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    Register: ModelOff APAC Meetups 2015 (AUS, IND, HK, SG)

    This May and June, the ModelOff Team is traveling around APAC to hold local networking events - and you are invited to join the celebrations! Six FREE drinks networking events will be held in Melbourne (May 26), Sydney (May 27), Singapore (June 9), Bangalore (June 10), Hong Kong (June 11) and...
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    Finals in New York this Sunday

    2014 ModelOff New York Live Finals (FREE) If you’re in New York City this Sunday, join leaders from the Finance and Excel communities to witness the crowning of a new Financial Modeling World Champion. Who will follow in the footsteps of Alex Gordon and Hilary Smart and claim the $30,000USD...
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    Code to find out if anyone is logged into a computer on the network

    Greetings, I've got a macro that references a list of IP Addresses that starts in A2 and then pings each address to provide a status for each IP Address. I would like to add a macro that would check each IP Address and let me know if anyone is currently logged into the machine. It would be...

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