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    Excel 2011 for Mac - command to create new form and name sheet according to date entered

    I'm trying to create a very user friendly form for a team of mental health workers, who are not tech savvy. Essentially, it's a progress note that is filled out after each session. I'd like for the template to carry over to the next sheet and be named the date of session that the therapist...
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    How do I pull data from a file that is changing names?

    Hello, I am trying to pull data from a file that is live updating as it is used, but the file saves as a new name every 24 hours. How do I write in a name to open that allows the macro I have to continue pulling data but pull from the data for the current date? For reference, every time a...
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    Automatically update macro when sheet name changes

    So I have a macro, very simply recorded which sorts the data on various worksheets within a workbook. When someone changes the name of one of the worksheets the macro breaks, as it is looking for the old name, not the new one. Is there away that the macro can be updated automatically with the...
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    Variable-sized NAMEd range

    I have a column-vector that starts at a fixed row (NOT Row 1) and continues down to the last-used cell in that column. The number of used rows varies from time to time, getting either bigger or smaller according to needs. I have defined a Name for that vector and the name is used in several...
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    Updating Graphs using OFFSET (conversion to 2007)

    A few years ago I made a worksheet for with sales data. Every day I upload the daily sales per product group into a sheet. At the moment I have a sheet full of sales data per day. In the old excel (post 2007) I had a great graph that showed me the sales over time, per product group. In a cell I...
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    Generate a name on the fly

    I have an excel 2003 spreadsheet that contains test results from multiple tests on multiple products. Each individual result is in a named cell. The cell name is in the format: "result_x_Ty" where x = Product No y = Test No Depending on other criteria, I then need to copy...
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    automatically updating range names??

    Hi everyone, i tried to find a solution for following situation: I have a range of 9 cells located in A2 to A10. The name of this range should be whatever the text in cell A1 is. The Problem is that the content of cell A1 can change since it is reflecting the content of another cell on a...

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