1. M

    Refreshing web query creates #N/A in referencing cells

    Hi, I have a worksheet with one tab that has a web query retrieving data from an online table and another tab that uses a series of formulas that start by referencing the tab with the web queries. The order of the formulas is as follows: web query --> cells referencing the table created by...
  2. L

    I have a problem with my NFL schedule file

    The Cardinals for friends worksheet have some #NA . I not how to fix time problem. picture of problem https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnJwxxiz0Ezpg8do84YcIJ5oZ_8T0A?e=tYnSMh get file link below https://1drv.ms/f/s!AnJwxxiz0Ezpg8dpKW10NS9p7fke-A Thanks You Thomas
  3. E

    Copy/paste without #N/A's using only excel formulas

    Hello, I have a table of data with numbers and some NA() values. I need to find a way to copy the rows with no NA() into another columns. Something like this: <tbody> A B 1 01/01/01 10 2 01/02/13 #NA 3 5/06/14 3 4 01/01/16 #NA 5 05/09/19 4 6 05/3/20 5 </tbody> I should copy...
  4. S

    If(or ... statement not working

    I am have simple IF OR statement I am trying to do, but it's not working. I have 2 columns of vlookups I did as two checks against employee numbers. So the vlookup is either returning their employee # or an #NA . I am now trying to do an =if(or(e2>0,f2>0),True,False) formula. Basically...
  5. N

    Checking Numbers Between Columns

    I'm trying to check the first four numbers found in column A and see if they are located anywhere in column O. I've tried VLOOKUP with LEFT but cannot seem to get the it to work. It always results in an #NA error. My goal is; if the first four numbers is not found anywhere in column O, I...
  6. K

    INDEX command returns a value of #NA if no values

    Trying to look up multiple values in an index if they are greater than zero, can get everything to work until I run out of values, then I get #NA . Need Zero value if not available so other formulas in cells referencing the value do not return an error. Formula used is below, bold numbers are...
  7. S

    OR and ISNA not giving expected result.

    I have the following formula: =OR(isna(C8), C8="None") When C8 matches neither condition it returns False When C8 = None, it returns True However, when C8 is #NA it returns #NA - and not True =OR(isna(C8)) returns True when C8 is #NA Can anyone offer any insight, am I doing something...
  8. R

    vlookup and if NA then vlookup another set of data?

    Have the following: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(K3,'1st array '!$B$2:$F$385,5,FALSE),VLOOKUP(K3,2nd array!$G$6:$K$2029,5)) However, I am not getting the other set of array values and am getting #NA . Seems like formula is only taking values from the first vlookup.
  9. D

    #NA on mult-variable Index/Match Function

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ulhnl1wd60qvgq/N%20Plain%20Disappearance_5JUL18.xlsx?dl=0Trying to match 4 variables, but receiving #NA . I've incrementally built formula, and three variables pulled in expected value. Adding of the 4th variable is apparently the issue, however it looks correct from...
  10. kripper

    Index match multiple criteria

    Been a while since I posted.....have had a lot of success with tips from the amazing people here.....but now I am stumped, can't seem to get this formula to pull the results I need, just get an #NA error. I have a two part question if I may...
  11. S

    Adding IF to INDEX MATCH formula - results in some cells being #NA

    I am trying to add an IF condition to an Index/Match formula. Row 3 is a list of Dates (AZ$3) Row 8 is a list of Dates I am trying to match Row 3 to Row 9 is a list of $ values to return when a date in Row 3 matches a date in Row 8. When the dates match the correct value is returned. When...
  12. B

    #NA with an =OFFSET formula

    =OFFSET(I$3,(MATCH(LARGE($B:$B,(ROW()-2)),$B:$B,0)-3),0)+ROW()/10000 I am using this formula, and it works as long as cell I3 does not equal #NA . Is there a way to fix this formula so when #NA is in cell I3, it returns blank instead of #NA ?
  13. J

    Vlookup #NA Error

    Can someone help shed some light on an #NA error I am receiving with a Vlookup formula? I am trying to help users interpret account codes. I have a 10 digit accounting string and the 10th number tells the user what type of activity the funds will be used for. -I used =MID(B3,10,1) to...
  14. B

    Remove #N/A from vlookup

    Hi, How do I return a blank or 0 instead of #NA from my vlookup below please? =VLOOKUP(C35,'Tab 2'!$B$31:$G$95,3,FALSE)
  15. I

    Need help with ISNA

    I would like to program a macro (actually include in current marco) to do the following. The following code searches a master file looking for associated prices. However there is a possibility that A1 doesn't contain the number looked for. This gives me the #NA error in the cell. I would like...
  16. N

    Index Match False

    Hello, I'm using a formula found on the internet for a call center Shift bid. It looks it should work I get a #NA message when you execute the formula. I'm getting a at #NA ISNUMBER(MATCH(B3:H3,I$2:I2,0)). The numbers in b2 represent a shift number. The goal is to find the first choice out...
  17. C

    Lookups & removing errors while using linest()

    Hi, I'm using linest to obtain the slope of a series of data. My data is three colums of X, Y and 'category'. e.g. X Y 'category 1' X Y 'category 1' X Y 'category 2' X Y 'category 3' X Y 'category 3' X Y 'category 2' ect. ect. What I'm trying to do is look up the specific categories X...
  18. S

    IFERROR(#NA,-1) output

    Hello, I am getting 2 as an output for the function IFERROR(#NA,-1). Please explain.
  19. M

    Vlookup returns #NA

    All, I am having a problem with my Vlookup formula. I am using a date picker (MS Date and TimePicker 2.0 (SP2)) on sheet "Overall" to select a date. The range is set at 1/1/2014 - 12/31/2014. I am using the Linked Cell property and set it a AA1. I have a table on tab "Data" that grabs data...
  20. D

    Vlookup returning #NA

    Hi all, i have a formula =VLOOKUP("x",E10:F13,2) which is returning #NA and i want it to return 0 (Zero) How can i achieve this? hope you can help.

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