with multiple rows

    Hello, I have a complicated problem in mailing merge that I don't know how to solve it. I would like to merge some data from excel to a table in word. The problem is that each identity with a unique "VAT" number has many "products" below this vat number that I would like to display in a table...
  2. P

    Combine and Sum Lookups across multiple rows using an array formula

    Hi, I need to convert several currencies across multiple rows into GBP by looking up a conversion table and then provide the sum in GBP. I haven't been able to come up with an elegant formula (an array type formula maybe) to keep it short and simple. for the SUM in GBP, I've got the...
  3. K

    Concatenate with rows and primary key type scenario?

    I have a range of participants who all have unique identification numbers and they have taken multiple speaking series classes. These classes are listed on an excel worksheet with different rows. I want to concatenate them all together using the primary key as the unique identifier so that they...
  4. FrumpyJones

    Have Excel grab (somewhat) random rows

    Hi Everyone. So I have data (say 500 rows). The data is broken up by persons, and what I want excel to do is ultimately grab a random sample of rows from each person (Let's say 5) and that the samples for each person must be at least two away from the previous one. In the real world there will...
  5. T

    Multiple rows Map to Multiple rows

    Hi this is my first post, firat of all thank you to eveyone here this site is always a great source of infiormation and help. :) Here is my problem I have a list of People and a list of items, each item has to aligned to the person - Multiple persons - Unique Item Thanks in advance...
  6. H

    Pivot Table Question on Rows

    Hi All, I have a question about Pivot Tables. Not exactly sure how to describe this but I'll try It's about Row Labels. When there is one entry in a row everything is fine eg Material Number Sales 2019 Sales 2020 123456 555000 600000 But if I add a row in an...
  7. M

    alternative to vlookup for cell 3, 4, 5 etc

    This is my formula that looks at the date then goes to the tab named events check dates and if date matches it posts the information back at the first page. =VLOOKUP(B3,event,8,0) The problem is if I have items in columns 2,3, 4, 5 etc vlookup ignores these columns. I need the formula to do as...
  8. D

    Selecting dynamic row range in vba

    Hi everyone, i've been working on a macro which copies and pastes my table in another sheet 10 rows at a time. I'm trying to make a do while loop and make it dynamic, however, i can't seem to wrap my brain around how to set my range to more than row. for example, this is what I have so far: i...
  9. T

    Copy data from multiple columns to one single row using .selection

    <tbody> A B C D E F 1 John Doe 2 235 west street 3 Anytown 4 CA 91001 5 555.555.1212 6 7 111 North 8 Jill Doe TX 9 SomeTown 10...
  10. J

    Collate all data from Ticket Numbers in Row A

    Hi, I have a report which has ticket numbers details in column A and then the details in B to N. This is the user, description etc. Column A has multiple instances of the same ticket number where the ticket was updated and I want to take any information in the other columns and put it together...
  11. L

    Sum and subtotal filtered results for multiple sheets/rows/columns

    Hi all-- I have an extensive formula that works well, until I filter the results. Hope someone can give me some assistance in shortening the formula (if possible) as well as getting the filtered results. Here is a sample of the formula that I am currently using...
  12. A

    VBA Solver for multiple rows? HELP

    Need a code to solve the same function down multiple rows of data. I have the following but it does not seem to work. The formulas are set to change automatically and update frequently. I would like to learn how to continually loop the code to perform the same iteration up and down the rows with...
  13. E

    Splitting values from one cell to multiple rows with the same booking information

    Hello there,:) I recently started learning excel and am having some troubles, I was hoping someone could help me. I can't fully divulge all the field names and information but to give a simple idea what I essentially have is, A user inputs data into cells on a user form, these cells are...
  14. M

    VBA to fill color with multiple rows

    Hi all, I am looking for VBA to fill color (red) when I select a certain range of rows. I will assign a hotkey for this and then select multiple rows and hit the hot key to fill the row with color. Currently I have a code that works for the first row that has been selected (i.e. one row at a...
  15. L

    Copying from a filtered range in VBA

    Hi all! I am trying to filter a data file till there is only one row of data (excluding headers) and then I copy the relevant cells in that row. However, there will be some instances where my filter criteria is not enough to filter till one row of data. If that is the case, I want the user to...
  16. M

    Selecting first and last row in a range

    Hi Forum, I am trying to select a range of rows in a spreadsheet, via a macro. My macro button is in the London 2017 cell. Once I click on the button I'd like the macro to select Rows 2 to 5 Rows 2-5 are empty so I'm sure the code will include Select XLDown but that selects Row 6 I would like to...
  17. C

    Very complicated Sumifs formula with multiple criteria over multiple columns

    Hi everyone I have been looking at this all day and I cannot fathom how to create a formula for this. I have multiple criteria - I am essentially looking for a way to pull data taking into consideration the following: I need to find the actual (or target) value for mexico (country) for sales...
  18. Z

    how to spread data evenly in multiple rows

    I found this code online and was wondering if someone could tell me how to make this work for more than one column at once? The code inserts a specific number of blank spaces into a column of data. I just need to do it for 3 or 4 columns at once and am having some problems altering the code. Any...
  19. L

    Highlight duplicate cells in non-sequential, non-stationary cells that only contain 7 or 8 digit numbers

    Hi. I am new to posting so hopefully I do this right. I can't figure out how to attach my file so I pasted part of it below the code. :rolleyes: I changed the actual text (I'm not working on animals) :laugh: Background: I have a template my team uses but the conditional formatting does not...
  20. F

    What formula to use to return multiple values?

    I have data that shows me what day and what DC a driver works out of. This issue is, the driver may have driven multiple times for the week and will show up in the data in multiple rows. I would like to use a formula so I can put it all in one row. All the INDEX, MATCH, SMALL formulas I have...

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