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    Auto-Hyperlink Based On Cell Value

    I want to use a code or formula that automatically hyperlinks cells based on their value. For example, one file's name may be R-01, and another S-01. When I type R-01, I want it to take me straight to its respective folder on the shared drive by clicking on it, and S-01 to ITS respective folder...
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    Listing external links and modifying network path in VBA

    Hi everyone, Solution: I have a need for creating a simple message box that prompts a user with each mapped network drive in a file for an external link that shows them what the current drive is and a cell in the message box that lets them choose where the new drive needs to be mapped to. In...
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    Network problem

    Hi, I need help for a network problem, The problem is a network that have summit and arc. I need the model to pass metric ton by trucks to the end of the network. 1. I have to add a constraint that if the model use that route, it add 10$ to the total of the model. 2. I have to add a contraint...
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    Excel 2010 Hyperlinks changed from Network file path to a Local Path??

    Hello, so I had to manually insert hundreds and hundreds of hyperlinks that link to PDF files on a network server. When I finally finished linking all on my list and going back through, I discovered that when I clicked on many of the hyperlinks, it popped up a message saying "Cannot open the...
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    Save selection as image, export to network location

    Hi, Been looking through board to find help on this issue, but it didn't seem as if the solutions applied.. With Excel 2010, I want to make a macro that: - allows users to save selection to an image file (bmp, jpg, gif or png) - with 'invisible' gridlines (ActiveWindow.DisplayGridlines =...
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    External Data Network Path Keeps Changing

    I have a workbook, stored as Read-Only on a network, that has external data links (for vlookup functions) to files on the same network but different folders. My problem is that the network path in the formulas seem to randomly change. I started with a full path, \\server\folder\folder\file...

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