negative numbers

  1. MrDB4Excel

    Disregard Negative Results

    I am trying to get the minimum value in a column (in this case column “J”) but the formulas that are used to insert results in the column I need the minimum from are as follows: =SUM(D10-$K$3), with each successive row an increase in the D row; e.g. =SUM(D11-$K$3), =SUM(D12-$K$3)… K3 equals...
  2. S

    RED if number its higher than budget (negative numbers)

    Any idea?
  3. T

    VBA check for negative numbers in column and add text in corresponding cell in a different column

    Hi, please help. This macro is supposed to check in column Z to find any negative numbers. If it finds a negative number in a cell, then in the corresponding cell (same row) in column I, it's supposed to put in a message "Applied payment". However, it gets stuck on the line I highlighted in...
  4. T

    How do I multiply a negative number by a positive factor and get a less negative number?

    Hi - Newbie here. Read the FAQs, rules and searched the forum and did not find an answer so created a new post. Bear with me if I make a mistake. Question: How do I multiply a negative number by a positive factor and get a less negative number? Hypothetical Example: -2.0 * 1.1 = -2.2. But...
  5. T

    Nested IF: return "High" if cell value is >5, "Low" if <-5, and "Mid" if in between

    I've tried so many options but it only seems to return one answer. E.g. The values I have are [A1] 41, [A2] 0.08, [A3] -2 and [A4] -13. In B1 I have: =IF(A1>5,"High",IF(A1<-5,"Low","Mid")) This returns "High", which is correct. But I drag it down into B2, B3, B4 and the cell ref A1 changes to...
  6. M

    Prevent Negative Numbers in a column

    Greetings to all! I just joined this forum so that I can learn from the experts and contribute as much as I can. I have a situation for which I am looking a solution for: I have three sheets in my excel file to manage inventory, namely, Demand, Supply, Inventory. Let us say that an article in...
  7. W

    percentage difference between positive and negative numbers

    Hello, Please refer to the table below I have been trying to create a formula to show the percentage increase between the 'without' row and the 'with' row. I've tried ((without - with)/with) and also included the ABS command to try and solve the negative number issue but the results are less...
  8. S

    Formula2 needed, please.

    <tbody> srl# Month Voucher Source Amount Formula1 Formula2 520 Sep-11 5003750 Inventory (1.43) 1114 Sep-11 5003750 Inventory (15.73) (17.16) Negative 92 Oct-12 5005762 Purchasing 1,778.00 93 Oct-12 5005762 Purchasing 2,834.80 2872 Apr-14 5005762 Inventory (2,834.80)...
  9. G

    Help with IF statement and negative numbers

    I'm not an Excel novice, but my brain is just not seeing how to appropriately do this. I'm hoping maybe there's a function I've never used before, so I'm not aware of it. Or maybe I'm simply too close to the problem and not thinking outside of the box. But either way, my issue is follows: In...
  10. P

    Difference Ignoring Negative Numbers

    Hello, I am trying to find a formula that will find the difference between two columns but ignore negative numbers in any of the columns. Column A ("Gross Reserve") is a reserve for an insurance claim (the amount we expect to pay) and Column B ("Amount Paid") is the amount we have actually...
  11. S

    Formula To Show The Percentage Of A Negative Or Positive Amount

    Hello, I've poked around on a bunch of forums for a few days and did a lot of searching around, but most of the results I've found aren't what I'm looking for. Attempting to take a percentage of a single positive or negative value. The current formula that I'm using seems to work, but when...
  12. P

    Custom Format

    Is it possible to set a cutom format that will display the value -1 as CY-1, rather than as -CY1 ?
  13. C

    Trouble combining negative numbers - me or my formulas?

    I am either doing something wrong or Excel is not handling negative numbers the way I expect it to. I have data tab (similar to the dummy table at the end of this post) which has several million dollars posted on several thousand rows. I have summary that shows the costs incurred for Bob...
  14. A

    Difference on number line between two numbers and indicating more "positive" or "negative"

    <TBODY> I have hundreds of data points, I manually go through each week from testing and type it in correctly. It may be an easy fix but I have gone way too deep in the rabbit hole on this one. I have totally confused myself. It looked easy at first. Is B6 more negative than A6 and by how...
  15. E

    Deleting cell contents which contain negative values

    Hi I'm trying to clear the content of cells in a large table that contain a negative value using some VBA. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Emilie
  16. R

    Configure formula to show negative number result as zero.

    Using simple multiply and divide formulas. In some cases the resulting product is a negative number. In those cases I want to display "0" instead of the negative value. For instance: If 3 * 5 = 15 then I want to display 15. But if -3 * 5 = -15 then I want to display 0. Any ideas? Thanks, Rick
  17. tezza

    How to find nth negative time in list?

    Hi all I've got a grid that is set to show the number of minutes from 3 days down to -1 day, each cell is different depending on data from another sheet. I've worked out how to list the nth positive number from 0 mins: =iferror(SMALL(rpd_data!$G:$G,COUNTIF(rpd_data!$G:$G,0)+1),"") but i can't...
  18. 2

    IF function using negative numbers an 3 options

    I'm trying to make a cell do the following : if cell H12 is above 5 show "above", if it is below -5 show "below", if it is between -5 and 5 (not including 5 or -5) show in line. Can anyone tell me what I need to type in... I have tried all sorts !:confused: Big thanks in advance
  19. R

    Excluding Negative numbers in a sum formula.

    Im trying to find out how to ignore negative values that on a row in my formula in excel. Here is my formula. =SUM(F12,H12,J12,L12,N12,P12,R12) Is there a way to exclude any negative value that is in a cell? Thank you.
  20. D

    Large function doesn´t include negative numbers

    Hi, I have a table like this A B C D E <TABLE style="WIDTH: 339pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=452 border=0><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" width=64><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" width=64><COL...

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