multiple workbook

  1. M

    VBA to copy data from multiple work book to one work book

    hello, I want macro for copy data from multiple(nearly 100) workbook placed in one folder to one master workbook with detail bellow. All work books having sheet name "list" from that sheet I want to copy cells C9, H9, H10 and H24:H29 from which H24:H29 contains formulas but in master work book i...
  2. dreen

    Copying data from cells onto multiple workbooks VBA error

    Hello, I can't seem to get my module 8 to paste the values of Sheet1 (workbook where the VBA code is) onto another workbook's cells, I will briefly explain my code: I have three workbooks, one workbook (with Sheet1 being the "Operator" sheet) where the VBA code is written in, and another two...
  3. S

    Copy & Paste all from all workbooks in a folder to new worksheet

    Hi there, I need to specify a date and if it matches a date in column A in a different workbook I need to copy the whole row and paste it in a different workbook, and then loop through and copy/paste. Ideally I need to cycle through all workbooks in the same folder and copy paste from each of...
  4. R

    Multiple workbook into a Masterwork book

    I'm trying to get the information from multiple workbook that follow the same template but with different information on each one into one master workbook but I'm having trouble as the multiple workbook will constantly be changing as more support calls are made, I tried to write the code below...
  5. V

    VBA or Formula on IF function to copy data to another Workbook

    Hi, I am reasonably proficient in excel but VBA is not something I have invested time in and am therefore seeking help for the problem I have. I have 10 workbook trackers hosted on google drive that my team all enter in to for capacity management purposes. I would like to introduce a tick...
  6. R

    Import data from workbooks, convert them and paste it in "main" Workbook

    Hello MrExcel forumers and experts, For sometime now I'm facing this problem I have and I'm hoping that you guys can help me solve it. I've tried using the advanced search but none really solve the exact issue I'm having. Here it goes: I need help extracting and editing data from several...
  7. M

    How to Copy Multiple Worksheets to a New File with Tables

    I have a workbook consisting of two sheets that I want to move into a different workbook. One is the front end worksheet, the other is for data validation, including several tables (which I need as tables to make the front end work). I tried simply selecting both of them and using the Move/Copy...
  8. L

    Multiple Referencing Between Workbooks

    Hi, Recently my boss has requested I take on a job which my predecessor used to do which is meter reading. I'm happy to do this as its a very simple task but it is very time consuming, this is because on the site I work on there are multiple tenants who require a separate workbook for their...
  9. T

    Ignore Remote Requests not sticking when opening a new Workbook.

    Hello, :) I have this nifty macro that I use to launch a userform and hide the workbook. Before I went to Excel 2013, it worked great. Since then, every time I launch Excel (only the program, not individual workbooks), the userform and the Workbook close. Because they were forced closed by...
  10. A

    VBA help required: to create multiple workbooks from one workbook and also paste data in those workbooks.

    This forum is really helpful. I have been learning so much from the forum users. First of all thanks all :) So I have below questions regarding creating multiple workbooks from one sheet. My steps are 1. There will "first.last name" in Column A. Sort column A for A to Z.. 2. For all unique...
  11. S

    Excel IF(ISERROR Formula Error

    I am having issues with a complicated formula that has previously worked. In the past this formula insert text in 70-100 cells. Now I am only yielding text in about 15 cells. The goal of the formula is to copy the text from cell CO3 into cell CP2, if cell E3 = "system" and the text in CO3 is...
  12. S

    Copying a tab from the active workbook and pasting in another workbook as a new tab.

    I am trying to add this template to every excel file in a folder. I have the loop down to run the macro on every excel file in the folder. however, I cant seem to get the macro down to copy the tab and paste the tab. I appreciate all your help, I'm new at this! Sub...
  13. I

    Apply a macro across a hundred workbooks, and then copying the results into a master Excel

    So far the code loops through all of the files, but only copies sheet 1 instead of making the combined sheet. It also creates hundreds of blank sheets in my new workbook that only has 1 combined tab that keeps looping the same information from the first file in my directory. <code...
  14. H

    Summing one cell from multiple workbooks in a folder!

    Hi All, I have about 200 different files -- they all have an identical worksheet (same tab name) with data in the same places - I want to create another worksheet in a different workbook that takes the sum of every cell in every one of those worksheets (basically another identical sheet with...
  15. D

    Run Macro On Multiple Workbooks in Folder

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2013. I've got many workbooks in a folder. I want to open all these workbooks one by one, run a macro, save the workbook & close it. I do not want to specify the names of the workbooks in the folder so that I can simply add / remove workbooks in the future without having...
  16. M

    Copy data from workbook, paste into another template, and repeat for multiple files

    I tried to look for solutions for this. I was able to find stuff on copy data from multiple files into one, but what I want to do is copy a range of data from a workbook, paste it into a template, save as a new file, and then repeat for more workbooks in a folder. Here are some things that may...
  17. W

    Excel LIES! Cells copied from different workbooks are showing wrong as is print preview

    Heya, I'm having an issue getting an array of cells that (the contents and range of which can change rapidly) from one work book to another and getting some quite strange results. Firstly I tried to just copy over the entire thing but it seems that the two workbooks have different formats or...
  18. H

    master worksheet pulls from multiple workbooks

    Master worksheet showing a list of consolidated data , specifically daily sales ranging from first of the month to last day of the month. Master worksheet Column A has dates, Column B has cash totals, column C has Credit card totals. Column B and C ref sales totals pulled from different...
  19. C

    macros need to be available to all users

    Hello Please can you help urgently....? I need to send out hundreds of spreadsheets to individual people within my company, and would usually do this by pivoting the data, splitting this out into separate worksheets (by manager name), and then using a macro to split the worksheets into separate...
  20. J

    Copy everything from a Sheet I point to and Paste it to the sheet I start from

    I have set up a workbook with sheets named for each month. I have 70+ separate excel files (one for each month) that each have a single sheet I want to copy into the new workbook's corresponding month sheet. Each file is named different but the name of the sheet in those files that I need will...

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