multiple selection

  1. J

    IFERROR for a multiple selection range

    I’m trying to find the sum of a given range ignoring errors. The formula I’m using goes like this: =SUM( IFERROR( (A1,A10,A15,…) ,0) ) Which works with horizontal(A1:B1),vertical (A1:A2) and mixed(A1:B2) ranges. But not with multiple selection ranges. Is there a way to make this work with a...
  2. H

    Dynamic Lookup for multiple values in a cell (comma separated) and return the corresponding values to a single cell (comma separated also)

    Hi, I am looking for formula in excel for Dynamic Lookup for multiple values in a cell (comma separated) and return the corresponding values to a single cell (comma separated also). Here is the example. 90 Here, I have an input table in sheet 1 and I am looking for formula to get the output...
  3. H

    Filter with multiple criteria dropdown list

    Hello, I am currently working on a spreadsheet with many data, including a dropdown list with multiple selection (I used a VBA code to activate it). Now, on another sheet, I need to extract data from the initial one by using the dropdown list as a criteria, but the advance filter is not...
  4. O

    VBA- Multiple selection dependent list

    Hello, I am creating a data base in which I need to control the entries for two separate categories. e.g. Regions and counties. I have a column for Regions and a column for counties. My end goal is to have a Userform or list for Regions which pops up and lists all the regions in the UK, and...
  5. J

    VBA multiple selection

    Is there a way to allow multiple selection delete? Like the user selects more than 1 cell and pushes the delete button without causing an error to a macro? I know to allow multiple selection is something like Target.Count > 1 . How can we incorporate if the user deletes multiple cells? Also...
  6. P

    Loop and add to selection

    I have hundreds of buttons on a worksheet. The buttons are labelled for example B12down, B12up, B13down, B13up.... etc. I only want to select buttons with "down" in the button name. I made some code already, but after selecting one button, upon going to the next button and selecting, the...
  7. B

    more than one multiple select pick-list on one worksheet

    How do I get more than one multiple pick-lists to work on the same worksheet? Not looking for help with related/dependant pick-lists. I copied some basic vba code for creating a multiple select pick-list and it worked just fine. But I want to have more than one multiple select pick-list on one...
  8. S

    [Excel 2013] Issue with modification logbook in case multiple cells content is deleted

    Good afternoon all, I am working on a pretty big workbook for which a logbook is automatically filled whenever a cell content is changed in any worksheet. It works quite well but I have an issue when the content of multiple selected cells is deleted. A run-time error '13' type mismatch appears...
  9. S

    Multiple Selection Code

    I don't know very much about coding or the Excel developer tool. :eeek: I have a spreadsheet for work that has demographic information that needs to be input. Currently, I have a combo box using data validation lists that does this for me. Here is the code I currently have in place which changes...
  10. F

    Pivot Chart Filter Drop Down: Restrict Selection of One Value At a Time

    Respected Seniors! I am using the MS Excel 2013 pivot bar chart to to show some information on yearly basis. I have used the year values as "filter". Everything is working fine, except that I want to restrict the filter selection to one value (i.e. year) instead of multiple values selection at...
  11. D

    Multiple "Multiple Selection" ListBoxes in a VBA Userform

    Hello Everyone, I am currently working in an internship where I must create excel VBA userforms, intended for clients. In these userforms, there are comboboxes and textboxes all which correctly transfer responses into an excel sheet. However, I have multiple “multiple selection” list boxes in...
  12. E

    How to identify multiple product users

    I have a data set where each of our customers can have one or more than one of our 10 products. The data right now is organized like this: Column Names: Customer name/product 1/product 2/ product 3/.... Entry: Emma/Y/N/N... I need an easy way to not only see how many people have...
  13. L

    if msgbox no then Popup checkbox with multiple selections

    Hi All, I am stuck on that one and hope someone will be able to help me out here. I have 2 workbooks - "sourcewks" - list of employees in col A - "destwks" - list of jobs where employees are assigned ( either 2 or 3 employees in col B,C or D every 9 rows starting from 10th). Below is sample...
  14. N

    Multiple selections(add,edit,remove)

    Hello everyone, I am trying to select multiple items from drop down list and to add values to the same cell(separated by comma). Something like described here(Add Values To the Same Cell section): Because I don't have experience with excel...
  15. E

    Multiple Selection Drop Down List Loses Functionality

    I have a worksheet with multiple drop down lists that allow for multiple selections. The sheet loses this functionality when I protect the sheet. I need to keep the sheet protection as the document is going to be utilized by many people. I don't want them all making changes. How can I fix...
  16. O

    VBA: Importing 3 csv files into 3 different worksheet

    Hi all, my currently code imports 1 csv data into sheet 1 and then I have to manually click the button and select the next csv file and import to sheet 2. Im thinking if it is possible to select all 3 csv data and import them to sheet 1, sheet 2 and sheet 3 all at once? any help is greatly...
  17. Z

    Make Loop Faster / Loop Returns a Multiple Selection

    Hi, I couldnt find in the internet a loop that returns a multiple selection. Private X0, Y0, Lx, Ly, Atotal As Integer 'X0 = Position of the first cell in the first machine on Monday 'X0 = Position of the first cell in the first machine on Monday 'Lx = Widht, in cells...
  18. M

    VBA code issue copy multiple cells and transpose paste in different sheet

    I'm quite new to VBA and have a code which is not working correctly. Its working for a singel cell but not multiple cells selections. Please note that selcted cells to be copied are merged cells so wonder if this is causing the issue. Sub Main() Call Nummber Call Mail_ActiveSheet Dim NextRow...
  19. M

    multiple filter selection using VBA macro

    Hi I am trying to achieve multiple filter selection using VBA macro but its not working as it should. Below macro is working fine when there is two values.its not working more then two values. Can please someone tell me what i am missing. Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' '...
  20. R

    Excel automatically copies selection on right click

    Hi, I have a small problem that has been bugging me since I installed Excel 2007. If I have several cells selected and right click on the selection, Excel automatically puts this in the clipboard, as if I had chosen 'Copy' or pressed Ctrl+C, and the moving boarder appears around the selection...

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