nested ifs

  1. iosiflupis

    Nested If statements using IFS()

    I am working on a table with arrivals and departures for airlines at my airport. I have two columns, a time column (HH:MM) and a delay column. I want to annotate in a third column whether the airline departed early, late, on time, or was canceled. I can get the early, late and on-time ifs...
  2. VBE313

    adding error handling to UDF

    How can i better write this code and add error handling? Function TotalStainless(EasyorHard As Double, Thickness As Double, NumOfPierces As Double, HoleCutLength As Double, TotalPerimeter As Double) Dim PierceSecs As Double Dim HolesInchPerMin As Double Dim PerimInchPerMin As Double...
  3. C

    Formula to return FALSE/TRUE based on dynamic absolute referencing in dynamic table

    Good day experts, I have great need for a formula that outputs either TRUE/FALSE based on some criteria, the sample table is as follows: <tbody> (A1)EMP ID HRS WEEKDAY OUTPUT 0001 9 1 FALSE 0001 9 2 TRUE 0001 9 3 TRUE 0001 9 4 TRUE(D5) 0001 6 5 FALSE 0002 6 1 FALSE 0002 7 3 NOT...
  4. andrewb90

    Use switch to count cost

    Hi all, I just need a little help using a switch formula, I've used it before, but now I can't seem to make it work. I'm using a nested if... =IF(C5='Item Pricing'!C3,'Item Pricing'!G3,IF(C5='Item Pricing'!C4,'Item Pricing'!G4,IF(C5='Item Pricing'!C5,'Item Pricing'!G5,"-")))*B5 Which works...
  5. andrewb90

    Need Elseif to change with each row

    Hello All, I have a code validation page setup. But on my sheet InGen I have a list of validation codes and their corresponding expiration dates. Now I could just do an elseif statement that matches the original if statement over and over again, but I was wondering if there is a far more...
  6. D

    An Alternative Approach

    Looking to see if there is a more efficient formula for the following: =IF(F22="pint",CONVERT(E22,"pt","gal"),IF(F22="quart",CONVERT(E22,"qt","gal"),IF(F22="liter",CONVERT(E22,"l","gal"),IF(F22="fluid",CONVERT(E22,"oz","gal"),IF(F22="cc",CONVERT(E22,"ml","gal"),CONVERT(E22,F22,"gal"))))))...
  7. andrewb90

    Nested Ifs issue

    Hello all, I am trying to change a nested if formula by adding additional information, and I seem to be doing it incorrectly. I was hoping somebody could assist me, and point out where I am going wrong...
  8. andrewb90

    every other on a nested sumif

    Hello All, I know there are ways to count every nth value however, I am struggling to apply it to my current formula. I am trying to do every other cell.(in the 165:178 portions))...
  9. andrewb90

    Errors after midnight in formula calculation

    Hello All, I am having an issue with accurately counting hours worked. Now, my formulas all work fine until the ending point of a shift reaches the AM. For Example: 6PM - 1AM would be a 7 hour shift, but the result is negative 17 hours. Now I am using two different set of formulas that are...
  10. J

    Trying to Thread Multiple IF-AND Formulas together

    Hi there, I've already tried researching and experimenting on different ways to fix the problem that I have with my workbook. I am trying to nest together multiple IF AND formulas together. Scenario: <tbody> A B C 1 Team Name Dex Code Sense 1 2 Green GreenYes Yes 3 Green GreenNo No 4...
  11. andrewb90

    very long nested IF formula problem

    Hello, Here is my current formula...
  12. T

    If, ElseIf, Else Statements with Multiple Conditions

    Hi All! I have been experiencing this issue in a few macros I've created and don't understand what is wrong with any of the syntax structures I've been experimenting with. When I run the code, it doesn't compile and gives me a message that says "Else without If." From online research, it seems...
  13. J

    Formula Help with multipe IF and ANDs and an ABS Formula- Excel 2010

    I'm trying to creat a formula that states. If tank 1 maximum capacity is less than 500,000 and the difference in inventory is greater than the absolute value of 10% or 20,000 or if the tanks maximum capacity is between 500,000 and 1,000,000 and the difference in inventory is greater than the...
  14. C

    Row nested if with multiple cells?

    Is there a way to create/use a nested if function that enables you to show that if 3 cells exceed the value of X, then 'nusiance' is shown, but if only 2 cells exceed that value (100) 'no issue' is shown? I have the worksheet set up currently using the longwinded...
  15. C

    Row nested if with multiple cells?

    Is there a way on excel to produce a nested IF that says when 3 cells out of a row of 26 cell exceeds 100, then 'issue' is shown? So far I have the worksheet set up using: '=IF(OR(C5=$C$2,D5=$D$2,E5=$E$2,F5=$F$2,G5=$G$2, H5=$H$2,I5=$I$2,J5=$J$2,K5=$K$2,L5=$L$2,M5=$M$2,N5=$N$2...
  16. H

    Nested if function not working, only 2 of the 4 if's work

    additional infor.. i broke it down to the rudimentary code, and still only two of the 4 work... Sub craptest() LastRow = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row For k = 1 To LastRow Step 1 If Cells(k, 19) = "Rewash" Then Cells(k, 26) = Cells(k, 19) Else If Cells(k, 19) = "Virgin" Then Cells(k, 26) =...
  17. S

    Need help with more than 8 IFs

    Hi all! This is the situation I have. Everyweek I receive a spreadsheet containing a lengthy list of destinations in English that I need to translate into Spanish. I would like to create a formula that will take the destination name from column A of the spreadsheet and compare it against a...
  18. R

    Nested If statement with conditional formatting

    Hi everyone, I am working a spreadsheet with actions and deadlines in Excel 2003. In column I is the original due date, column J contains new due date and column K contains completed date. I need to add a status column that clearly shows if the action has been completed, is on going or if it's...
  19. M

    Loop Through Workbooks and copy data based on conditions

    Hi All, I am a newbie VB coder and I'm trying to create a macro that will automatically open up various files, scroll through the workbooks and for those workbooks that have a finance code is a specific cell, copy some of the data to a different workbook. The data I want to copy is located in...
  20. S

    Nested IF Statements

    Hello, I have two columns of data in Excel. One stores a month (i.e. January) and the other stores a type of customer transaction (i.e. Workshop). I am trying to put into a single column all the rows that meet the conditions of "January" and the condition of "Workshop". This is my formula...

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