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    Increment Duplicate value by a dash and 1

    Hi VBA Gurus, I hope everyone is doing well. I have this list of Customer IDs and the number of payments for this check run. It's company practice to increment the IDs by -1(Manually), adding one each time, while doing nothing with the first ID instance. Please see the small example below...
  2. O

    Power Query - changing entries and Big Data

    Hello, everybody. I have CSV files that upon opening have some irregular IDs' entries (all IDs should have 17 characters but after filtering them by the length I found some that had an irregular amount of characters - 14, 15, 18). However, when I created a Power Query, suddenly all the IDs...
  3. S

    Need help on Insert PDF file VBA function

    Dear Members, I am using the following code to display photo from a folder in my excel sheet. Sub DisplayMainPicture() With Sheet1 On Error Resume Next .Shapes("ReceiptPic").Delete On Error GoTo 0 If .Range("I12").Value = Empty Then Exit Sub PicPath = .Range("I12").Value 'Picture Path If...
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    Need Help on Exporting Excel Sheet as CSV format

    Hello Everyone, Need your help to export custom worksheets of a workbook as a separate CSV file. For example, I have 7 worksheets in my workbook, out of which I need to export only 2 sheets only. So, I need a macro which would prompt me to select sheet/sheets to export and select a folder to...
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    Categorize shifts based on time

    Hello, I have a work item where I’m in need to mark or categorize the shift data based on times ! Say for eg : 6 AM - 01-30 PM = Morning shift 01.30 PM - 09.30 PM = Noon shift 09.30 PM - 06 AM = Night shift My input data in A column would be 00:57 AM 13:47 PM
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    Changing FilePath from user Select to a "fix" FilePath

    Imran Isshack 12:24 PM (30 minutes ago) to me Hi All, I have this VBA code I found on a MrExcel Thread which is working well, except I must manually select the target folder each time it’s executed. This VBA renames all files in a folder based on a cell value(A2). Is...
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    Excel VBA- Mass rename all files in a folder based on Cell A2

    Hi All, Below is a example of daily downloaded files(somedays are > 30) which I manually placed in a folder. The downloaded files names are not useful (Screenshot). I have been "manually renaming" and saving using the below VBA. I do not need to make a copy of these files, just needs to rename...
  8. M

    Resize Every Table Of my Powerpoint Document

    Guys I really need some help. I have tons of tables in a powerpoint document. Some are 2 in x 2 in and some are 3.5 x 3.5 in. I need to resize only the 3.5x3.5 tables to a size of 2.8x2.8 I know this can be done with some easy vba code, but I don't possess the knowledge for it. I know it has to...
  9. S


    Hello Everyone, I have following table and need help on sum total of Value 1 column. Value 1 Value 2 100.00 100.00 200.00 500.00 300.00 300.00 400.00 100.00 I am looking for a formula which would return value based on the following criteria: If Value 1 = Value 2 then exclude that...
  10. S

    Need help on Power Query to transpose data

    Hello Everyone, Need help to convert data from column wise to row wise. My current data set is as follows: Column 1 Column 2 Jan 100 Feb 200 Mar 300 April 400 May 500 I am looking for a result as follows: Jan Feb Mar April May 100 200 300 400 500 Thanks in advance. Best...
  11. P

    Power Query Loop Calculation

    Hi, I am new to Power Query and have an issue with a task which is relatively easy to complete in excel. I need to get a loop calculation where the next output is dependant on the previous output in two places. Please see below for a brief snapshot. The Starting point is 100 and no calculation...
  12. A

    Calculate KPI using percentages

    Hi Gurus I hope I can explain this correctly. I need to calculate a KPI using %, I got as far as creating the target. Column D is the target of 100%, so if the target is met then the achievement is 100%, I need to calculate the achievement with a max of 200%. Any ideas on how to get this done?
  13. S

    Need help DAX LOOKUP formula which would work like VLOOKUP

    Hello Everyone, I have two tables Table 1:- Voucher No. Invoice No. Invoice Amount Invoice Date Vendor Name 1 ABC-1 100 14/05/2019 ABC Company 1 ABC-2 200 14/05/2019 ABC Company 2 EFG-1 300 31/05/2019 EFG Company 2 EFG-2 400 31/05/2019 EFG Company 3 XYZ-1 500 30/06/2019 XYZ...
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    Need help of Date Format

    Hello Everyone, Is there a way to show a date as "MM-YYYY" format in power query or in DAX. The actual data is in "DD/MM/YYYY" format. Thanks in advance. Best Regards,
  15. S

    Copy data from two different sheets

    Hello Everyone, I have two sheets with follow data: Sheet 1 SR. No Data 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D 5 E 6 F 7 G 8 H Sheet 2 SL. No Data 1 100 2 200 3 300 4 400 5 500 6 600 7 700 8 800 I am looking for a formula/way to copy data from above sheets to a third...
  16. L

    "Translation" of Excel formula into M language for the Power Query Editor

    Hi guys, I am totally new to Power BI, the Power Query Editor and most of all the M language. I wanna try to import data from different Excel documents using the Power Query Editor and then merge different columns from these separate documents using the joins function. Finally, I plan to add...
  17. L

    Drill through y-axis on stacked column chart

    Hello, I have a stacked column chart with dates on the x-axis and different codes on the y-axis. I would like to set-up a drill through / drill down function for the codes on the y-axis but I don't know how to do this. For example, one of the stacked column is the code "3xx". This code is...
  18. J

    Need Help?? (Not sure what function to use)

    Hi, I am trying to write a formula that will tell me if a client is new or existing. Below is some sample data of the file I am working with. <colgroup><col><col><col span="25"></colgroup><tbody> Client New/Existing Feb-17 Mar-17 Apr-17 May-17 Jun-17 Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Oct-17 Nov-17 Dec-17...
  19. K

    Filter and copy table

    Hi All, I am struggling with copying over a filtered table from one workbook to another. the workbooks are both open. The table is in the commission tab in the Sales Master - 2018.xlsm file So, I need to filter the table to show all the data of the name of the person at the end of the...
  20. J

    Color of Text in Formula Bar is Black -- Need Color

    Hi all, I just upgraded to Win 10 and Excel 2016 (64 bit), was previously on Win 7 and Excel 2013. I disable "allow editing directly into cells" within the options so that all my editing is done in the formula bar. In Excel 2013, when pressing F2 to edit a formula, the font would change color...

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