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    VBA - Sorting Multiple Columns by Header's Names

    Hi Guys! I have the code below to sort my table, but this sheet is downloaded from a system and the columns change position from time to time. Is there a way to execute the code below using header's names? Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Sort _ key1:=Range("AY1"), Order1:=xlAscending, _...
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    Multiple Sporting Macro - VBA

    Hi! I am very new to this forum and have beginner level VBA skills. I have spreadsheet with A-L columns and 121 rows "A7:L121" is the entire range of the dataset. I want to have a shortcut through a macro that will sort based on the following criteria: Sort the "status" column (C) (It's either...
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    Sort muliple columns by named or dynamic range

    Hi All, I have a macro that will sort rows 8 to 57 by columns D, E, and F Sub Sortcolums() Dim rCount As Long rCount = Evaluate("COUNT(" & ActiveSheet.Name & "!D8:D57)") With ActiveSheet.Sort With .SortFields .Clear .Add Key:=Range("D8").Resize(rCount)...
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    Sort Method: Run time error

    Hello! I've spent a while now looking online for a solution to my problem, but I'm still getting the same error. I have a range in a worksheet (LAYOUT) that I want sorted first by column B ascending then by column C ascending. I do NOT want to select or activate the worksheet, if that is...
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    Multiple Filter/Sort

    My plan is to develop a list and sort it using filter. So when sorted there would be a number of rows with columns of the same information (i.e. half a column of "Walmart"s). But the idea would be to sort the data with the "Walmart"s only after that, so another column would be organized without...

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