new line

  1. B

    How to create mulitple new lines in body of email using HYPERLINK Function

    Hello, I am using '%0D' or '%0A' in the body of my hyperlink formula, however, if i use it once it works, if i use it more i get an error.
  2. M

    extract data from worksheet textbox to another worksheet in same workbook

    Hi there, I have code that I have used succesfully in a userform to take the text from the userform text box and place it into a new row in a table within a sheet called "Readings". I now have another sheet called "LIFE PURPOSE" and would like to transfer data from this into the same table in...
  3. B

    VBA inputbox user new line

    Hi, I have a VBA code that gets input from the user. I want that click on ENTER will get a new line.
  4. D

    Replace " </p><p>" with new line using regular expressions

    I am trying to replace " " with a new line in visual basic using regular expressions. I tried to find: ([\s]*)("") and replace with: \n\n. However, in my text is replaced but with "\n\n", not two physical new lines. I also tried to replace it with \r\r, but it does the same.
  5. S

    Print cell value even with Alt+Enter's

    Hello, I'm using a simple VBA macro to save a block of cell's values to a file. This works well if there's one value per cell. But a couple cells have wrapped text that I want also printed exactly as seen in the cell. It uses Alt+Enter to wrap. I guess that doesn't translate into DOS text...
  6. S

    Begin a new line in cell when key words are entered

    What I'm hoping to have is a code that will say have a list of precise key words in column A on a page to be named "words" so that new ones could be added from time to time. On page 2 of the work book, in column G, text would be entered into cells by either typing or pasting existing text...
  7. Whylucky

    Macro for New Line and Continued Formulas

    Hey Guys, So I am trying to get a macro that can create a new line below a selected cell and move the formulas down with it? The formulas are in cells AG:AP and i would like them to fill in the new created line. Is this possible? I have been looking around and it seems like it is hardcoded to...
  8. K

    Replacing 'new line' separator with just a space in VBA

    I have an excel file like the one contained in the link below: I want some VBA code (perhaps using the 'Replace' function) that changes the text in column A to one line rather than having new lines e.g. in cell A2 'Quick Turn 8; 10 8...
  9. G

    New row for comma-separated values

    Hi, A sample spreadsheet of what I have is provided below: <tbody> ID NUMBER CHEMICAL NAME HAZARD VALUE 1 chemical a carcinogen recognized 1 chemical a Respiratory, blood, kidney suspected 2 chemical b immunotoxic, carcinogen suspected 3 chemical c liver, carcinogen recognized 4...
  10. J

    VBA Combine each row in into one row

    Hello, I want to combine each row in column A that contains data (so stop process when the next cell is blank) into one single cell. However, each time a row is added I want it to have a new line, except for the last one. I don't know vba that well. I came up with something. Basically I want...
  11. P

    New Line code in formula

    Question to the expert, I have an addresslist with name(colB), street(colC), zip(colD, town(colE). I want all data in one cell in another sheet, from where I will print addresslabels. The cells in sheet Labels are just the right size for the labels to be printed. In sheet 'Labels' cel B2 is...
  12. M

    Printing report results on a new line

    Hi, I have a list of information that is printed in a textbox on a report. Each list item is separated by a semi colon ie. itemA;itemB;itemC... Is it possible that when the list reaches the end of the textbox it automatically starts a new line. Currently itemA;itemB;itemC;it emD...
  13. J

    Find/Replace Alt + 0010 for Mac

    Hi, On a PC, in the Find/Replace menu, I can add line breaks using Alt + 0010 or Ctrl + J on a laptop. What is the equivalent on a Mac? Option + 0010, Option + 0013, Apple key + 0010, Apple key + 0013 all don't seem to work. Thanks, Josh
  14. T

    New line character

    Is there a way to insert a new line character (carriage return) into a cell? I have some data that I want to line up, without putting one item per row. I'm hoping that there is an ASCII character or some other that I can put into the line to force it to break. Thanks, TOM
  15. M

    "New line" in footer with pagesetupfooter

    Hello, please I have a problem with adding more lines into footer using pagesetupfooter. Does onyone know what special character can I use for new line in footer text? ActiveSheet.PageSetup.LeftFooter='Text in First line'+'\N '+'Text In Second Line' But \N does not work. Any Ideas? Thanks a...

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