new row

  1. M

    Userform adding new row to table with specific formulas is overwriting previous formulas

    Hi there, I have a userform that adds a new row to the table "totalTable" on the worksheet "Totals" that also adds a new row to different worksheet table called Breakdown. When it adds a new row to the Totals it adds formulas to certain columns that reads off of the Breakdown worksheet. The...
  2. D

    Referencing Cells from a Separate Work Book, but NOT Cell Position

    Hi Everyone! What I am trying to do is link start and end dates from one work book into another, but not the exact cell position where the date currently is. I can do the first part easily enough by putting "=" in the cell of my current work book, and then selecting the date cell from my...
  3. S

    Creating a new row for each date within a row range

    Hi all! Have a tricky one for you :) I have a data set that contains multiple dates within each row, in the sample data the dates are published in C:E. The number of dates will vary from line to line. What I'd like to do is to create a NEW row for EACH of the dates, pasted as values, since the...
  4. P

    Userform - "Add row below" button in VBA

    Hello everyone! I create Userform with this tutorial: Fully Automated Data Entry Userform - TheDataLabs Here is main code: Option Explicit Sub Reset() Dim iRow As Long iRow = [Counta(Database!A:A)] ' idetifying the last row With frmForm .txtNR.Value =...
  5. A


    Hello everyone :) I'm trying to write in VBA a code that will do: 1. Take a cell value in column K (there is a number there) and according to this number open new rows below the row I am on and copy the data from the first row to all the other rows that have been opened. Example - If in...
  6. S

    Transpose & Create New Rows

    Hello, I'm very much new to the world of VBA but I have a transposing problem I need help on! I'm working with a large excel file - columns A through to I give details on a company, these are all consistent throughout the 9,000 or so rows. Columns J onwards (up to a maximum of column EF)...
  7. M

    Drop down list to populate next drop down list and then auto add row after selection

    Hi all, I want to create a sheet where there will be a drop down list on first column and a second connected to first one on the next column. Once I select a value on the first one, I want the next column to bring up the relevant drop down list from predetermined values ( essentially the first...
  8. D

    Insert row below named range while extending that range

    Good evening all, Question... (obviously) Is there a way of making a VBA to insert a single row below the last 'Dep' 'C:C' while extending the range, "B4:J8" has been named "Third_Party", "B9:J10" = "QC", etc... While the formulae in "D8:J8" (also in the named range of Third_Party) would just...
  9. P

    Create a new line for each match instead of concatenate

    I am using a vba code that compares column "C" on two work books and concatenates the matches found onto one cell. I need to be able to add the first match to the existing row in workbook1 and then create a new row for each match instead of concatenating, copying over columns "B", "C" and "D"...
  10. M

    New row isn't being added onto my table

    Hi there, I have a spreadsheet which uses a userform to enter data on to a sheet called "Readings". Everything seems to work fine except for a couple of things: - It misses out the first available line in my table - My table does not expand to encompass the new line I have checked my...
  11. C

    VBA Copy and Paste with If statement

    Hey guys so I am having a issue getting my VBA to recognize my if elseif statement in macro. I want it to read the value of a cell and if the cell is not blank then copy the entire row say A45 to S45 and then copy it, go to a different sheet, insert a new row after the last row of data, and then...
  12. C

    Copy one row from one sheet and past into different sheet on next blank row in a given range in VBA

    Hey! So I have been looking everywhere on here and cant find anything that helps my problem to do excactly what I need it to do. I have been trying to find any types of macro code that allows me to copy the row from one sheet, an the data in this row changes periodically, to a seperate sheet...
  13. M

    VBA to add a new row in reference to a specific row/cell

    I have a worksheet that has my companies action items and client action items. I have macros that add new copied rows with conditional formatting and formulas. The macros I have work but they add a new row under a specified row (18 and 29) which obviously causes issues if I add 4 or 5 rows to...
  14. dannyok90

    The Classic 'Add New Row Button' Macro

    Hi Guys, I'm aware there is tons of information on the net about this and I'm sort of biting the bullet asking such a generic question. I have a spreadsheet which is a template at the beginning of its life so there is literally no data in there what so ever. I'm wondering if someone could help...
  15. H

    Add a new row at table bottom

    Hi, I need your help with a code that will add a new row at the bottom of the table. The code is working but i need to add on this new row in "H" column the Application.UserName and on "F" column the Date. This is my code until now: Sub Insert_New_Rows() Dim Lr As Integer...
  16. S

    Add new row and copy the formula from the above cell

    Hi, I have a macro that currently populates a table for me at the click of a button: In Columns G, H and I (on the Job Database) there are formulae, what can I add to the macro above so that the formulae automatically populate when the other information is added. I have tried converting it...
  17. P

    Insert new row with data

    I want to insert new row with data from textboxes in userform. For example, before clicking on button in userform Sheet1 loooks like this: <tbody> A2 NAME PRICE A3 GROUP 1 X A4 GROUP 2 X </tbody> But after clicking button on userform Sheet1 I would to achieve this: <tbody> A2...
  18. M

    Compare two sheets with rows inserted and data upated

    Hi Everyone! I've been working on this problem for a while and I still can't figure it out. Essentially I will be taking a snapshot of data, and then comparing it to new data months later to find out what changed. I need a <acronym title="visual basic for applications" style="border-width: 0px...
  19. P

    Expand table with a row when pivot updates and expands

    Hello, I have been looking for answer in the forum but can't seem to find it, or maybe can't formulate search properly. In any case, I would appreciate your help with automating the excel sheet. It is not a formula specific question, so if you have a better workaround for the whole thing let me...
  20. R

    Inserting rows then deleting data but leaving formulas and formatting

    Hi This is my first post and am new to using code in excel sheets. I have a spread sheet that is keeping track of requested report from 3rd parties. This sheet will need to be password protected as multiple users will have access, so i am trying to sort out a macro that will allow some one to...

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