1. C

    Question about navigating among multiple Userforms

    I'm trying to set up an app that's going to use multiple user forms, and I'm running into questions using me.Hide and Unload Me. Let me try to simplify the code and describe what I'm doing. I have a frmMain_menu with various buttons on it. One of which will let me choose from a list of risks to...
  2. C

    Google Sheets - trying to make it so clicking a button navigates to a certain cell and brings that cell to the top of the screen

    Hi All, I'm trying to figure out how to make it so that when I click a button that I created in Google Sheets, it takes me to the cell I told it to (via the code below) and brings that cell to the top of my sheet in terms of viewing. I don't know code, but I found the code below online for the...
  3. J

    Spreadsheet Navigation aid

    A while back, I used bits and pieces of code to cobble together a macro that selected, not highlighted, the current column and row of the active cell as I needed any range customizations to be unaffected. It involved, of course, the Worksheet_Selection_Change event. But it also involved a Class...
  4. G

    Hyperlink that links to a cell relative to the sheet the hyperlink is located in

    Hi, I'm creating an excel sheet for a friend who is even less well versed in excel than I am and I'm having trouble making a hyperlink that just points to a cell, no matter what sheet that the hyperlink is in. Here's an example: I have a workbook with one sheet in it, Sheet1. In cell A1 of...
  5. T

    How to change code to and

    Private Sub Command43_Click() 'Admin Button Bring back nav and other views that are hidden If Text9.Value = "tam.badal" Then 'UnHide the hidden objects in the navigation pane Application.SetOption "Show Hidden Objects", True 'UnLock navigation pane...
  6. gheyman

    Access: Keep Navigation pane closed

    Is there a way to keep the navigation pane closed or keep users from accessing it without proper permissions?
  7. M

    Using a Navigation Form as a subform?

    Hi, I am trying to figure out if there is a simple way to use the Navigation Form option as a subform. I have 6 tables and corresponding forms (and 4 look up tables). My top level table/form identifies a person with two tables branched from there, with one of those tables having 3 more...
  8. J

    Excel Power Query Automate Import of File Navigation

    Good morning; I receive a few text files that needs to be imported and parsed. I wanted to automate this process but my company does not allow us to use VB. Is there a way to automate this process, especially the file navigation, using power query (and not VB)? Thanks
  9. B

    Dropdown navigation menu

    I am looking to create a drop down navigation menu in Excel, and found this Youtube video that is very close to doing what I want it to do. The only thing that I want to change from the solution in this video is that it doesn't require a Go button. I want the user to simply be able to choose...
  10. W

    Navigate to the most recent worksheet

    I'm working with a workbook which has got 11 worksheets. I have frequently switch between worksheets. Mostly I work between different pairs of worksheets. If I use the mouse, sometimes I have to scroll left or right to find the worksheet that I to switch to. I was hoping that there would be...
  11. B

    subform and navigation control, how to reference correctly?

    I am trying to solve how my forms and subforms should work with a navigation control I have my mainform called Personal_Form In this mainform i have a navigation control. One of the links in my navigation control is to a form called AnstallningData_Form AnstallningData_Form is based on a...
  12. D

    Excel VBA - Capuring Tab navigation

    Is there a way, with VBA, to capture the tab someone is navigating to? I would like to capture the navigation request, run some code based on the tab requested, then navigate to the tab. Thanks in advance for any help. -Dan
  13. K

    re photos

    hello friends am on a small school, project and i wish one to help me with a code which can import photos to one page and display 1 image per cell value on the next page. on the next page i used navigation buttons and i wish to use those to scroll through the images on sheet 1 one by one. thank you
  14. J

    referencing a control on a subform list in a navigation form

    hi All, I have a navigation for 01 Main On the navigation form, I have a subform FrmSocialGraph On the FrmSocialGraph I have a Subform FrmSGUsgage - which has a list box on it. From the list box I need to pass a value to the textbox on FrmSOcialGraph. My code looks as follows: Private...
  15. P

    VBA to navigate website with dropdown menu

    I am trying to get to the login screen and automatically enter the username and password and clicking on Enter. I have been successful on other sites but the following site has a "Login" button that functions as a dropdown menu. I can't figure out how to navigate past the dropdown menu to get...
  16. D

    MultiPage UserForm TextBox Event+Navigation Glitch

    I have a 4 page MultiPage control in a UserForm. On the 2nd page, I have a group of 2 option buttons followed by a series of TextBoxes in which I need to enter dates. To manage the TextBoxes, I have a separate UserForm, named CalendarForm, that serves as a date picker. After as much...
  17. V

    Get cell value from A3 in 30 different worksheets

    Trying to find a way to look at 30 worksheets and if sheetname matches column b in navigation sheet I need text in A3 from sheets to be entered in column b in navigation sheet. Any ideas.
  18. M

    Scrolling Right and Left in Excel 2013 365

    Howdy! In excel 2007 and earlier excel had the ability to scroll right and left by simply 'nudging' the wheel of the mouse right or left [Yes I am aware you can also push the scroll wheel down and move the mouse in any direction, I don't like this method]. I'm currently using my corporate...
  19. B

    Macro that creates a shape on each sheet

    Hi Guys, I'm currently working on a macro that creates a shape on each visible sheet. And then I want to assign a Macro to those shapes. This is what i have so far Sub AddNavigationPage() Dim ws1 As Worksheet, ws As Worksheet With ThisWorkbook .Sheets.Add(Before:=.Sheets(1)).Name =...
  20. B

    Create macro that assigns value in a cell to Shape

    Hi Guys! I'm having some trouble assigning a name to a shape via a macro. Right now my macro is creating a list of visible sheets, and then creating an equal amount of shapes onto the worksheet. I would like my macro to assign the shapes created with the value that is in the list created...

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