Auto-Hyperlink Based On Cell Value


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May 10, 2017
I want to use a code or formula that automatically hyperlinks cells based on their value.
For example, one file's name may be R-01, and another S-01. When I type R-01, I want it to take me straight to its respective folder on the shared drive by clicking on it, and S-01 to ITS respective folder as well, as they have two different locations.
All the inputs will be in Column A, there will not be any other values I want linked or formatted.
\\1\2\3\4\5\6\7\8\9\[CELL VALUE ON COL A]\
So it takes me straight to the network folder.
I have 5 different worksheets, which have different names, so they will have different folders.
(e.g.) 1st sheet = \\1\2\3\4\5\6\7\8\9\[CELL VALUE ON COL A]\
2nd sheet = \\1\2\3\4\5\6\7\8\999\[CELL VALUE ON COL A]\
3rd sheet = \\1\2\3\4\5\6\7\8\AAA\[CELL VALUE ON COL A]\
Please note, numbers and letters represent folders, it's just easier to do so this way, rather than type the 4-5 words of each folder lol.
We input so much information, that it will add 20+ hours of workload a week just to hyperlink each one of them, and the formula deletes every time you make a new input if you don't know how to do it, and many don't know here where I work.
So I was wondering if there was a way to make it automatic when I type one name.
So you know, the files' name will be C-01 thru C-99, S-01 thru S-99, R-01 thru R-99. That will be the exact file names.

I may be asking a lot, but I have tried formulas, combining them, and still don't come to a solution. I am new to all this, so I'm learning as I go. Still learning how to crawl... lol

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