multiple sheets in vba

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    How to create multiple worksheets from a list of cell values based on PO number

    <tbody> Order PO number Art number Amount 123 1345 1 17 123 1345 2 18 123 1345 3 8 456 6547 4 8 456 6547 1 9 789 4564 3 11 </tbody> Hello, I have got a range of cells which I would like to split to multiple worksheet when a PO number changes (column...
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    VBA - Copy Row to New Sheet if Specific Name Appears in 1 of 10 Rows

    Hello, I'm working off an excel file used to track overall and individual performance scores on jobs (for a moving company). Right now, everything is entered/copied into the multiple sheets manually, which is unnecessary, but I do not know anything about macros. The Master sheet will look...
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    VBA - Hide columns based on data in another sheet

    Hello, I'm intermediate with Excel formula but not very experienced with VBA. Any guidance on the below would be much appreciated! I've built a spreadsheet that will help my colleagues add/remove product codes that are used by a client. I need this because there is a specific set of product...
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    set print area for multiple sheet at the same time

    I have a file that contains 25 worksheets w/ all same formatting. Now, I need to set the print area to A1:N58 for sheets("firstone") and set the print area to A1:N40 for sheets("secondone"). I only know how to do this for 1 worksheet (activesheet) at a time. Below is what i used...
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    Subtracting Dynamic Ranges

    Hi, I am currently working on a VBA code for share analysis and I have found a very useful spreadsheet that takes stock data from yahoo finance based on your ticker list and start and end dates that you set. When you click 'get bulk quotes' command it retrieves date, open, high, low, close...
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    code question

    Hello to all!! I've got the code below Sub CopyUnique() Dim s1 As Worksheet, s2 As Worksheet Set s1 = Sheets("mypage") Set s2 = Sheets("george") s1.Range("A3:L500").Copy s2.Range("A1") s2.Range("A3:L500") .RemoveDuplicates Columns:=1, Header:=xlNo End Sub It works great...
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    Add new row and Loop range data from previous sheet - vba excel

    I'm looking for the right code where Sheet2 will add a new row and populate the Column B cell of the new row with data from a range on Sheet1. I need this to occur every time I add new item to the range on Sheet1. So if I have: Sheet1: <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px...
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    Run this macro on all sheets except those I'd like to exclude

    Hello, I am trying to get this macro to run in every sheet in the workbook except for the sheets I'd like to exclude. I've spent all day reading similar questions but havne't been able to get any of the code to work. Any help is appreciated. (Sorry it when i tagged it as code it was cutting...
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    Copy/Paste Range of Data from Multiple Workbooks/Worksheets to Master Workbook/Worksheets with Conditions

    Greetings, I've been searching and searching for a solution. I've been able some threads that address parts of what I need, but I'm such a VBA novice, I don't know how to put them all together. I'm hoping someone can help me create the code to get this done ... Excel 2003 Windows v8 --WHAT I...
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    calling modules in order on each sheet

    Hi, im having trouble running a set of modules in order on a sheet then when thats done loop the seem sequence through all the sheets in the file so far ive got Sub Run_all() Dim sh As Worksheet For Each sh In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets sh.activate Call macro_1 Call macro_2...
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    VBA with a named range across multiple sheets

    Hi all- Got what I hope is a fairly simple vba question. I am working with a 7 sheet workbook, and each sheet includes (among other things) about 10 input cells. I have used the name manager to define the entire range of those input cells (across all sheets) as "input". I was hoping to write...

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