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    Multple Column Search - 1x text within text search + match - excel formula

    Hi All, I am struggling and need the brains of this forum to help me please. I am looking for an excel formula that can search multiple columns in a range of data and return an answer in the third column. The difficulty I am having is 1 criteria requires searching for specific text in an email...
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    Multiple Cell Table Lookup

    Hi, I am looking for some help in finding an excel formula which will look up to manual values against a table on another sheet and give me the number in return. For example, On sheet 1 I am looking search for the following values, Colleague name and period. Within the table on Sheet 2 i...
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    Multiple Search and Check in Excel

    Hello I am trying to clean up a table to crosscheck some values where it is wrong. I am trying to write a formula that will capture all that I need. I have attempted the Countif function, but was unsuccessful. Here is what I am trying to do. <tbody> Account Name Taxation Status John & Jill...
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    Multiple Search Criteria

    Hey, Hope you can help me with the following situation. I need to add up the total of a column if it agrees with two criteria, that : a - it only adds up the value of goods marked 2009 b - it only adds those columns that state success Background: Got three columns of data a - Year End Date...

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