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    Copy and paste data into new tab, keep format and change tab names

    Hi, I have headers in row 1, with data underneath. For every change in column A, I want the data (plus the headers) copied and pasted into a new tab. I then want that tab to be named the same as the data then in cell A2 of the new tabs. So, if there are 7 rows with "Bananas", I want those 7...
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    Adding 1 new tab each week with a week number

    I need macro or VBA that will add a new tab each week with the current week number and clear certain cells . Any Ideas? Regards, Mark:eeek:
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    How to create many worksheets from master, Excel 2010

    I have been searching and searching and cannot find what I need. I am only an intermediate user, so if I have to use a macro or something, please walk me thru it. I have a master Excel 2010 book with approx 30 columns from A thru AD And 130 rows. Column A is sorted by last name, with only 26...
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    macro to add unknown number of tabs

    Hello, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I'm working on an Excel tool that would allow me to visualize the status of different projects. Each project is contained in a separate tab named after its position (there are at the moment 12...
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    Moving Data to a new tab when it is complete

    Hello, I am having an issue where I need to move a row of data to a completed tab when it is complete. I want the macro to run each time I change the data in the status column, and when I type complete under a project, to move that project to the "completed" tab. I tried searching for this...
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    Copy/Paste files from folder into new spreadsheet with tabs

    I have a folder full of workbooks with one spreadsheet that I would like to be copied and pasted into a new destination spreadsheet. So, there are 16 files in this source folder, and they all have one tab with data called "Report". I want each of those 16 tabs to be copied over to the...
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    I have created a worksheet for grading my students. Every year I have to copy the template sheet and rename it after each individual student. I have found a macros for creating new named worksheets. I have tried recording a macro of the repetitive process without success. I also am looking for a...

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